Asthma its cause, aggravation and treatment

This article is about asthma is a terrible respiratory disease, causes, aggravations, symptoms and medication. The patient suffers because of breathing problem. They will be restless as they cannot breathe properly. As the breath is impeded the Oxygen supply in the body to various parts and various needs are affected.. There are several reasons for the illness like pollutions, flower pollens etc causing allergy resulting in bronchitis and asthmatic attacks.

Causes of Asthma disease

The cause can be categorized broadly into two factors. One of the factors is genetic and the other is the environmental or atmospheric conditions. The genetic factor consists of the deficiency in immunity or resistance power of the individual. There is distinction in the age group or sex of the individual. However children are more susceptible than adults. The external factors can be something inhaled, some food items taken and some medicines taken. Smoke, polluted air/water, Dust, animal hair and pollen particles etc also contribute to the trigger. It may be due to respiratory tract infection occasionally starting with cold, influenza, sinusitis etc due to exposure to cold, dry weather, due to emotional disturbances or due to stomach troubles. In females some may get the problem due to menstrual problems. In some cases the hereditary factor may involve. All these factors cause inflammations of the respiratory tract and if it is not attended properly, it may irrevocably damage the respiratory organs.

Seasonal aggravations of asthma

The asthma is not a disease which troubles the patient constantly throughout the year. It troubles the patient only during some seasons of the year depending on those who suffer. There are people who suffer in summer though their number will be negligible comparing to those suffering during other seasons. There are people who suffer from autumn, during rainy period and winter season. The maximum number of people suffering is during winter. The reason for the suffering during the seasons is that something in the nature is triggering the causes which increase the asthmatic attacks. Asthma in the beginning starts as acute (problem during temporary period) problem. It will come during the particular season and then may not trouble till the same season next year. But if it is not treated properly, it may turn out to be a chronic (permanent and long standing) problem. Even in chronic stage the maximum trouble is during the particular season. Those who are near to them also suffer as they have to see the extreme suffering of the suffering patient without being able to be of any help.

The symptoms of Asthma

The symptoms vary depending on the patient and the condition f the patient. But some of the symptoms are common. The common symptoms are cough at night, short breaths which cause great exertion, tightness in chest. The symptoms gradually increase up to certain point then it becomes suddenly serious. In some cases there may be wheezing. It is not that all asthmatic patient wheeze. Other symptoms of allergy and asthma include running nose (in initial stages), nasal obstructions, itching, watering and burning of the eyes, itchiness of nose and throat, sneezing, cough, difficulty in breathing. Since during night the problem aggravates, the patient may not be able to lie down and may have to spend the whole night sitting, if medication is not taken.

Medicines of asthma attack


The most prevalent treatment is taking medicines through inhalers. It gives quick relief for short duration and will have to be used frequently. But in the long run the spray destroys the mucous membrane lining of the respiratory tract. The correct method is to find out the allergy causing substances by procession elimination of all suspected items and avoiding them and take proper treatments. The best of all the systems for any illness is homeopathic treatment. It is more applicable in the cases of asthma. If the patient approaches a competent homeopath he will give treatment based on the symptoms of the patient. Homeopathy is not like other systems where same medicine is given for all for the similar problems. Homeopathy treatment depends on the individual patient depending on the symptoms experienced or seen during the attack, previous illness history and the family sickness history. A homeopathic medicine appropriately selected and taken in proper doses will give quick relief and also help in curing if curable or at least keeping the disease in check.


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