Profile of Great Scientist of Tamilnadu GD Naidu

This Article Reveals the Basic Information about the Greates scientist G.D.Naidu.Tamilnadu People are very proud that,"He born at our Tamil Land".

Tamil Nadu's Great Scientist-GD Naidu

Our Tamilnadu must be Proud of giving this Great Scientist to this World. G.D.Naidu is really very Interesting Personality.

• Childhood life of G.D.Naidu is with full of wrong habits.
• Birth place - Kalangal, (Near Coimbatore) Tamilnadu.
• Real name - Duraiswamy.
• Birth date - 23.03.1893.
• Father - Gopalswamy.
• Initial occupation - Agriculture. GD Naidu is the Owner of Universal Motor Service, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu.

Childhood of GD Naidu is very interesting to Hear. G.D.Naidu refused to go School. He created problems to Classmates, Teachers at the time of his School life.Later, than only he realised the Importance of Education and studied alot.

Gopalswamy was decided to change his son to be a good human. Father of GD Naidu thought that he must be under his supervision. He advised and also compelled his son to do the Agriculture of Cotton and Tobacco Types. He also created an interest in that field. He gradually turned his vision to do Good things.

In this Adventurous life, the Great peoples achieve their height by means of hard work only. G.D.Naidu turned his concentration to get the knowledge. G.D.Naidu's kindness to the workers in their agricultural farm made him wise men among the people. And his helping tendency to others increased slowly.

G.D.Naidu believed in doing hard work. Everyone can get success, if they believe themselves. G.D.Naidu believed himself, and put forth his work. He got married with 'Chellammal'.

G.D.Naidu's inventions-Motor Cycle

Duraiswamy (G.D.Naidu) was very excited in the working secret of Motor Cycle. G.D.Naidu didn't see such a Motor Cycle till Lanka shyel has come to his Hometown.

One day, the Vehicle got Trouble. To Solve the Trouble occurred; Lanka shyel asked some amount of Petrol and a waste cloth from Duraiswamy. He had given those and watched him carefully. G.D.Naidu remembered, how he assembled that Vehicle.

After he went, G.D.Naidu thought of that Motor Cycle only. This incident created an interest to see the city Life. So G.D.Naidu decided to go out and he walked around sixteen Miles. Finally, G.D.Naidu reached Coimbatore.

City's Atmosphere created a different expectation in G.D.Naidu's mind. Buses, Trains, Vehicles with Motor Engines, shops, and Coimbatore's Life style made him to stay there itself. G.D.Naidu need some job, so he thought of working at a Hotel at Coimbatore. G.D.Naidu got some little Amount of salary. He saved that money for his own purpose.

Finally, with considerable amount of Money, G.D.Naidu reached the Lanka shyel's home. He asked that Vehicle for price G.D.Naidu gave his Four hundred rupees to the Lanka shyel and he got that Motor Cycle.

After reaching his home, he totally dismantled the Motor Cycle. And he is assembled that Vehicle in a perfect way. This has created a confidence in him.

This confidence created an Eager to earn the Money. G.D.Naidu did the Cotton business for the two years. After that G.D.Naidu started his own Cotton Manufacturing Industry with help of friends. His Hard work made him as wealthy man. G.D.Naidu went to Mumbai, India to do his Cotton business. But G.D.Naidu didn't expect that big loss there.

G.D.Naidu lost nearly one and half Lakh at the Cotton business. He left that business venture after that incident. He got friendship with the English men Robert stanes. Robert gave a nice idea to G.D.Naidu. Robert gave sum of Four thousand rupees to G.D.Naidu. G.D.Naidu got loan of another Four thousand and he finally owned a bus. His Business slowly paced with good signs. Then he got several buses and made it to run in and around the Coimbatore City. He drove that bus service in between Pollachi and Palani.

G.D.Naidu named his Bus service as U.M.S (Universal Motor Service) service, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu and this service is offered in with the mind of People's goodness. When any bus got troubled, G.D.Naidu send another vehicle to repair that as soon as possible. This has created a very good name around the Coimbatore people. U.M.S. Bus service growth is at a very Fast Pace.
G.D.Naidu's Travel to Europe

At 1929, Kun's couple came to the Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. They have come to Coimbatore, India to do his Rubber business. But Kun's wife is suffered with disease and admitted in Hospital. That couple needs some local person's help to move further. U.M.S. Bus service owner G.D.Naidu helped these Germany Couple. And there friendship is improved. GD Naidu went to Europe to spend his summer time at 1932. G.D.Naidu went to Marshalls and Hanavel cities first in Germany. Kun's couple gave the warm welcome to G.D.Naidu and they treat him well.

G.D.Naidu had the opportunities to see the Scientific Research centers at Germany. He is really happy in seeing those things. G.D.Naidu also went to the city named 'Heilbronn 'at Germany. He finally tested the Electric Razor (Razant) device manufacturing process. Success in that Research gave a boost in his confidence level in Invention of the Electric Razor (Razant) nowadays also Razor has a very good market internationally. He collected the knowledge at Research centers located at Germany.

G.D.Naidu also met the Engineers and discussed with them regarding his Ideas. We must be proud of having this great Scientist of Tamilnadu.


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