History, tourist destinations, adventures and how to reach Nainital, Uttarakhand

Nainital, a heaven on Earth is situated in the Kamoun hill region of state Uttarakhand. This hill station of Uttarakhand attracts a lot of people towards itself. In this article of yours, you are going to know about the town Nainital, its history, about Naina devi temple, places to visit in Nainital, adventures offered by the town, hotels of Nainital, weather and also how to reach Nainital. For more information kindly read the article as below:


Nainital, the lake district of Uttarakhand is situated in the foothills of Himalayas in Kamoun hills. A lot of tourists comes here every year to enjoy the silence of the atmosphere and to see the beauty of nature. Nainital is the place which is surrounded by a lot of hills and these peaks are the greatest attractions which attract thousand of people towards Nainital. There are lot of lakes in this hill station and thats why it is known as the lake district of Uttarakhand. If you are in Nainital, you can enjoy boating, paddling, yatching in the calm water of the lakes. A little time ago, the water of the lakes was so clear that one can see the reflection of the seven peaks of the surrounding very clearly. At night, it feels terrific to see the Lakes as reflection of bulbs from buildings on the hills look fantasting into the lake water. There are about seven hills which surrounds the Nainital lake and are:


Ayarpatta is about 2,270metres above from the sea level. The name Ayarpatta is derived from the tree named Ayar.


Alma hill is about 2,270 metres above from sea level and Alma hill got its name from the "Battle of Alma" during the Crimean war.


Deopata hill is about 2,273 metres above from sea level.

Sher Ka Danda

Hill Sher ka Danda is about 2,217 metres above from sea level and the name Sher ka Danda means the ridge of a tiger.


Cheena hill is situated at an height of about 2,611 metres above from sea level.

Laria Kanta

Laria Kanta hill is 2,481metres above from the sea level. Laria Kanta is a hill which is named after a goddess.

Handi Bandi

Hill Handi-Bandi is situated at an height of about 2,139 metres above from sea level and Handi Bandi signifies "echo" because if you scream there loudly, you can heard your voice again. A lot of people enjoy to do this thing on this peak.


Mythologically, Nainital is referred as one of the 64 Shakti Peeths. It is said that when Lord Shiva was crying around Satti's corpse in grief. It is said that her left eye fell on Earth where present Naina Devi temple is situated and the Naina devi lake is formed in the emerald eye shape. This temple is situated at the northern end of the lake. Thus the name of this hill station is derived from Naina and the lake(tal) named as Naina lake.

Tourists attraction in Nainital

Nainital, a breathtaking hill station gives you the experience of enjoying a stay in the hilly region. There are lot of lakes to visit in Nainital. One of them is Naini lake. Naini lake is situated in the center of the place and is surrounded by the Mall of hill station, Nainital. At night it looks amazing to look into the Naini Lake as it shows the breathtaking reflection of bulbs from the buildings on the hi
Initially, Nainital had nine lakes and those are providing water to the Corbett National Park. People used to enjoy boating with their friends, family in the water of these lakes. There is also a zoo which is about 1km away from Nainital bus stand. If you are in Nainital then you should go to the Naina devi temple. Naina devi temple is situated on the shore of Naini lake and provides a holy significance to this hill station. You should visit Raj Bhavan or the Governor's house which will show you the Victorian Gothic style architecture of 19th century. Raj Bhavan is a two storied mansion and was the residence for the British Governors of the Northwest Province.
The Eco Cave garden is one of the mind blooming destination for tourists in Nainital. The Eco Cave has six caves and is located 1km above Mallital near Kumaon University Campus. It has a fantastic fountain which is musical one. If you visit this place, then i am definately sure that you are going to love this place and definately this place will take to the ancient era and from the caves, children will get to know that how animals use to live in such type of caves. It is a fun visit for children and also has educative value.

Mall road of Nainital is one of the famous tourist attraction and surrounds Naina lake. Mall road is named as Govind Ballabh Pant Marg and has a number of shops,hotels. If you love sports activities like polo, hockey. Then you must visit The Flatts of Nainital which is a vast and plain area situated near the Naini lake and is a cemented playground. There you can see a statue of Govind Ballabah Pant and you can also visit a bazaar which is busy one.

Naina Devi temple, a Mosque, a Gurudwara are also situated on the Flatts and are gathering people from different religions to come and pray.

Adventures in Nainital

This hill station of Uttarakhand is a popular destination for adventure lovers and for excitement seekers. People enjoy boating, paddling, yatching in the water of Nainital lakes. This place of Uttarakhand is good for bikers who zoom along the steep hilly roads of Nainital. You can also enjoy rafting, sunset hikes, jeep safari, canoeing, sky diving, sailing, paragliding, rock climbing in this place. On the peaks of Nainital like Naina peak, snow view point, tiffin top, you can have a complete view of Himalayan range.

Tiffin top

Tiffin top is basically a mountain peak on Ayarpatta hill and is about 2300mts above from the sea level. This peak of Nainital, provides a view of Himalayan range. On this peak of Nainital, there is a stone work perch known as Dorothy seat. This perch was built in the memory of an English lady Dorothy Kellet by her husband.

Naina peak

Naina peak is at an height of about 2600metres above from the sea level and also known as Cheena peak or China peak. In Nainital town, this peak is the highest point which offers an view of Himalayan range, Naini lake and of the town also. This is an ideal place for everybody because it provides you the utmost excitement experience, you ever had in your life. The sports which you can do in this hill station are great confidence boosters and fear removers. You can fly in the air as Nainital offers you the activity like Paragliding. From sky you can have a glance at the beauty of Nainital.
If you want to come close to nature then organising camping is a good experience. Camping in Nainital enables you to feel the silence of nature, the beauty of nature but also include activities like bonafire, yoga, hikes and bouldering.

