Temples in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand state is well known for its temples and is also known as "land of gods" because of the presence of many temples and holy places in this state. In this article you will find the information that,What does temples meant to the people ? ,divesity in religions in India and also the status of Uttarakhand state in terms of religion. If you wanna more information about temples in Uttarakhand then read the article given below:

History of temples

The word temple is derived from latin word "templum" which means a holy place or spiritual place.Basically,temples means a house type structure which is used by people for their spiritual or religious activities. People used to do prayer or sacrifice here. The term "temple" dates to about the very 6th century BCE. Despite the specific set of meaning associated with the religion of ancient Rome,the term temple is most widely used to describe a house of worship where people of different religion come and do their spiritual activities.Simply,a temple is a place of God or what you can say centre of people spirituality.
In the times of ancient Egyptian ,a temple is a house type structure which is sacred and it is believed by the people that God resided in those house type structure. As it is described earlier that a temple is a house type structure ,so the structure of that housy structure depends on that particular religion.

Diversity in religions in India

In India ,one comes across people of different religions like
- Hindus
- Muslims
- Sikhs
and many others. They have different places of worship and different religious practices. Our constitution gives all citizens the freedom to follow their own faith. All religions are equal before the eyes of laws .That is why we call ourselves as Secular state.

Temples in India

There are a lot of temples in India and at every second step in Country India,you will find a new temple. People of India are very spiritual and religious. So there is a list of some popular temples in India and are named below:
. Shirdi Saibaba temple ,Mumbai
. Baijnath temple,Uttarakhand
.Golden temple,Punjab
.Somnath temple,Gujarat
.Konark sun temple,Orissa
.Meenakshi temple,Madurai
.Sanchi Stupa,Madhya Pradesh
Khajuraho temple,Madhya Pradesh
. Ellora cave temple,Mumbai
.Thanjuvar temple,Tamilnadu
.Raanakpur jain temple,Rajasthan

Status of Uttarakhand in terms of religion

A number of temples are there in Uttarakhand state which is a part of country India. While going through this state which is a part of country India.While going through this state you will find a new temple on every second step. So we can say that a lot of temples are there in state Uttarakhand and the people of Uttarakiand state are very religious. Uttarakhand state is also referred to as the "land of gods" because of the presence of many Hindu temples and cities found throughout the state like Haridwar, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag etc. As there are lot of temples in Uttarakhand and some of them are named below:
.Badrinath temple
. Manila devi temple
.Lakha-mandal temple
.Hari-ki-pairi temple
.Manasa devi temple
. Kedarnath temple
. Hemkund sahib
.Gangotri temple
.Chandi devi temple
. Koteshwar temple
.Buddha temple
.Mahasu Devta temple
.Bhageeratha temple
.Chitai temple
.Doonagiri temple
. Chandika temple
.Tota shiv temple
.Adi Badri temple
.Yog Dhyan Badri
. Narad kund
. Tapkeshawar temple
. Santala Devi templeand some of them are described below:

Badrinath temple

Badrinath temple is situated in Uttarakhand along the Alaknanda temple in the hill town of Badrinath. Lord Badrinarayan (Vishnu) murti is resided in it. Badrinath temple is built in 9 th century C.E. and is created by Adi Sankaracharya and is sometimes called Badrinarayan temple. Badrinath temple is one of the Hindu's holiest temple and dedicated to God Vishnu. This temple and town are one of the four Char Dham. The temple Badrinarayan is open only for six month every year in between thdm end of April and the begining of November month because of the extreme weather condition in Himalayan region.

Description of Badrinath temple

Badrinath temple is one of hindu's most holiest temple and is dedicated to God Vishnu or Badrinarayan . This temple is approximately 15 metres tall and is covered with gold gilt roof. The architecture of Badrinath temple resembles with Buddhist Vihara. The facade of Badrinath temple is built of stone with arched window. The Badrinarayan murti is placed under a Badri tree in Badrinath temple and God Vishnu is sitting in padmasana rather than reclining and includes the murtis of Nara & Narayana ,Narasimha, Lakshmi,Ganesha,Narada,Uddhava,Kubera,Garuda,Navadurga.The typical prasad offered in this temple is Hard sugar candy,tulsi & dry fruits. In religious texts, Badrinath is mentioned as far back as the Vedic period.

Manila devi temple

Manila devi temple is situated in Distt. Almora,Uttarakhand state. This temple is dedicated to Manila devi, women God and is believed in 16th century.

Tota Shiv temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva but the thing is that there is no "Shivling" to do worship which means that no puja or worship is done here.

Buddha temple

Buddha temple is situated in Uttarakhand and is dedicated to Lord Buddha and is establish in 1965 when Khochhen Rinpoche with few of monks came to India. Mindroling monastery is located in the area of Dehradun and is locally known as Tibetan monastery area also.

Kedarnath temple

Kedarnath temple is located in Kedarnath,state Uttarakhand and is one of the holiest Hindu temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is open only between the end of April to the Kartik Purnima.The historical name of the region is "Lord of kedar khand " and Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple as Kedarnath. This temple and town are one of the four Char Dham. Kedarnath is a sacred temple and town situated in state Uttarakhand. It is Hindu's most sacred place. Kedarnath temple is one of the Jyotirlingas in 12 lingam of Lord Shiva's and is very near to China border.

Lakha mandal temple

Lakha mandal temple is situated in Dehradun ,Uttarakhand and is one of the best temple of Uttarakhand state . This is located at a distance of 75 kms from Dehradun. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and ir popular among those people who belong to the shakti cult. The style of architecture is north Indian temple. This temple was resurrected in the 8 th century and has great mythological importance.


This temple is situated on the slope of the hill in Dehradun district and is popular for its sculptures and its remains and is constructed in 5th century A.D. . This is the only temple which is pseserved in good condition and this temple is located 80 kms from Massourie- Yamunotri road . Hindu's most holiest river, Yamuna flows in front of this temple. This temple of Dehradun holds historical as well as archaeological importance.

Hari ki pairi

This temple is situated in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand state. This is one of Hindu's most holiest place as well as temple and is located in the foothills of Shivalik range. This place is the centre of hindu religion. The main ghat at Haridwar is known as Hari-ki-pairi. Hindu's most holiest river Ganga flows in front of this ghat. It is believed by the people that few drops of Elixir(amrit) fell into the Brahmkund of Hari-ki pairi and according to people belief by having a dip in this "kund", they can remove all their miseries and bad deeds.


Hari-ki-pairi is the place in state Uttarakhand where most of the saints headed in search of peace and nirvana. This temple was constructed by King Vikramaditya . Hari-ki-pairi is highly auspicious fos Hindus. This temple of Haridwar enshrines the footprints of Lord Vishnu. In the water of Ganges, Hindu's most holiest river,hundred of glowing lamps float. The scene speaks to itself when the sound of temples bells and the mantras being chanted and when people worship divine Ganges. The name of the kund at Har Ki Paudi is Brahma Kund and is one of those kunds where people from different parts gather to just have a dip in it so that they can remove all their miseries and bad deeds.


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