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History of Navagraha Gods

Navagraha Gods

The Navagraha derived from the Sanskrit words "Nava" and "Graha". Nava means "nine", Graha means "energy, planet or spiritual body".

The Navagraha Gods are Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangal(Mars), Budha(Mercury), Guru(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shani(Saturn), Rahu and Ketu.

They act upon every Past and Present birth cycles in every good and bad acts of the person. They are the reasons and causes of the sufferings and happiness of the human livings.

1)Surya (Sun)

Surya was the notable visible form of God. We can see Surya everyday. Surya is the son of Kasyapa and Aditi. Surya is a fireball and it is situated approximately 93,000,000 miles away. His chariot is pulled by seven horses. Its represent the seven Chakras.

Surya looks in full of hairs and arms of Gold. He is the chief solar than all the planet. The first day of the week in the name of the sun called as "Sunday".

Surya was an aspect of Vaishnavas and Shaivities,because Surya is also called as "Surya Narayana" by Vaishnavas and "Astamurti" by Shaivities. Surya has two wives named Usha Devi and Saayadevi.He has three sons namely Shani(Saturn), Yaman(God of death) and Karna(Mahabharatha).

Wheat is the grain associated for Sun. "Adithya Hridayam" is the mandhra to please the Sun God. He is the Chief guest for Zodiac signs of Leo(Simma-Lion). He is Agni fire God preserved by Lord Shiva. Red ruby stone are sought for his puja.

2)Chandra (Moon)

Chandra is the Moon God born in milky ocean. Chandra is the second member of Navagraha. He is placed in Southeast direction. He is also known as "Soma or Monday". Chandra is the member of lunar system. His chariot was riding ten white horses.

Chandra has two wives namely Amrita and Rohini. He is assisted by Varunan and Gowri. Moon is the presiding God of mind and emotions. He is situated approximately 240,000 miles from the earth. He hold the lotus buds in his hands. He is the owner for zodiac sign of Cancer(Kadaga-Crab) .

Rice or paddy is associated grain for Moon. He is water God preserved by Lord Parvathi. Natural Pearl are sought for his puja.

3)Mangala (Mars)

Mangala also called as "Chevvai" or "Angarakan". He is the son of Earth Goddess. He is also called as "Tuesday". His works is to govern the qualities of courage and bravery. He was the owner for zodiac signs of Aries(Mesha-Goat) and Scorpio(Virusika).

His vehicle is a goat. His name means stealing. He carrying a spear in his hands. Red Gram is the grain associated grain for mars. He is Bhumi preserved by Lord Muruga. Red Coral was sought for his puja.

4)Budha (Mercury)

Budha is the son of Moon God. He is also called as "Wednesday" or "Sowmya". He is the presiding God for Education and Intelligence. He improve a Person's education and teaching performance. He was the owner for zodiac signs of Gemini(Miduna) and Virgo(Kanya). He hold Vedas in one hand,sword in the other hand and his other two hands carry mace and shield.

Budha means "Recognition". Budha rides a lion as a vehicle. Green Gram is the associated grain for Mercury. He was preserved by Lord Vishnu. Emerald was sought for his puja.

5)Guru (Jupiter)

Guru is also called as "Thursday". He has four hands and hold a weapon called "Vajraayudham". Guru own his vehicle as Swan,which was mythical bird,white in colour. He is the presiding God of married life for woman. He is the instructor for Devas. Guru means "Remover of Darkness". He is the owner for zodiac signs of Sagittarius(Dhanushu) and Pisces(Meena).

Bengal Gram is the grain associated for Jupiter. He was Indra(King of Devas) preserved by Lord Brahma. Yellow Sapphire or Topaz was sought for his puja.

6)Shukra (Venus)

Shukra was also called as "Friday". Shukra means "Bright illumination". Shukra is the presiding God of Comforts,arts and culture and also a presided of love and married life of Men. Shukra was the instructor of King Bali and demons. He rides the vehicle as a frog.

He is the owner for the zodiac signs of Taurus(Rishaba) and Libra(Thula). He was standing with folded hands. He is Indrani(queen of gods). Diamond was sought for his puja.Flat white beans is the associated grain for Venus.

7)Shani (Saturn)

Shani means "Slowness and Laziness". He is the presiding God of Very painful experiences,difficulties in life and calamities. Shani owns the vehicle as Crow(Kaaka) means driven out. He is the son of Sun. He looked as dark complexion and wear a black clothes. His eyes are blindfolded because of misfortune of power.

He is the owner for zodiac signs of Capricorn(Mahara) and Aquarius(Kumbha). He was Yama(God of Death) preserved by Prajapathi. Black Sesame is the associated grain for Saturn. He is also called as "Saturday". Blue Sapphires and Black stones are sought for his puja.


Rahu is divided as "Ra" and "Hu" separately. "Ra" means Surrender and "Hu" means Sacrifice. He is the presiding God of Wordly desire. He is closely connected to Ketu.. He rides his own vehicle as lion. He born for Rakshasa,a Demon. It is not a planet but an ascending point of Moon. It looks differently. The upper half body of Rahu is like Man and lower half is like a Snake.

He does not be a member of any zodiac sign but gives effect of the sign. He was dragon head preserved by Lord Durga(Goddess of power) and Naga Devathai(Serpent God). Black Gram is the associated grain for Rahu.


Ketu is not a planet but the descending point of Moon. He is closely connected with Rahu. He was born for Rakshasa,a Demon. He also look like Rahu,but upper half body is like a snake and lower half body is like Man. He also does not rule any sign like Rahu but gives the effect. He rides an owl as a vehicle. Ketu means "Pure Consciousness".

He is the presiding God of Freedom from limitations. He is also referred as "Shadow Planet". He was Dragon's Tail preserved by Chitragupta(God of Karmas). Horse Gram is the grain associated for Ketu.


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The information given is brief and good. The source from which these details have been taken could have been given, In addition to that stories relating to these planets can also be narrated.

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