Thiruvengadu Budhan Temple the famous Navagraha pilgrimage temple in Nagapattinam District

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Introduction of Thiruvengadu Bhudan Temple

Thiruvengadu Bhudan temple is one of the most important holy places in Tamilnadu equal to Kashi. This temple is located in Thiruvengadu near Sirkazhi in Nagapattinam District. The main Idol of this temple was Lord Shiva as "Sri Swadharanyeswarar" and Lord Parvathi as "Brahma Vidya Nayagi ".

The temple is dedicated to Lord Bhudan(Mercury) and the temple called as Bhudan Sthalam. This place is also called as Adhi Chidambaram. The temple was built by Aaditya Chola and Raja Raja Chola more than 3000 years old. The temple is also one of the Navagraha Sthalas and among 51 Sakthi Peethas is located in this temple. This temple is the 4th huge sthalam with 3 big ponds and 5 praharams. This is the famous temple and tourist spot in Nagapattinam district.

History of Thiruvengadu Bhudan Temple

There are many stories happened in this temple. First, the Demon Maruthuvan prayed Lord Brahma for long years. Lord Brahma appeared for him and asked his favour. He asked more power for him and Brahma gifted him. Day by day, Demon tortured Devas. Devas felt sad and went to Shiva's Kayilayam. They prayed Lord Shiva to get freedom from the Evil. Lord Shiva advised them to go Thiruvengadu and false appearance in his temple.

Then Lord Shive sent his vehicle Lord Nandhi to defeated the Demon. By severe fought between Demon and Nandhi, Demon injured the Nandhi with his trident (Soolayudham). By saw the injured Nandhi, Lord Shiva got anger and became a Agoramurthy form of appearance. On seeing the anger of Lord Shiva, Demon surrendered at his feet and beg Lord to forgive him. Demon prayed the God and said that whom prayed Agoramurthy would not have any enemies at all.

Second, Achthagnapar have no childrens. So he went to Thiruvengadu and bathed in 3 ponds. Lord Shiva blessed him. The child born for him and named him as Meikandar. He became the chief of Santhana Kuravars.

Third, Vedarasi was a Brahmin. He placed the bundle of food under a tree. At time, a snake came under a tree and throw out poison on the food. Vedarasi not knowing this, gave the food for Vedic priest. The Priest died of poison and cursed him in Brahmahati dhosam. The Brahmin went to Thiruvengadu and prayed shiva to get solved of his Brahmahati Dhosam.

Fouth, O ne day Thirugnanasambandar reached the borders of Thiruvengadu. At time for his eyes, the whole place looked like shivalingam and many sand lingas. He got confused and started crying by shouting Oh Amma!. Sudden Goddess Periyanayagi appeared and took a child on her hip and took him to temple. So the Goddess called as "Pillai Iduki Amman".

Fifth, Suwedakedu was the devotee of Lord Shiva. His death time is nearing and felt sad. Lord Yama came to picjk up him to Yamalogam. But Suwedakedu hug the Siva lingam tightly at Thiruvengadu temple and didn't left his hand from Lingam. Lord Yama forced him. Sudden Lord Shiva appeared and save Suwedakedu's life. Shiva cursed Yama. Yama went to bath in rivers at thiruvengadu temple and relief from curse.

Bhudan Temple

Bhudan is considered as the wisest of all the planets. He was the son of Lord Chandra and Tara. He is the lord of Mithunam (Gemini) and Kanni (Virgo). He faces the north-east direction in this temple. Lord Bhudan is the lord to bless with good education, knowledge, music, mathematics, medicine, scholarship in languages, sculpture etc. If mercury is not favourably in a horoscope, they have delay in children, suffering from nervous problems, lack of knowledge for the person. They have seriously want to pooja bhudan and relief from illness by prayed him. Lord Bhudan ride the horse vehicle and he was ruled by Lord Vishnu. Wednesday is his favourite day.

Lord Shiva is known to have performed his seven forms of dance are Ananda tandavam, Sandhya tandavam, Samhara tandavam, Tripuranata tandavam, Urdhva tandavam, Bhujanga tandavam, Lalita tandavam in this temple. His dance is called as "Hasti Nadanam". Agoramurthy Idol is huge in 6-7 feet tall under the Vanni tree in this temple. There are 3 Theerthams in this temple are Agni theertham, Surya theertham, Chandra theertham.

Nataraja, Agoramurthy, Brahma vidyambal, Swtha Mahakali, Durga, 64 murthys, Vinayaga, Indira, Vishnu, Surya, Chandra, Agni etc were worshipped in this temple. Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukarasar, Sundarar, ManickaVasagar were sung a song for Lord Shiva in this temple. Devotees can pray Bhudan and relief from the suffering of Bhuda Dhosam. Devotees offered green moong dhal, white flowers, green cloth, emerald gem to Lord Bhudan. Bhudan influence one's relationship with Maternal Uncle. Every Wednesday and month is a festival days in this temple. In maasi month (Feb-march) on the punarvasu star day festival continues for 10 days in this temple.

Route for temple

* 23 kms from Mayiladuthurai
* 8 kms from Poompuhar
* 16 kms from Thirukadaiyur
* 14 kms from Vaitheeswaran temple
* 28 kms from Mayavaram
* 15 kms from Sirkazhi
* 59 kms from Kumbakonam

Temple timings : 6am to 12am and 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Address of the temple :

Sri Swadaranyeswarar Temple,
Sirkazhi Taluk,
Thiruvengadu – 609114
Nagapattinam District
Phone no: 04364-256424


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