Tourist place Bageshwar in Uttarakhand

The following article contain the information about the city Bageshwar which was located in the state Uttarakhand India. The article have the information regarding the history,tourist places in Bageshwar, weather and how to reach Bageshwar.For more information go through the article.


Bageshwar is a city and district situated in state Uttarakhand. Bageshwar was the cool climate city and having the population above then 7,803. Bageshwar is a city which was located at the place where the two rivers Saryu and Gomati meets. Bageshwar city have many temples, historic importance and among all of these the city is famous for the tourism.

The Bageshwar city was surrounded by the temples. The city has maximum temples inside and outside the city. The Bageshwar is the name which was having a perfect meaning of it that is the word Bageshwar is meant by combining the two words that is "Byagra" it means Tiger and "Ishwar" it means God. Geographically the city Bageshwar was located at 29.85 degree north and 79.77 degree east.
The Bageshwar also have many cities around him. These cities also have many places to visit.

The cities like:-

1)Kanda which was at a distance of 25 km from Bageshwar
2)The famous city Vijaypur which was at a distance of 30 km from Bageshwar
3)Baijnath the famous city which was at distance of 26 km from Bageshwar

The Bageshwar also have many more place around for the purpose of tourism. The Bageshwar was famous for the glaciers which are present in Bageshwar. The Pindari glacier is one of the famous glaciers which were present in the Bageshwar. This Glacier was having the height of 3,353 that was 11,001 ft. Another glacier which was present in Bageshwar named as Sunderdhunge glacier.

These are the most beautiful things which were created by the God itself.
The Bageshwar instead of glaciers beauty and tourist places also get famous in many more things that are the food and the festivals and the functions. The function of the Bageshwar has the wonderful arrangement. There are many types of function celebrated in the city of Uttarakhand. They include all the oldest method to celebrate their function and festivals which was good and have the proper safety in every field of celebration.


Kausani is the tourist place which was situated near the city Bageshwar. This was the place which was mostly visited by the tourist. The Kausani is the place which was at a height of 1800 mts from the sea level. This is a place which remains cool in all season. Maximum number of tourist visited Kausani every year.

The temperature of Kausani was remain cool in all season in summer the maximum temperature of Kausani was up to 26 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature in summer is up to 10 degree Celsius. In winter also the temperature was not that much cool it remains nice the maximum temperature in the winter season was up to 15 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature was 2 degree Celsius. In the rain season also the maximum rainfall is up to 3048mm and the minimum rainfall was 1777mm.

Due to such a good temperature the tourist visit maximum in the summer season because maximum of them travel through the road so it is easy to travel through road. With the temperature everyone mined arises one question related to the cloth in each season to wear you can wear normal cotton cloth in summer and for the time of winter you have to wear the woolen cloths.

The big personality of India all India call them or regard them as "BAPU" called as Mahatma Gandhi the father of the Nation also visited here and have the stay of few weeks. They also appreciate Kausani for his beauty and pollution free Environment. Mahatma Gandhi visited Kausani in 1929. Mahatma Gandhi stay in the Ashram famous in the place Kausani named as Anasakti Ashram.

The Kausani have the great beauty with all the facility which the tourist required there. The Kausani not only known for the beauty, facility of the famous personality of India visited there but also the great personality which is known in the field of Hindi Laureate named as Shri Sumitranandan pant famous personality was born in this place. Because of such personality the place Kausani was famous. If you want to visit Kausani then you can easy visit here by any transport facility. You can travel through the train, bus or through air.


Near Bageshwar the Baijnath was also a famous place. This was a beautiful and the finest place for the tourist. Maximum tourist visited Baijnath every year for spend their holidays. The Baijnath was the oldest town situated in the state Uttarakhand. Baijnath as the small town in Uttarakhand this town will not have that much population. The Uttarakhand also have one more famous place known as katyuri which was at a distance of 26 km for the place Baijnath. Baijnath was the capital of the Katyuri. Actually the king was present in the ancient time when this place was known as "Kartikyapura".

The Baijnath was famous for the historical importance of this place which includes much historical information about this place. It includes all the information that what will happen in the ancient time and the India was looked at that time. At Baijnath about 8 km there was one more Temple known as Katkimai temple is also famous among all the temples in the Uttarakhand.

