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Vallimalai Murugan Temple - Vellore District

Vallimalai Murugan Temple is located in Vallimalai,Vellore District. The temple is situated near the town Walajapet. The residing God in the temple for Lord Murugan along with his wives Valli and Devayanai. The temple is located in beautiful hills on the top of the mountain. There are 444 steps to climb and reach the temple in a single hill.

History of Vallimalai Murugan Temple

The history of Vallimalai Murugan temple is great one. Lord Maha Vishnu's two daughters were Valli and Devayanai. One day they decide to search husband for them.Their wish to marry a husband, who will never get angry.So they prayed for that. Suddenly Lord Murugan appeared before them. They requested Lord Murugan to marry them. But Lord Murugan said them that Devayanai will born to Indiran and Valli will born to Vedas in next generation. Then he promised to marry them and disappeared.

Vallimalai Murugan Temple hill

Surapadman,the Asuran disturbed everyone in Indiralogam. So everyone fall in the feet with Lord Murugan to protect them from Asuran.Lord Murugan accepted their request and started to war with Surapadman. After destroying Surapadman,Lord Muruga visit Indiralogam. By promised, he married Devayanai, the daughter of Indiran.

Valli-Murugan Wedding in Vallimalai Temple

Valli was born on Vallimalai. She was born for Veda King. Then she was adopted by Nambiraj,the chief of hunters as a adopted father for Valli. So the birth place of Valli became the name "Vallimalai" later. Valli was very affectionate in her young age. She was very interested to listening the stories of Murugan's heroism and his brilliance. From that she falled on love by thinking Lord Muruga.
Vallimalai Murgan temple

Valli was visiting Murugan temple regularly. One day "Naradhar" chanced to meet Valli and heard her deep love with Lord Murugan. Sudden Naradhar informed Lord Muruga about Valli's love and her beauty. By heard this, Murugan started to visit her spot with his Peacock. Lord Murugan disguised himself as a hunter and behaved like hunting deer in forest. He saw Valli on the way and impressed by her beauty. Lord Muruga met Valli daily and played a lot of leelai for nearly 12 years.

Lord Ganesha, Murugan's brother helped for Muruga's love. Lord Ganesha disguised as a big elephant and entered into forest. Valli got feared by seeing the elephant and start ran.Lord Murugan show his heroism and protect Valli from elephant.Ultimately Lord Murugan married Valli in Vallimalai.

Vallimalai Murugan Temple-Best Tourist spot

The Vallimalai Murugan temple is the Beautiful tourist spot in Vellore District. The beautiful surroundings in the temple is excellent one. At the top of the hill,there are many water streams also placed and Subramaniyaswamy cave temple was maintained by architecture society. Many Siddhas lived in this hill.Kripananda variar has built Tavapeetham near Murugan temple. Vallimalai had been one of an important Jain centre during medieval period. All Sumanglis married women with living husband offered Maangalya pooja, abhisegams in this temple. Vallimalai is also called as "Siddha Boomi" .

Kumari theertham is very famous in this temple.Because,one day Lord women came as an old man and asked Valli to give hone and millet flour to eat.On eating honey,he asked water from pond.In this water, we does not get either Sun and Moon rays.So this theertham is very powerful in temple still now. Many wonders happened in this temple.Each and every person born in this world should visit Vallimalai Murugan temple atleast Once in life .

Route: 16km from Thiruvulam and 4km from Melpadi in Vellore district.

Opening time of Temple 7am to 6pm


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