Uthamar Koil Temple the famous pilgrimage centre in Trichy District

This article related to view the details and story of Uthamar Koil temple are called as Mumoorthigal temple in Trichy. Get the address and full details of Pitchandavar Koil temple

Introduction of Uthamar Koil Temple in Trichy District

Uthamar Koil one of the famous Tamilnadu temples is located in Karumbanur or Pitchandavar Koil near the toll gate in Trichy District and 3 ½ kms from Srirangam. Uthamar Koil is the house of Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. It is the fact that Lord Brahma has only few temples. So it is difficult to find the temples of "Mummorthigal" . This temple is only a one temple for "Mumoorthigal" in the same place in the world. The temple is the famous sthalam in Thirukandiyoor. The temple placed is also called as Thirukandiyoor or Kadambhavanam or Thirumurthy Shekstram.

Lord Vishnu called as "Purushothaman" in this temple. His name mean "Purushan" as Husband and "Uthaman" as a person who affectionately with his wife and didn't think any other women than his wife. Ramar is the best example for Uthaman. So this sthalam is named as "Uthamar Koil". It is the famous temple shrines in 108 Vaishnavik Padalsthalam. This temple is famous pilgrimage and tourist spot in Trichy District

History of Uthamar Koil Temple

There are some other stories in this temple. First, Lord Brahma was the creator God. He have 5 heads like Lord Shiva. So he feel that he is higher in position than Shiva. One day, Lord Brahma went to Kailayam mountain to visit Lord Shiva. At time, Lord Sakthi saw someone in five heads. She thought that is Lord Shiva. Without seeing Brahma's face, Sakthi started to performing Paadha pooja. Lord Brahma knew very well, that Sakthi thought him as Shiva. So he kept quiet and didn't stop her.

Suddenly, Lord Shiva saw Sakthi performing the pooja for Brahma. Shiva knew very well that Sakthi have no idea that it was Brahma. Lord Shiva got anger on Brahma and cut Brahma's 5th head and also deprived Brahma's power and duty of creation. Brahma cursed Shiva. Then Shiva was distressed with "Brahmahati Dosham" and skull is sticked in his palm. So, Lord Shiva started to visiting various temples for his wrong-doing with Kabalam. Day by day, Shiva felt very angry and beg for food with begging bowl in the hands.

Lord Vishnu felt sad by seeing Lord Shiva with begging bowl. So Vishnu told his wife Lord Lakshmi to help Shiva. Lord Shiva came Pitchandavar Koil to pray Vishnu. Lord Lakshmi saw him and put food for Shiva and satisfied his hungry in this temple. Then Lord Shiva free away from his sin and save from his curse by Lord Lakshmi in this temple. He stayed in this temple and called as "Pitchandavar" and the temple named as "Pitchandavar Koil".

Second, Janasekaran was the King ruled in Trichy. He was always shanting Lord Narayana Naamas and full think about Narayana. One day, he decided to visit forest. At time, on the way it was full of flowers smell and wondered. He asked the sage to pooja Narayana with those flowers in "Kadambha tree" and arranged for "Yaga" pooja. Unfortunately, the dog rearranged and spoiled all the things. He felt sad and prayed Narayana.

Sudden one sage will came and advised King to start pooja again. The pooja successfully done and the king remained the tree and went there. In this tree, Lord Narayana came out and appeared for him. At the same time Lord Shiva and Brahma appeared for king on the same time. The Kin got happy, because Mumoorthigal blessed him. So he started to built the temple for "Mummorthigal" and kept the name "Uthamar Koil".

Third, Once Vishnu want to test Brahma. So Vishnu hide in Kadambha Tree. Brahma searched Vishnu seriously and worried. Once he found that Vishnu in Kadambha tree. So he pour water to tree daily. Lord Vishnu appeared Brahma and blessed him and giving him the special favour as the creator of all lives. So Lord Brahma stayed with him in Vishnu temple to bless Devotees.

Uthamar Koil

In this temple, there is seperate shrines for "3 Murthy's and 3 Devi's". Lord Shiva as "Pitchandavar" and his partner Lord Parvathi as "Soundarya Nayagi or Vadivudai Nayagi". The Lord Vishnu called as "Purushottaman or Purushotamar Koil" ans his partner Lord Lakshmi as "Poornavalli Thayar". And Lord Brahma and his partner Lord Saraswathi as "Gnana Saraswathy" in this temple. Lord brahma was a Creator God, Lord Vishnu was a caring God and Lord Shiva was a destroyer God and they were called as "Mumoorthigal".

The separate Idol for Lord Brahma in this temple was an attracted one. The devotees who were Childless couples can offer prayers in this temple can be a good one for blessings. There are seven "Gurus" in this temple are Brahma Guru as Brahma, Siva Guru as Dakshinamoorthy, Asura Guru as Sukiran, Sakthi Guru as Soundarya Parvathi, Deva Guru, Vishnu Guru and Subramanya Guru as Murugan in this temple. The Seven Gurus were called as "Saptha Kakyendewarars".

The temple does not have huge towers like other temples. Lord Purushotaman is in Sayana Kolam with Adhiseshan and Karudalwar is facing Vishnu's Idol. Nandi is facing Lord Pitchandavar. This is a very important temple to worshipped Guru. Lord Dasaratha performed pooja in this temple for a child. Then Ramar born to him. Lord Ranganathan from Srirangam brought to this temple once a year.

Dakshinamurthy, Venugopalan, Varadarajar, Alwars, Chakrathalwar, Ramanujar, Kulasekarar, Nammalvar, Natarajar, Dasaratha Lingam, Sri Ramar, Navagrahas members, Hanuman, etc were worshipped in this temple. The temple has also a tank called "Kadambha Theertham". Kadambham means Mixture of things.

Both Vaishnavas and Saivas should be devoted in this temple. The Kshetram of this temple is "Kadambha kshetram'. The Vimanam of this temple as "Utthiyoga Vimanam". In this temple alwars sung a song and also explained "Gnana Thatuvam" and "Aanma gnanam". The tamil month Aavani, Chitirai and Karthigai many festival celebrating in this temple. Thursday for Guru Bhagavan special pooja offered by the devotees.

Temple timings : 6am to 12.30pm and 4pm to 8.30pm

Address of Uthamar Koil Temple

Uthamar Koil,
Machanallur Taluk,
Pitchandavar Koil,
Trichy – 621216
Phone numbers: 0431-2591351, 9942462145, 9865424167


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