If you want to test your physical and emotional strength then rock climbing is best option for you. Your guides or instructors provides you safety belt and safety gear during this risky adventure.

Horse riding is best option for those who are looking for a short time adventure. By getting on the horse back, it feels like a Prince or Princess taking a ride on the Mall. For children Pony rides are also available.

Hotels in Nainital

Hotels of Nainital offers very comfortable and enjoyable stay in Nainital. There are lot of hotels in Nainital, you can choose any of them depending upon your budget and according to your convenience.

5 star hotels in Nainital

These hotels of Nainital offers a luxurious stay for you in this hill station.

The Manu Maharani hotel

This hotel of Nainital is located on Grass-mere estate. Manu Maharani hotel is just a few minutes walk away from the Mall road of Nainital. Manu Maharani hotel is well equipped with modern facilities, exclusive design and gives us a peaceful and comfortable stay in Nainital. This hotel is one of the most luxurious one hotel of Nainital. There are approximately 65 rooms in this hotel including Premium rooms, club room, Duplex rooms, Terrace room. This hotel is located away from the hustle bustle of the town.


Grassmere Estate
Near high court, Mallital
Pincode- 263001
Uttarakhand, India
Contact number- +915942237341

4 star hotels in Nainital

Hotel Arif Castle

This hotel of Nainital was built in 1987 and is situated at an altitude of 1,981.2 metres above from sea level. Hotel Arif Castle is situated on an area of about 2.25 acres which will definately gives you a memorable experience. It has 66 rooms including 54 double deluxe rooms, 2 exclusive rooms and 10 super deluxe rooms.


Contact number- 9258132744, 91-9412128003
Email address: nainital@arifcastles.com

3 star hotels of Nainital

Alpine club

This hotel is situated on the fabulous slopes of Ayarpatta hill with Oak trees all around. Alpine club is situated next to the Raj Bhavan road and 4km from Mall road. This hotel is founded in 1857.


Ayarpatta hill, Raj Bhavan Road
Near Aurobindo Ashram
Uttarakhand, India

Aroma hotel

Aroma hotel is situated on Ayarpatta hills. This hotel of Nainital offers us a very affordable and comfortable stay in Nainital and is about 3km away from the bus stand. This hotel of Nainital offers facilities of parking, internet, restaurant, conference hall. Aroma is an ideal place for both leisure and buisness customers.


Ayarpatta hill
Pincode- 263001
Uttarakhand, India
Contact number- 09412087444

Hotel Channi Raja

Channi Raja hotel is located on the mall road and provides you a comfortable stay. This hotel of Nainital offers facilities of STD, ISD, hot and cold running water, television and internet facilities to the customers and is good enough for buisness and leisure customers.


The mall, Nainital
Pincode: 263001
Contact number- 05942-235624

Hotel krishna

This hotel of Nainital is situated on the Mall road and offers a terrific view of Naini lake. Hotel Krishna offers warm hospitality services with 22 well furnished rooms with attached bath and other services also like telephone, television, laundry.

Budget hotels in Nainital

Budget hotels of Nainital might not offer such comfortable services like 5 and 3 star hotels of Nainital offers but these hotels offers nice stay with basic facilities.

Hotel City Heart

This hotel of Nainital is approved by the Government and is situated near the Mountaineering club of Nainital and is about 1km away from Nainital bus stand. City heart offerr a comfortable stay for you with basic facilities like attached baths, television, telephone services.


Hotel City Heart
Uttarakhand, India

Hotel Pratap Regency

Pratap Regency is situated on Mallroad and offers a fantastic view of Naini lake. It has 36 well furnished rooms and offers all the basic facilities. The rooms available in this hotel are spacious and well furnished.


Mall road
Uttarakhand, India
Contact number- 9720245307
Hotel website: pratapregency@hotmail.com

Hotel Welcome Park

Welcome park is situated in Nainital. It has 20 well furnished rooms with all the basic facilities. It also conducts local tours, evening games, dance floor with bonafire and an enjoyable stay.


Uttarakhand, India
Contact number: 7409930001
Hotel website: hotelwelcomepark@rediffmail.com

Weather of Nainital

Nainital, a fabulous destination for tourist in India welcomes tourists almost any time and has colder climate conditions. You can visit this hill station of Uttarakhand between March to May and again between November to February. Nainital weather is also characterized by the occurence of heavy rainfall. This hill station also offers heavy snowfall for visitors during the month of December and February.

How to reach Nainital Uttarakhand

Nainital is well connected with rest of the world through air, rail and rail link. This hill station is located in the heart of Uttarakhand and is well connected to NH-87.

Nainital By Bus
If you want to reach Nainital by bus then from Delhi through Deluxe and Semi deluxe luxury buses, you can reach Delhi and is 350km away from Nainital. The bus charge varies between Rs 3 to 4 per Km. Almora is about 70km away from Nainital by road and Badrinath is about 340km away from Nainital by road.

Nainital By train
If you want to reach Nainital by train then Kathgodam is the nearest railway station and is about 35km away from Nainital. Cities like Lucknow, Agra, Bareilly are well connected with Kathgodam railway station by train. You can reach Nainital from Kathgodam railway station by taxi also which costs Rs. 600 approximately.

Nainital By air If you want to reach Nainital by air then Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport from Nainital and is about 71km away. From Pantnagar airport you can reach Nainital as a number of taxis are available on the airport to take you to Nainital. Delhi airport is the nearest International airport and is about 350km from Nainital.
Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is also one of the nearest airport to Nainital and is about 187km away from Nainital.


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