Thirunallar Saneeswaran temple the famous Navagraha Pilgrim centre for Sani Bagavan

This resource related to story of Thirunallar Saneeswaran temple and details about sani bagavan temple. I covered the address and phone number details of Saneeswaran temple

Introduction of Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple

Thirunallar Sanesswaran temple is one of the sthalam for Lord Saneeswaran (Saturn) and famous holy temple in South India. This temple is located 5km in Karaikal and 160 km away from Pondicherry Union Territory. The main idol of this temple was Lors Shiva as "Dharbaranyeswarar" and Lord Parvathi as "Bogamartha Poonmulayal". In this temple, Lord Dharbaranyeswarar saved his devotee Nalan from Sani bhagavan curse. This is an ancient temple constructed in 17th century A.D.This temple is famous tourist centre in Pondicherry Union Territory.

History of Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple

The King Nalan was ruled the Kingdom Nidadha as his capital. He daily Pooja the Lord Shiva and lived happily. Sani Bagavan always try to caught him, but he can't able to caught the King because of blessings of Lord Shiva. One day, While doing his pooja, he didn't stand perfectly. Sani Bagavan noticed it and got a chance to caught him after 12 years. King Nalan was caught by Sani. So the king lost all his kingdom and suffered a lot. King Nala unable to rule and he left his land to his wife Damayanthi. They only called as Nala-Damayanthi.

Nala lost everything and worked as a cookmen in the palace of Ayodhya. By anger of Lord Shiva, Sani Bagavan lost all his power to Lord Dharbaranyeswarar. The Sage Naradhar noticed him and said the game of Sani Bagavan. Nalan understood the play of Sani. So he decided to go holy pilgrimage place.By advising of Sage Sri Madvaja, Nalan went to Dharbaranyeswarar temple in Thirunallar and prayed Sani Bhagawan. Sani Bagavan blessed him and got his power back. Nalan stayed in temple sometime and built the temple, dig the tank for Temple. After Nalan got back his kingdom. The world Thirunallar derived in two words "Nala" means King Nalan and "Aru" means "to heel", it means Nala's place. The Theertham of this temple is called as "Nala Theertham" .

There is another story for this temple. Kalinga Raja was the king ruled. One day, Bhargava Munivar visited his kingdom, at that time the king didn't mind the Munivar properly. So he cursed Kalinga to became an elephant. The Sage Naradhar felt sad that good king became an elephant. Naradha advised king to went to Thirunallar and got back from his curse.

Sani Bhagawan Temple

Sani Bagavan was the powerful God among the Navagrahas. He creates Problems in Life of the People. He is also a giver and destroyer. Sani bagavan is the lord of Makara (Capricorn) and Kumbha. Sani Bagavan is black in colour and the grain associated with him is sesame seeds, the Vanni flower, black cloth, neelam gem, food-rice mixed with sesame. Sani Bagavan was the son of Lord Suryan and Ushadevi and Chayadevi. He is ruled by Lord Yaman. Saturday is his favourite day. Sani Bagavan punish the people for their in past janmas. He is believed to influence the course of one's life. Crow is his Vehicle for Saturn.

Sani Peyarchi festival for two days once in two&half year. When Sani changes his zodiac sign. At that time oil, milk, curd, rose-water, tender coconut water, fruit juice are used for the pooja. When Sani moves to 12th, 1st and 2nd house is called as "7 ½ Naatu Sani", in 4th house called "Arthashtama Sani". During these period, Lord Sani troubles the people. Problems from Government, relatives, friends, wife, childrens, heavy losses in business, loss of property, leprosy are caused transit of Sani Bagavan. The place Thirunallar is also called as Adipuri, Darbharnyam, Nagavinda puram, Naleswaram etc.

The Nala theertham situated in the North-wetern side of the temple. There are 3 theerthams in this temple are Brahma theertham, Saraswathi theertham and Nala Theertham. Maragadha Lingam was very famous worshipped in this temple full of Emerald. Sundara Moorthy Nayanar, Swarna Vinayagar, Ambal, Shiva Lingam, Skandar, Nala Narayanar, Anapureeswarar, Buvaneswarar, Buvaneswari, Natarajan, Mahalakshmi, Durga, Chandikewarar, Kla Bairavar Pitchandavar etc were worshipped in this temple.

Lord Nandhikeswar is opposite to Lord Dharbaranyeswarar. Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunaavukarasar, Sundarar sung the song for this temple. There is a amall mantapam in the center of the tank with statues of the King nala with his wife and children. The 18 day Brammotsavam festival is very famous in tamil month Vaikasi(May-June) on the star Uthirattadhi.

Thousands of Devotees visited Saneeswaran's temple to Lord Sani Bagavan. The devotees offered many oil or ghee lamps for Sani. The devotees offered "Darba" grass to Lord Shiva, which is used for marriage, yagnas and death ceremonies. A bath in this temple tank cured all people's problem felt the great problems has been lifted off him. A devotees pilgrimage the temple for relief and effects, they take the oil bath in Nala theertham and offers prayers to Kalitheertha Vinayagar, break coconuts and worship Lord Saneeswaran.

The devotees also offered Ganapathy Homam to Swarna Ganapathy. Pournami, Amavasa, Pradhosa days, Karthigai deepam, Pongal, Deepavali, Aadi pooram, Vinayagar chadurthi, Navarathiri, tamil and English new year, soorasamharam, Thiruvathirai festival, Sivarathiri are the festival performed special poojas in this temple.

Timings of temple : 6am to 1pm and 4am to 9pm

Adress of the Thirunallar Saneeswaran temple

Sri Dharbaranyeswarar Devasthanam,
Sri Saneeswaran Temple,
Thirunallar – 609607
Karaikal (Pondicherry Union Territory)
Phone no: 04368236530
Fax: 04368230504
E-mail: [email protected]


Guest Author: Vijay Sekar11 Mar 2012

Though I was staying outside India I could get homa performed at Thirunallar temple by ordering puja at - praying to saneeswara at thirunallar can bless us with positive results

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