Mithila Art Gallery - Bangalore

In this article I have taken the Mithilasmitha Madhubani paintings art Gallery which is located in Bangalore and has been one of the Tourist Places of the Karntaka state. I have explained here about the Mithilasmitha art Gallery and its history.

One of the best features of the Mithila Art Gallery is the Madhubani Paintings and the same kind of paintings is known as the Mithila paintings. The Madhubani paintings are very crucial and the importance of these paintings can be known as from the Vedas and puranas and by the same way we can identify the ancientness of the Madhubani paintings. When we are talking about the ancientness of the Madhubani paintings, we can get back to the history of these paintings when they aere painted at firstand the solution we get is, the very earlier days of when the human being started loving the paintings and art collections.

One of the kinds of the Mithila paintings which is known as the folk paintings of the Mithila paintings is well known as they are mostly liked by the women. When we are talking by keeping the Mithila paintings at a height, we may get suspect like what is special in the Mithil paintings? The difficult, vibrant colors used in the Mithila paintings, the themes of these paintings which are getting touch with the Hindu Mythology.

Mission of the Mithilasmitha Painting

The wisdom of the Mithila Paintings is to get the society of the Madhubani painters and their dependings, promoting the multi specialized Madhubani paintings etc., This goal of the mithilasmitha is visible even by the name of itself. Because, the meaning of the word, Mithia 'asmitha' is, the Mithila's pride. This meaning of the word, Mithilasmitha states that, the motivation of this Mithilasmitha is attempting to give the way for the Madhubani arts to the modern markets and to protect them from exploitation at the hands of middle men.

History of the Madhubani arts

As we have discussed above, the Madhubani arts and paintings have some valuable evidence that the paintings have been entertained during the Vedas and Puranas. As the practice of the women doing the paintings on the beloved walls and floor of their houses from the very earliest periods of when the human beings started loving the paintings and drawings, the same kind of the evidences are standing strongly behind to prove that the Madhubani paintings are one of the oldest painting techniques.

Some ancient structures are telling that the Mithila paintings are reflecting the women of Mithila and their love on the folk and high level composition of the vibrant colors. These Mithila paintings have been used for giving the rich look for the ceremony celebrations and the other function decorations. Another interesting fact about the Mithila paintings is the architectural geomentric techniques had been used in the Mihtila paintings even on the past historical timings.

The most probable colors used in the Mithila pintings are the milky red, earth sand yellow and other primary colors. These primary colors used in the Mithila paintings are used in the goddess room is well.

Even though the Mithila arts and paintings were begun long ago, these kinds of paintings were brought to the market for commercially only before few decades and around the year 1966. The name of the company that brought the Mithila arts to the commercial arts is the Handicrafts Handloom Export corporation of India & the All India Handicrafts board. Even though the Mithila was brought out and showed by those companies, the man who was behind the proposal of the Mithila paintings was Mr. BhaskarKulkarni.

Members behind the Mithilasmitha paintings

The following are the founding members of the Mihtila Art Gallery at Bangalore.

1.Mrs. Ihitashri Mishra Borundiya – Managing the sales and marketing of the Art Gallery.

2.Mrs. Sarita Mishra – Managing the Procurement and designing team.

3.Mr. AmitBorundiya

4.Late Mr. Samarendra Mishra – In his age of 35 he joined in SEWA Mithila and learnt the related things and helped well and good to develop the art and the gallery.


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