Temples and how to reach in haridwar

The following article contains the information about the history of the temples and other regarding information about the temple present in Haridwar and also the information how to reach to view the temples in Haridwar. To know more about it go through the following article given below.



Har-ki-pauri is also known as the Scared Ghat of Haridwar. According to the ancient theory the king of this place named as Vikramaditya have brother named as Bhrithari. The text tells us that the Bhrithari meditate here on the banks of river Ganga where the Har-ki-pauri was situated one day when the brother of the king Vikramaditya was died then the king was construct this Har-ki-pauri in honor of his brother Bhrithari. At that time it place was named as Bhrithari but after some time the place was named as Har-ki-pauri.

The Har-ki-pauri is also famous for the Brahma kund which was situated in Har-ki-pauri. This Brahma kund is one of the oldest kund. This kund have a great story in manufacturing of this kund. When the Smundramanthan was going on then Amrit was generate in the process of manthan at that time when the Amrit was carried by the bird Garuda that time one of drop was fell down in Haridwar and that time the drop was fell in the place of Brahma kund than this kund was get developed there.

The Har-ki-pauri is one of the important place which was get devoted by each pilgrim who came there. The Har-ki-pauri was situated on the banks of River Ganga and has some stair to go up at that place lots of people get bath to wash their sins.


This is the temple also an attraction for the tourist who came there. The pilgrims and tourist are visited here to view the Chandi Devi statue which was present in the mandir. The Chandi Devi is the God of Hindus. This mandir also constitute the historical story in its construction.

The Chandi Devi mandir was constructed in 1929 by the king named as Suchat Singh. Suchat Singh was the great king of state Kashmir. In the ancient time there is a king named as Shumbh and Nishumbha were killed by Chandi Devi after that this Temple was constructed and named as Chandi Devi Temple.

The temple of Chandi Devi constitutes a statue of Mata Chandi Devi which was constructed by Adi shankracharya in 8th century. Maximum tourist came there to view this temple because of the beauty of this temple and also the pilgrim devotes their self in front the Lord Chandi Devi.


Mansa Devi Temple is one of the great attractions for the tourist. This temple was located in Haridwar. This temple was also an oldest temple in Haridwar.
The Mansa Devi means the load that fulfills all the desires which the people want who came there to devote their self in front of Lord Mansa Devi. The Mansa Devi temple was located at height from where the view of Haridwar was like heaven to view. The Mansa Devi is famous for the oldest temple as well as the Ariel view of Haridwar by travelling in the Cables cars.

The Mansa Devi have the facility in which all the tourist came there for enjoy and spend their holidays can enjoy the ride in cable cars. On travelling in the cable cars the whole view of holy place Haridwar can easily seen. The tourist enjoys the ride and the beauty of the place Mansa Devi.


Maya Devi temple is one of the oldest temples in Haridwar. This temple was constructed when the Sati the wife of lord Shiva when their heart was fell in Haridwar in the place where the temple Maya Devi was Located. This was the reason why the Maya Devi temple was constructing. This temple was one of the temples which were constructed in the ancient time and the temple was as is it stand in their place in Haridwar.

With the oldest temple Maya Devi There are two more temples are present which was named as Narayani shila temple and Bhairav temple which was also constructed in the ancient time. The beauty of these temples was remaining as is it which was present at that time. This was also a great reason of maximum tourist came there of view this oldest beauty placed in Haridwar. Haridwar was also have the facility by which the tourist can stay there this place have many hotels also ashrams in which there is great facility to get relax.


In Haridwar there are lots of ancient temples in those temples one the famous temple named as Daksheswara Mahadev Temple is also located in the holy place Haridwar. According to the ancient time the Daksha was the king. The king performed yagna and do not invite the load Shiva. When the lord Shiva came there then that king insulted them. Then the daughter of the king named as Sati felt very badly by sawing all that and then she self- immolated herself in the yagna kund. Later on the king was killed and gets to die.

Because of this ancient text this place was famous for Hindus. And every year maximum tourist and pilgrims came here to view this place. The climate of this place was also good the temperature of this place was not that much hot it remains cool even in summers also. In winter the temperature was the temperature will fall up to 2 degree Celsius. And for visiting this place many taxis and buses are appointed.


Haridwar is the holy place and famous for the temples and the Holy River Ganga. Haridwar you can reach by any way of transport that are by Air, by Road, or By Rail.

If you are planning to visit Haridwar by Air then the nearest airport to the Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport which was present at a distance of 35 km from the Haridwar. This airport was located in the District Dehradun present in Uttarakhand. From the airport you can found any taxi or bus which will help you to visit Haridwar.

If you are travelling through Rail then you found the railway station in the Haridwar itself. This was an easy mode of transport. You want any vehicle or taxi for travelling then you found the taxi stand near the Haridwar Railway Station.

If you are travelling by road then you can choose any way travelling through your own vehicle or by taxi or bus you found the way through the Map easily. Travelling through road is quite long way of travelling but also nice.
In Haridwar there was great facility for parking you vehicles.


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