Profitable and Eco Friendly, the Green Marketing

Today everybody feels the environment pollution is beyond the control. Green marketing is the special concept which involves the marketing activities such as selling of eco-friendly products. Instead of focusing on only profitability business firms should also think about the selling of eco-friendly products and consumer friendly products

In simple terms, green marketing refers to – Marketing of eco friendly products. This is a special concept developed in recent years in marketing world. Marketing is one of the main aspects in business. Today's production should be as per the tastes and preferences of consumers. But, the marketing activities are always profit-motive. Companies are trying to push their products towards the consumer with the help of attractive advertisements. The main intensions of companies are to have steady market for their products and the growth of their business. In the present context, green marketing is the debating issue among marketing specialists

Why green marketing is now an important discussing matter today in worldwide? Under the leadership of United Nations, there were many conferences held in different places of world regarding the protection of environment. One of the outcomes of these discussions is, instead of producing the products which is harmful to environment, countries were advised to produce eco-friendly products.

Green marketing is not a simple task. There are many positive and negative points in it. Production of eco-friendly products is not the problem. Problem is marketing of these products. One of the main aims of this marketing activity is protection of environment. Hence, this type of marketing is now popular as green marketing. Whether the customers accept these types of products? Companies are feeling that, cost of production of these products is very high. Scarcity of raw materials and need for special skills made cost of production very high. So, consumers are cannot afford to purchase these products.

one example is production of jute bags. Natural jute is always good eco-friendly material for making bags. But, it is available only in west Bengal and Bangladesh. Transportation cost is very high and distance is long. Many small scale industries and large scale industries are producing jute bags. Large companies only can be able to purchase jute bags for packing their products. The cost of jut bags produced by the small scale industries is costly compared to the plastic bags. Instead, these jute bags are not much profitable business compared to other bag-making businesses because the cost of plastic bags range from 0.5 to 5 rupees.. The minimum cost of jute bag is 15 rupees. Consumers are normally not prepared for jute bags to carry their products because of its price factor. It is useful only when consumers compare its durability factor .jute bag cannot be disposed. In single use common people and shopkeepers today also prefer plastic because it is cheap and continent to handle. Some companies for example Boston Tea Limited using jute bags for the package of their tea products.

Another product is paper bags. The idea is good and product is cheaper like plastic. But, consumers cannot carry all the products in these paper bags. These are the local examples of green marketing products. There are many inventions of eco-friendly products but the cost of production of these products is very high when compared to the ordinary products. Just many countries are thinking, imposing social responsibility to the companies is enough. Developed countries are producing the goods to export. Because, they are considering that developing counties are the large markets for their consumer products. It is the great burden of developing countries of disposing the wastages of these products. U.S.A and other developed countries are today also blaming undeveloped counties for the environment pollution. These developed countries are capable to produce eco friendly goods because capital in these countries very cheap. In developing countries it's not possible to produce without the help of government assistance.

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