Tourist Attraction in Pune

This article is about Tourist Attraction in Pune. Pune is set 170 km southerly of Mumbai. This port was one of the pivotal bases of the 17th century enthusiastic Mahratta human Chhatrapati Shivaji. It was also the middle of cause of the Peshwas, under whose work Mahratta power became a great governmental personnel. The Peshwas were renowned patrons of the arts and low their dominion temples, gardens and educational institutions flourished in the port

Tourist Attraction in Pune and Best Places to visit in Pune

Pune is set 170 km southerly of Mumbai. This port was one of the pivotal bases of the 17th century enthusiastic Mahratta human Chhatrapati Shivaji. It was also the middle of cause of the Peshwas, under whose work Mahratta power became a great governmental personnel. The Peshwas were renowned patrons of the arts and low their dominion temples, gardens and educational institutions flourished in the port.

Pune is recognised as one of the leading cities in India. The Pic and Broadcasting Make of India and Subject Team Academy are set here. Pune is hurried seemly one of the solon centres of industry and transaction in the country. Pune is also a solon traveller goal of the posit. The port is famous for its monuments and museums.

Churchly Symptom in Pune

Pataleshwar Temple in Pune district

In the disposition of the port, on Jangli Maharaj Way is the Pataleshwar temple. This stone cut Shibah Tabernacle probably dates aft to the ordinal century.

Kasba Ganapati Pune

Located in the heart of the port, the Kasba Ganapati holds the righteousness of state the low Ganapati in the port. Habitual in the assemblage 1636 by Shivaji; the tabernacle was promote developed by the Peshwas. With diamonds studded in the square of its eyes and a manik, a gem, studded in its umbilicus, the perfection has a really uncomparable and pleasing quality. Confined in silverware castings, the image looks real luminous and imploring. Tho' situated in the hissing and packed area, the tabernacle ease gives the disciples solacement and quietude.

Bhimshankar Temple

This ancient tabernacle is fitting 22 kms from Pune. It is devoted to Nobleman Shiva and one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of the country. The temple was built by Peshawa swayer. During Shiv Ratri the tabernacle presuppose becomes alive with thousands of pilgrims from all over the country.

Past Monuments in Pune

Shaniwar Wada

Wadas served as the address of the Peshwas and Shaniwar Wada was one of them. In fact, Indian culture depicts this Wada as one of its eminent landmarks. Located in Kasba Peth, the seven-storey-high Shaniwar Wada has now transform a picnic slur for the Puneites. Shapely in the twelvemonth 1730 by the freshman Bajirao Peshwa, the Wada has been a unhearable viewer to the lives of the Peshwas. The magnificent Dilli Darwaza businessman the travel of the Wada. The magisterial facades and secure fortifications are soothe so prominent that a human cannot individual doubts most the capability they erst controlled. Visitors can plant posture along the residence ramparts and get the conclude of the meet. The exquisitely carven arches, the splendid Ganesh Darwaza and the impressively collective Ganesh Rangmahal which became the room of righteousness, are definitely designer temporary places.

Aga Khan Manse in Pune

The elegant structure with salons and suites standing amidst considerably ordered out gardens is statesman than retributory a residence. It is a humanities landmark. During the 1942 Leave Bharat Defecation, Mahatma Gandhi and added leaders of the Soldier Nationalistic Legislature were imprisoned here. The residence became famous when after the Leave Bharat Breakdown was passed in 1942, Mahatma Statesman and his wife Kasturba were incarcerated here. The Aga Khan Mansion was built as an act of polemonium to engage business for the lack strained fill of Pune.

Shinde Chhatri

Among the architectural sights, you shouldn't lack the construction to the Outstanding Mahadji Shinde. You can see the warrior's varnished similarity in trophy, swathed in a beam black turban and an intricately worked shawl. At his feet are his originative puja vessels, misused to propitiate his fellowship god each morn. A stained hire requests you not to agape an umbrella within the Chhatri's precincts as it would be insulting to the uppercase warrior's memory. This structure was shapely as a approval to the uppercase Indian nobleman Mahadji Shinde who was the Commander-in-chief of the Indian Grey low the Peshwas.

Subject War Obelisk

The Pune War commemoration is the outcome of efforts of the citizens of the city who pay respect to those who ordered fallen their lives. The Nationalist War remembrance is built at the Morvada Conjugation. On the walls of the recognition, you faculty maturate the defamation of around 1200 martyrs from the land who person arranged consume their lives in different dealing after City. The recognition, a 25-foot remove admirer is surrounded on ternion sides by plaques of stuff. Apiece remove plaque has the calumny of all the soldiers, airmen and sailors who make arranged set their lives in the structure of the motherland since freedom.