This temple was very oldest temple and has the historical importance. The Baijnath got the importance because of the temples. The temple in Baijnath was the oldest temple and has the relationship with the ancient time and the people present at that time. The temple of Baijnath has the great beauty. On those temples the great finishing work has been done on that temple which increases the beauty of the temples. When the peoples or the tourist visit there to view the beauty of Uttarakhand they also visit to the place Baijnath to view the ancient temples.


The Kanda is a place which was situated near to the Bageshwar approximately at a distance of 25 km. this was the invention of the nature which was having the great beauty itself.

The great excursion for the tourist was Kanda. It was also counted as the international tourism in Kumaon hills. This was a beautiful hill station for the tourist. The Kanda is known for the place named as Shantinikaten. It was situated at the altitude of 1500-1900m form the sea level. It was located between the mountains and surrounded by the mountains which also increase the beauty of this hill station.

The foreign visitors who get visited there for having the beautiful view of all the mountains they also appreciate the beauty of Kanda. The local peoples and the other visitors who came there for the regular exercises or walk them found that the atmosphere of this place makes them more fit as they are. The fresh air and the arising of the sun make them happy and fresh. The visitors who came there to spent their holidays they also comment good about this place they tell that they never have such a great atmosphere, environment and the weather like the place Kanda have located in Uttarakhand.

The tourist from all over the world came here to visit the Kumaon hills they found that the place and the culture of the place Kumaon was much better than the other cities. Kumaon peoples leave the spiritual and the unique life. The climate of the place Kanda was also cool. The Kanda was referring as the important part of the state Uttarakhand.

The place Uttarakhand was famous for the different event that was held here similarly the place Kanda was also famous for many events which were done here. They are the events like Jagar, the Kumauni folk song, and the dance which was the classical dance of Uttarakhand named as Chaachari.

The tourist who came there to enjoy also learn about the culture of the Uttarakhand, how the people spend their life, what kind of dresses they wear, and the jewelry they wear. The tourist found that how the ladies wear the gold and the silver in their nose and ears, what kind of sari they wear and all the cultural dresses and the cultural activities of the peoples.
The Kanda also having many tourist places to view like Dhapoli, Dhallan, Chandrapur, Annapuran, Vijaypur etc.


Pandusthal as the name suggested this sthal was at the time of "Kaurvas" and "Pandvas". This is a place where the war between the "Kaurvas" and "pandvas" were held that is the war of Mahabharata. This ground was also known as the battle ground of kurvas and pandvas.

The Pandusthal was also having the great attraction of tourist. The tourist who came there comes to know that how the Kurvas and Pandvas fought at that time. This place is famous this historical importance. It includes all the memories from the time of Pandvas and Kurvas.

The tourist visit there not only of the reasons of its historical importance but also of the beauty of this place. When the peoples come here then they found the beautiful view of Himalayas from this place. This place is the great excursion for the tourist for enjoying the holidays.


The place Vijaypur is one of the tourist places for the tourist. Vijaypur was placed at a high altitude. The beauty of Vijaypur is one of its advantages of popularity. When the tourist visit there they found that the view of Himalayas from height creates an adventure moments for them
The view of early rising of sun makes a good view for tourist.
In early morning the climate was very cool and pollution free which was also an advantage for the tourists.
The Vijaypur was placed at a distance of 30 km from Bageshwar. It was a nice place to visit and spend holidays.


You can reach Bageshwar by rail, road and by air.
If you are planning to visit Bageshwar by air then the nearest airport to the Bageshwar is 180 km far from it. That is Pantnagar airport which was located in the National district of Uttarakhand.
In Pantnagar airport you found taxi or bus which will help you to visit Bageshwar.

By rail you are travelling than you found the nearest Railway station Kothgodam. This was at a distance of 149 km from Bageshwar. This is also a cool and relevant way of travelling and you also found taxi or bus with the help you can easily able to reach to Bageshwar. The Railway station was present in Nanital district of Uttarakhand.

By road you plan to visit Bageshwar then you may choose any way for travelling through the road. You may have your own vehicle for travelling or you can hire any taxi with all these facility you have one more option that is travel in bus. But the best way of travelling is your own vehicle.


The weather in Bageshwar was also good. The climate was not much warm it was quite cool. The maximum temperature in summer reaches to only up to 28 degree and the minimum temperature was rises up to20 degree Celsius in summer only.

In winter the temperature of city Bageshwar was maximum 15 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature of the city Bageshwar is up to 2 degree Celsius.


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