Medicinal values of Badi Sompu Leaf grown abundantly in Karnataka

Badi Sompu plant is grown abundantly in Karnataka and its leaf has more medicinal values than the seeds of this plant. Winter is the right season for Badi Sompu leaf cultivation and so it will be plentifully available throughout the state now.

Badi Sompu, What is it?

Badi Sompu is commonly known as Saunf in India. The actual english meaning of the Karnataka word Badi Sompu is Fennel and it is known differently in different parts of the country. In south India it is called as Perum Jeeragam. Badi Sompu is one of the mostly cultivated plants of Karnataka in winter season. It is known as Saunf, Fennel or mosty 'Badi Sompu' in Kannada. The seeds of Badi Sompu are available throughout the year in India. The dried Badi Sompu seeds are available in every markets and grocery shops and it is used for cooking and garnishing. The Badi Sompu seeds have various medicinal values. Children enjoy sweets and chocolates and therefore there are colorful Badi Sompu sweets that are available in shops.

How can Badi Sompu leaves be used?

Not only the seeds of Badi Sompu plant are edible, but also the leaves of the Badi Sompu plant are edible. The Badi Sompu leaf can be used for various dishes like Sweets, Tiffin's, Meals, Juices, Mock-Tails and it can also be used for side-dishes and for garnishing.

Badi Sompu leaves abundance in Karnataka

The Badi Sompu plant cultivation is done in various parts of India and the lands of Karnataka best suits for growing fertile Badi Sompu. The best season for Badi Sompu plant cultivation is winter and therefore the Badi Sompu leaves will be available commonly in any Karnataka markets. Badi Sompu/ Saunf leaf tastes different from other greeneries. Let us briefly discuss the verities of dishes that can be made with Badi Sompu/ Saunf leaf in the up-coming article.

Medicinal values of Badi Sompu leaves

In this article let us see the goodness of Badi Sompu/ Saunf leaf and the treatments that can be made with it. Basically Cloves, Cinnamon and pepper are used in dishes and it gives heat to body. Reversely, if you wish to reduce the body heat avoid using such ingredients and include Badi Sompu/ Saunf seeds / leaves and Fenugreek seeds / leaves to your dishes. Both the Badi Sompu seeds and leaves can be used for digestion regularization and to avoid dyspepsia, avoiding pain during urination, treatment for pimples and boils, helps in pregnancy, cures from dysentery, eyesight sharpening medicine, avoid pain when teeth grows for children and to keep body cool.

Ways to use Badi Sompu leaves in your Dishes?

Badi Sompu/ Saunf leaves are more medicinal than the seeds of this plant. This is because the seeds are consumed only in a dried state, but as the Badi Sompu leaves are moist and also cooked fresh it reduces the body heat. So the goodness of Badi Sompu leaves is really useful only if your body is naturally heat blooded. Natural cool blooded people or warm blooded people may get affected to cold easily and so use the Badi Sompu leaves in a small quantity. If you are a naturally cool body person and wish to taste varieties of dishes with Badi Sompu leaves then include the ingredients that would compensate it like cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

Wish to try dishes with Badi Sompu Leaves?

This article has all the details regarding the goodness that the Badi Sompu / Saunf leaf give us. If you wish to know more on the dishes that can be made with the Badi Sompu leaves just wait for a while. My recipes for the dishes like Badi Sompu leaf Palav, Badi Sompu leaf Rice, Badi Sompu leaf pachadi/ Thogayal, Badi Sompu leaf Sweet Idly and Badi Sompu leaf Mock-Tail are up to be published sooner in recipes section.

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