Thingalur Chandran Temple the famous Navagraha Pilgrim Temple in Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu

This article related to famous Chandran temple and Navagraha sthalam in Thingalur. I covered the story of the temple and Lord Chandran. View the Tanjavur tourist spot temples here

Introduction of Thingalur Chandran Temple

Thingalur is the sthalam for Chandran(Moon). Chandran is the second favorable God next to Suryan in Navagrahas. Thanjavur temple is located at Thingalur in Thanjavur district on the way from Thiruvaiyaru to Kumbakonam. The temple is situated in North Direction at Thanjavur.

The main Idol of this temple was Lord Shiva as "Kailasanathar" and Lord Parvathi as "Periyanayagi Amman". Thingalur has derived from the word Moon(Thingal) and Land(Oor). The temple is one of the famous Navagraha temple for Lord Chandran. The pond of the temple is called as "Chandra theertham". This temple is one of the tourist spot centre in Thanjavur District.

History of Thingalur Chandran Temple

Lord Chandran is looking very handsome and clear intelligent. So Daksha Prajapathi gave her 27 daughters(Stars-Tamil calendar) to married him. Day by day, Lord Chandran disliked his 26 wives and neglected them except his wife Rohini. He loved Rohini very much and spent time with her. Every his wives felt sad and complaint their father Prajapathi. So Daksha Prajapathi advised Chandran to treat his daughters equally.But Lord Chandran refused his advice.

Daksha Prajapathi got very anger and cursed him to suffered from wasting disease. Next minute, Chandran suffered a lot in the disease. Day by day, Chandran lose his bright and beauty. By Lord Brahma advising, Chandran prayed Lord Shiva to save him from the evil.

Lord Shiva make his face as Concave shaped Chandran and grown day by day. So the growing moon called as "Valarpirai". Chandran get back all his beauty and power in full moon day. Then again he start to lose his beauty and power in New moon day. So this period of the moon called as "Theipirai". Lord Shiva adviced him to stay in his temple. Which was at Thingalur.

There is another story for this temple. Sukracharya was the asuran command to consumed the nectar from Lord Vishnu distributing Amirtham. Lord Surya and Chandran noticed this and complaint to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu got anger, he cut the asuran's head in his "Chakra". The head flew away and joined with snake's body. This snake body called as "Rahu Bhagavan". Then the snake head flew away and joined with asura's body. Later he called as "Ketu Bhagavan".

Still Rahu and Ketu were very anger with Chandran and did not forgive him, because he only reason for happening. So Rahu went after Chandran and started to eat him. Sudden Chandran prayed to Lord Shiva. By Lord Shive blessings, Chandran got his power back to grow grow full size in 15 days. This happenings is called as Pournami and Amavasai.

Chandran Temple

Chandran is one of the biggest and second planet in the sky. Lord Chandran and Lord Lakshmi were born out of sea. So Lakshmi is the sister of Lord Chandran. Chandran was the left eye of Lord Vishnu. Chandran was born from the intelligence. His favourite day is Monday and silver is the metal for him. The Persons who fasting in Monday and worshiped Chandran should relieve from every problems.

Lord Chandran favorite colour is White. So he has to be offered White rice mixed with sugar, white flowers, white clothing is believed that his pooja will remove hindrance in Devotee's life. The people can take bath in the river "Chandra Pushkarani". The poojas performed on full moon days, every Mondays is very special in the temple. In the tamil month of Panguni Pournami, the rays of rising moon fall on Lord Shiva for three days before and next day of pournami.

Lord Chandran is well placed in birth chart means, they became a great man with good thinking ability. Thingalur Chandran Temple believed who offered pooja for Chandran, they prayed him and no one has died of snakebite in this place. Chandra Dhosam causes concerns in Mother's health, mental imbalance, skin and nervous disorder and jaundice. The people pray Chandran for his wealth, Mother's health, wife's happiness, prosperity, marriage and for childrens. Devotees can wear white dress on Monday on fasting and offers poojas for the relief of Chandran Dhosam.

Lord Ganesha, Lord Murugan with his two wives Valli and Devayanai were worshipped in this temple. Thirunavukarasar sang a song for Lord Kailasanathar in this temple and his ten songs called as "Thirupadhigam". The people who sung this songs, ia makes any poison powerless.

Temple Timings: 7am to 1pm and 4pm to 9pm.

Address of the Thingalur Chandran Temple

Sri Kalaisanathar Temple,
Thingalur Chandran Temple,
Thanjavur District
Temple Phone Number: 04362-262499


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