Indian Spices and its Medicinal uses.

We are using lot of spices in out daily life. We should know how spices are useful in our daily life.

Sweet Cumin- Perunjiragam - பெருஞ்சிரகம்

Medicinal uses of Sweet Cumin

1. Sweet cumin is used to reduce pain caused by indigestion.
2. It promotes urinary flow.

Asafoetida - Perunkayam - பெருங்காயம்

Medicinal uses of Asafoetida

1. Asafoetia is used to relieve from abdominal pain and digestive disorder.
2. It will preventing insects bite with it mixed with garlic.

Cardamom - Yelakai - ஏலக்காய்

Medicinal uses of Cardamom

1. Cardamom is used for obesity

carom - Oomam - ஓமம்

Medicinal uses of Carom

1. Carom seed is used for controlling Astma.
2. Carom seed is used to reduce Cough, Flu, and cold, Tooth ache. It is used to reduce stomach infections.
3. Boil one cup of water with one spoon of Carom seed , This is water can reduce gas pain within 5 minutes.

Cinnamon - Elavaka pattai - இலவங்க பட்டை

Medicinal uses of Cinnamon

1. ½ teaspoon of Cinnamon daily will reduce LDL Cholestrol
2. Mix half a teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder with one tablespoon of honey. Take this mixture every day morning in empty stomach (before breakfast) will reduce Arthritis pain. Result can see within a week.

Sesame seed, Gingelly seed - Yellu - எள்ளு

Medicinal uses of Sesame Seed

1. Black Sesame Seeds are rich of Iron, are used to reduce Anemia. Take 2 spoons of Sesame, grind well and soak this powder in warm water for two to three hours. Straining this water then add this liquid in to one cup of milk, add sugar or jaggery for taste. This is reduce Anemia.
2. Sesame seeds are very useful in Piles treatment. Sesame seeds with butter will reduce Piles Bleeding.

Sago - Javvarisi - ஜவ்வரிசி

Medicinal uses of Sago

1. Sago is a nutrition food. Soak 3 Spoons of Sago in 2 cups of water boil it still it cooked well, add some sugar. This is very healthy drink while in sick or fever.

Poppy Seed - Kasakasaa - கசகசா

Medicinal uses of Poppy Seed

1. Poppy seeds are very useful medicine for dysentery. Take half teaspoon of fried poppy seed powder, mix it in boiled honey. Take this mixture daily twice, will reduce dysentery.

Nigella - Karunjiragam- கருஞ்சீரகம்

Medicinal uses of Nigella

1. Nigella or Black cumin seed is rich of Iron, Sodium, Calcium.
2. Nigella or black cumin is used for hair loss, Head ache, All kind of skin diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension.
3. Black cumin (haba soda) oil is used to reduce hair loss.

Mustard Seed - Kadugu - கடுகு

Medicinal uses of Mustard Seed

1.Mustard seeds are used for Digestive proplems.

Mint - Puthinaa - புதினா

Medicinal uses of Mint

1. Decoction made with mint leaves cures all stomach ailments including indigestion.
2. Taking mint juice at night before going to bed induces restful sleep.
Tooth ache will reduce by Mouth wash decoction made with mint leaves.

Clove - Kirambu - கிராம்பு

Medicinal uses of Clove

1. Clove is Antiseptic and Antibacterial element. Clove oil will reduce Toothache.
2. Take two pieces of Clove and kept it the mouth will reduce cough.
3. Mix half teaspoon of clove powder in one teaspoon of honey this mixture will control vomiting.

Cumin Seed, Fennel Seed - Jeeragam - ஜீரகம்

Medicinal uses of Fennel Seed

1. Cumin seed or Fennel Seed is used to reduce body heat. Fennel water will reduce kidney stone.
2. Cumin Seed decoction will promote regular menstruation.

coriander leaf - Koththamalli leaf - கொத்தமல்லி

Medicinal uses of Coriander Leaf

1. One teaspoon fresh coriander juice, mixed with 1 or 2 seeds of banana, take once daily, for a week will small pox.
2. Coriander water helps to reduce lower blood cholesterol

Dry Fenugreek - Vent hayam - வெந்தயம்

Medicinal uses of Dry Fenugreek

1. Fenugreek oil will reduce hairloss.
2. Soak Fenugreek for three hour. Grind fine by mixing water , lemon . Apply the mixture in scalp will reduce dandruff.
3. Regular use of Dry Fenugreek by lactating women will increase milk supply

Dry Ginger - Chukku - சுக்கு

Medicinal uses of Dry Ginger

1. Dry ginger is used for stomach upset.
2. Make decoction with one spoon of Dry Ginger powder and one spoon of Basil powder and some jaggery for taste will reduce running nose

Jaggery - Vellam, Karuppatti - வெல்லம்

Medicinal uses of Jaggery

1. Jaggery is rich in iron, mix it with milk will give high energy to body.

Basil - Tulasi - துளசி

Medicinal uses of Basil

1. Basil reduces the level of blood cholesterol.
2. Basil juice and honey, if taken regularly for 6 months it will expel kidney stone via the urinary tract.
3. The leaves also sharpen memory.
4. Cough cold, fever, diarrhea and vomiting will control by the juice of basil leaves.


Guest Author: vasudevan11 Mar 2011

It really useful tips of medicines that are useful in day to day life.It will avoid excess expenditure for petty things of physical problems.It is the medicines of our soil.It can be used as part of food we takeHarmless and without side effects these.We can thank Ramalakshmi for this posting

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