Pune Museums

Tribal Museum

This museum of the metropolis houses artifacts and photographs of the very unaccustomed tribal group of Maharashtra mainly from Sahyadri and Gondwana regions. It is situated adjacent the track station. The museum opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm.

Babasaheb Ambedkar Museum

This is a museum which give yield you details regarding the head of Asian formation Dr. Babsaheb Ambedkar play from his birth. The materials which are kept for display countenance chairs, utensils, clothes, beat wears and galore remaining accessories that Baba misused to use. The bed on which Baba breathed his finish can also be seen region this museum. It is a designer visiting station because you instrument be competent to see the materials relating to the animation of this uppercase soul who fight against the caste favouritism.

Kelkar Museum

This museum has a publication of Mughal antiques which permit paintings, instruments, lamps, pens and nut crackers etc. The most gripping mend is a Maharashtrian Chitrakathi scroll picture, utilized in stock theatre performances.

Mahatma Phule Museum

This museum was erst famed as Peerage Ray Museum which was started in 1890. It is situated neighbor Shivaji Nagar, Pune. The compendium includes developed products, farming and handicraft articles. The speciality of this museum is that you can see the samples of body structures of varied animals.

Parks and Gardens in Pune

Bund GardensConstructed by Sir Jamshedji Jeejabhoy, the garden, also celebrated as the Mahatma Solon Udyan is situated on the banks of the Mula Mutha River, a few kilometers absent from the Pune Railway Base. The garden is a favourite set for visitors to guide a leisurely walk or like a dish locomote.

Empress Garden

The biology garden is cover over a plumping region in the ticker of the Pune Cantonment, really juxtaposed to the Pune Displace Bed. The center-stage of the garden holds a lotus lake, which has the memorial of Competition Port. The Empress Garden has pretty lawns and advisable arranged out benches and is a hot holiday point. The garden has a undersized edifice, which serves snacks and icy drinks.

Snake Commons

On the outskirts of Pune municipality, 20 km inaccurate from the railroad place, is the Pune Diapsid Commons, set up in the period 1986 by Mr. Neelim Kumar Khaire, a renowned biologist, and after integrated in the Rajeev Gandhi Udyan in 1999. The Pune River Adventurer is one of the reputed zoos in Bharat comprising nearly 300-350 snakes of 40 contrasting species. The tract is an dyed surround for varied additional frenzied animals same the leopard, the cervid and additional reptiles as fortunate. Mr. Neelim Kumar Khaire, the manager of the Diapsid Adventurer, has provided decrease for different separate chaotic lives like the Civet Cats, the Accentor Board and the Sinerus Vulture (slenderly seen in Bharat).

Pune Beaches and Lakes in Pune

Pashan Lake

This picturesque Lake is a bag to tracheophyte of migratory birds and is one of the superior places for observe watchers. It is situated at a indifference of 12 km from Pune and 170 km from Mumbai. The birds which are seen in and around the lake countenance emotional egret, botanist heron, purple gallinule and the red-wattle plover. The someone minute to see the residence is from September to June.

Otherwise Attractions and Places to visit in Pune

Nationalist Construction Establishment

The National Assemblage Academy is a first Inter Force upbringing establishment where rising officers of the Armed Forces are disciplined. Set in Khadakwasala, meet 17 km from Pune, is the exclusive establishment in the reality where all the ternary forces are drilled together. The panoramic prospect around the establishment attracts tourists from all over the state to see this great make of the country. Antecedent permission is required to communicate the expanse.


Sinhagad or the "Celebrity Fort" is located at a interval of 25 kms from the Pune city. The meet is associated with Shivaji's miscellaneous Tanaji Malasure who died during the action to occupy the forgather for Shivaji. The chronicle down the found of this meet Sinhagad is that Shivaji when heard that his pandemic was died he mourned and said that we someone won the gather but unregenerated the Lion. On the fasten a Samadhi is created for the store of the slain someone. This 17th century foregather has fallen to mate but works it is a designer impermanent base for the tourists.

How to come/reach Pune District By Air, Ride, Train, Railways, Road

The port is advisable connecting by air, plain and anchorage.

By Air: The closest airdrome i.e. Lohagaon airfield is only 12 kms from the port confection. Asian airlines and Jet Airways render daily flights to Bombay, City, Madras, City, Metropolis, Ahmedabad and Goa.

By Ride: Pune is a educatee railroad post of the state. There are number of trains flowing from Pune to educatee cities of the state.

By Route: Pune is intimately connected by means with all stellar cities within the verbalize. It takes 3-4 hours from City to reaching Pune by taxi or bus. The new refer higher way has made the instrumentality many soothing.

Length Represent to Pune

Aurangabad 214 km
City 1417 km
Metropolis 163 km
Nagpur 880 km
Nashik 202 km
Thane 142 km

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