The Darshan Vijayalakshmi Episode

Since about a week the Kannada news channels were repeatedly showing various gossips, doubts, possibilities and theories etc about the incident of the flare up of relationship between the Kannada Star Darshan and his wife Vijayalakshmi. The whole episode is sordid and shows how uncivilized we are especially if any celebrity is involved in any incident.

Darshan Family

The Family Misunderstanding between Darshan and his wife

Last week end the Kannada news TV channels suddenly became overactive after the arrest of Darshan one of the leading Heroes of the Kannada Cinema Industry. The arrest was a sequel to a complaint lodged against Darshan by his wife of about 10 years about physical assault and injuring. Soon after the arrest, channel reporters became busy and started competing with each other to take interviews of all and sundry who also took the opportunity to come to limelight without spending anything. There were several leaders of various N G Os who came to the forefront giving all sorts of motives, gossips, and their so called expert opinions on the Darshan – Vijayalakshmi episode. Many of them started accusing Darshan and even his mother on several counts of violence against a helpless woman, harassing for dowry and so on. Some of them thought of linking Darshan with one of his co-star heroines. In fact a free for all like opinions. Many of them wanted the authorities to give exemplary punishments to be given to Darshan. In the meantime Darshan was hospitalized for illness. Suddenly on 11-9-2011 Vijayalakshmi went to the hospital and met her husband. After that she had no complaint against her husband. Her husband Darshan has moved a petition for bail in the court. With the current position it may be possible for Darshan to get the bail since the nature of offense changed after the meeting between the husband and wife. In the meantime the Film Industry big wigs met and decided to ban chance of acting in Kannada film to Nikitha a budding heroine for 3 years.

Matter is a Family Misunderstanding


It is a dispute between Darshan and his wife. Nobody can say that there was nothing except a minor incident between the husband and wife and others have no role in the affairs. Even in life of normal people there are bound to have situations which lead to tension in the relationship between the husband and wife. Most of them can be sorted out with the help of the close relations like the parents or close friends. In case of Film artists the chances of misunderstanding will be much more as the artists working closely with the female co-artists in the films together with intimate scenes. Sometimes it is also possible some the there may be some temporary intimacy also because of the frequent intimate scenes. It is a biological process. Even it happens in the normal life in the offices or other places with frequent contacts between persons from opposite sex. Most of them do not come out in the open and after some time the affairs stop as both sides realize that the going on is not proper for the families.

Interference of Others

But in most cases where there is something which comes out like the Darshan Vijayalakshmi incident happens mainly because of outsiders' interference. In many cases the incidents may be at the beginning or not much serious. But the relations, friends or some NGOs will start giving advises which will not be in the interest of the family. When we are in the fighting mood even a casual advise to stoke the passion will be much more influential than in the normal circumstance. Both sides ego also comes in the way and complicate the situation. In most f the cases, if the respective friends tone down their respective sides the misunderstanding mostly will be cleared. The voluntary organizations should keep quite. Of course there are some situations which have gone beyond the simple nature. In such cases the couple with misunderstanding should be allowed to deal with the situations by themselves. Unfortunately, even the parents or siblings complicate by giving wrong advises.

Those who are interfering or advising should think first that if such a situation comes to them or to their children what will be their condition and then react accordingly. Wherever it is not possible to sort out let it be fought through legal recourse and be done away with the outcome. The outsiders should not contribute except to make both parties to understand the others angel and help to reduce the misunderstanding.

In the case of Darshan and Vijayalakshmi they have lived together as husband and wife for about 10 years and have a child. Both of them and all their well wishers should think of the child's / children's future also.

As to the ban on Nikitha, it is a cruel and one sided decision against her. She and Darshan should have been warned and given one chance. Darshan and Nikitha should have been persuaded not act together for some time to come.


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