Temples in uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the state which was famous for temples and the tourist places. The following article contains the information about some of the temples in Uttarakhand and regarding information about them. To more about the temples of the Uttarakhand go through the following article.



Doodhadhari Barfani temple is one of the temples which were placed in Haridwar. This temple was located in Haridwar. Among this temple of Doodhadhari Barfani temple the Ashram was also situated so the tourist came there to spend their holidays can relax there also.

This temple was a beautiful temple which was constructing with marbles which are white in color with increases the beauty of the temple. This temple also include statue of the Ram –seta and the lord of Shri Hanuman. The statue was such a great construction done by the engineer of that time. The beauty of the temple and the popularity of the Doodhadhari Barfani temple are only of this statue which was situated in the temples. Many pilgrims arrived there to devote their self in front the lord Ram and the Mata seta and the sankatmochan lord Hanuman.


Surehvari Devi temple is one of the famous temples in Uttarakhand. The Surehvari Devi temple is one of the temples located in the holy place Hardwar. Haridwar is the famous place for temples and the holy river of India named as Ganga. Maximum number of people came to Haridwar each year for devoting there self in front God and to get bath in the holy river Ganga to wash their sins. The temple of Goddess Surehvari Devi is also an excursion for the entire tourist who came there.

The pilgrims also devotes there self in front of Lord Surehvari Devi to wash their sins and so that the Mata Surehvari Devi fulfill there all desire. This temple was exactly located in the park named as Rajaji National park. This temple was located in the center of that park.


Pawan dham is a finest place in Haridwar. The Pawan dham word mans similar to clean and fresh. The Pawan dham was the place which was constructed with the maximum efforts of the Punjabis which belong to the Moga region.
The Pawan dham was the modern temple which was the great excursion for the tourist and also for the local. This temple has great beauty and the construction is also well. By viewing such type of temples the tourist fell nice.

This temple was constructed by the Swami Vedantanand ji maharaj. These temples have many visitors every year and give the complement by viewing the beauty of the temple.


Bharat mandir is one of the excursions for the tourist. The Bharat mandir was established in 15 may 1983. Indira Gandhi is the manufacturer of the Bharat mandir. By Indira Gandhi the Bharat mandir was constructed and the mandir was situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga.

This mandir was made in the honor of the Bharat Mata that in the honor of Mother India. This temple was having many floors in each floor there are statue was placed which denote the India. In the first floor it constitute the statue of the Mother India, the second floor of Bharat mandir constitute the statue of the memorable solders of India who scarifies their life for India. On the next floor that is on the third floor of Bharat mandir it constitute the Matru mandir the word Matru means "Mother". In this mandir all the women of India who played great role in Indian history it constitute all that memories.

The women's who played the great role in the History of India are:-

1)Meera Bai

There is number of women's are there who plays the great role in the Indian history all of those women get respect and their brief description will be given in the Bharat mandir

Because of the beauty and because of such importance this temple is the great excursion for the tourist. This temple has the facility of food and restaurant surrounds this temple. The tourist also gets relaxed after viewing the great beauty of the temple.


The Bhimgoda tank the place which was located in few meters from the place Har-ki-pauri that was located in the holy place Haridwar. Har-ki-pauri is also one of the places which were the oldest and popular place in Haridwar. Har-ki-pauri is the place which was constructed by the king Vikramaditya after the dead of his brother.

The Bhimgoda tank according to the Hindus texts when the Pandvas crossing through the Haridwar on going in the direction of Himalayas the Bhim which was one of the princes in the Pandvas drew water from the rocks for drinking with the help of his horse due to these texts this place was famous in the Haridwar.

In this place where the Bhimgoda was located this place introduced us with the past that how the same place looked in the past. Every year came here to view the beauty of this place also the temperature of this place was also good and cool in of the season except few weeks in summer the temperature was quite hot.


Piran kaliyar is one the famous place which is famous for the beauty and the "Dargah" of "Hazrat Alauddin Sabir Kaliyari" which was constructed by the Ibrahim Lodhi.

Maximum of the tourist came there to visit the Dargah. This Dargah was also located in the holy place Haridwar. In this Dargah many people came and wish there to Lord for fulfill their desires.


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