Vaitheeswaran Koil the Famous pilgrimage centre in Nagapattinam District

This article related to Navagraha temple for Lord Angakaran(Mars) and the tourist spot of Nagapatinam District. Vaitheewaran temple is the famous pilgrimage centre in tamilnadu and get the details about the temple

Introduction of Vaitheewaran Temple in Nagapattinam District

Vaitheewaran Koil is the holy places near Mayiladuthurai in Nagapattinam District. The temple is dedicated to Lord Angakaran (Mars) . The Main Idol of this temple was Lord Shiva as "Vaidyanatha Swamy" and Lord Parvathi as "Thaiyal Nayagi Ambal".The Place Vaitheewaran Koil is also called as "Pullirukkuvelur" Temple. Pullirukuvelur is termed in the word Pull = Jatayu, Irukku = Rig Veda, Vel = Skandar, Ur = Surya. They were worshipped in this temple and called as "Pullirukuvelur".

The term "Vaitheewaran" means "Lord Doctor" in tamil. Vaitheewaran Koil is the nerve centre for Naadi Josiyam, a popular form of astrology. In this temple Thaiyal Nayagi Amman stands with the medicinal oil (Sanjeevi Thailam) to cure the devotees diseases.

There are 18 theerthams in this temple. The Main Theertham of this temple is "Siddhamruta" Theertham (Siddhi – Success, Amruta – Long life). This is a big holy tank in this temple have medicinal property.

This temple is a large and important temple for Lord Shiva. The Sun rays fall on "Siva Linga" for a few days every year. The temple is situated on northern side of Cauvery river. Normally, every planets are facing differently in almost all temples. But in this temple, all planets are standing on the same row.

The Lord Vaidyanatha and Thaiyal Nayagi are the family God (Kula Dheivam) for Kshatriya Community (Vanniyakula Kshatriyas) of South India. This temple is Navagraha Sthalas of Lord Angarakan. This temple is famous tourist spot in Nagapattinam District.

History of Vaitheewaran Temple

Angarakan (Mars in English, Chevvai in Tamil, Mangal in Hindi) was one of the Navagraha in 9 planets. One day, he suffered a lotfrom Skin diseases (Leprosy). He prayed Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy in Vaitheeswaran Koil. Lord Shiva blessed him and cured his diseases. So he stayed in this temple and caleed as "Vaitheewaran" and cure all the diseases by whom praying him.

Thirunavukkarasar was suffering from severe stomach pain. At time, his sister told him to pray Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy. He prayed and cured by Lord Shiva. From that day, he became the great devotee of Lord Shiva and sung many songs for Lord Shiva.

Lord Vaitheeswaran Temple

Angarakan (Mars) is the Son of Sage Bharadwaja and brought him up by Mother Earth. Lord Shiva created "Veerabhadra" in his third eye (Netrikann). One day Veerabhadra disturb the yagam of Dakshan. Dakshan was the Father-in-law for Lord Shiva. The Devas got fear and destructed by Veerabhadra. In this fact, Veerabhadra became conscious and fell down. He reached the status of celestial planet. So he called as "Chevvai" and became the planet.

Lord Angarakan was the God of War. He is the planetary ruler of the Human body. Chevvai is ruled by Lord Subramanya. Because Lord Shiva favoured Lord Subramanya's Prayer to treat the injured people. Lord Subramanya facing east direction and opposite to Angarakan facing South direction.

Chevvai is red in colour and Tuesday is his favourite day. His vehicle is Goat. He is the Lord of Aries (Mesha) and Scorpio (Virushiga) , but he boost the sign Capricorn (Mahara). People offered red cloth, red arali flower and thoor dhal (Kadalai parupu) to pray Lord Angarakan.

Lord Angarakan took bath in holy water "Siddhamruta Theertham", it is called as "Goksheera". Because Kamadhenu's Milk flowed into yhe holy tank and performed abhisegam in her milk to Lord Shiva (Go- Cow, Ksheera – Milk). Her Milk is so sweet like cane called Ikshusara (Ikshu - cane, Sara – juice). Jatayu took bath in this tank, so it called as Jatayu Theertham (Jatayu – divine bird).

The temple was inspired by Vikrama Chola (12th century), the Nayaks (16th century) and the Maratas (18th century) decorated grandly. Lord Selva Muthukumaraswamy, Vinayagar, Dhanvantiri, Jvarahareswara (Lord of Fevers), Navagrahas, Gaja Lakshmi, Natarajar, Durgai, Dakshinamurthy, Sattanathar, Surya, Jatayu Kundam, Angarakan were worshipped in this temple.

Appar, Sundarar, Thirugnanasambandar sung the song for Lord Shiva in this temple. Vadalur Ramalinga Swamigal, Padikasu Thambiran, Kavi Kaalamegam composed the poems for Lord Shiva in this temple. Vaitheewaran Koil is the place also known as Panarapuri, Pathiripuri, Lalayapuri, Vedapuri, Angarakapuram and Ambikapuram.

"Chevvai Dhosam" is the unfavourable position of Angarakan in Horoscope. It created Unneccessary arguments, Physical injury, imprisonment, jealous on native and loss of money. The People whom have "Chevvai Dhosam" performing Parihara poojas for Lord Angarakan. By praying him, he removes the sorrows of the devotees and helps everyone to get recognition in the society.

Devotees can buy Jaggery with Salt and Pepper and dissolve in holy water in this temple. Many womens prayed for their Marriage. Neem tree is the sthala vruksham in this temple. Devotees can bath in Siddhamruta theertham and cure their diseases and skin diseases. People can cure so many diseases like skin infection, rashes, unwanted skin diseases etc in this temple..

Marundhu Urundai sold in this temple for devotees to cure all kinds of diseases. It is prepared from Homa kundam. Chandan (Sandalwood powder) with saffron is another medicine as a Prasadham. Devotees offer to donate the silver plated body organs in the Hundi.

Annual Brahmotsavam is celebrated in tamiol month (Thai and Panguni). Kartigai month and Sashti is the great festival for Lord Skandar in this temple. The temple is situated in 250 kms from Chennai, 7 kms from Sirkali, 24 kms from Chidambaram, 15 kms from Mayiladuthurai, 49 kms from Kumbakonam, 110 kms from Thanjavur.

Temple Timings

: 6 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm

Address of the temple

Vaitheewaran Temple,
Vaitheewaran Koil (post),
Sirkali Taluk,
Nagapattinam District,
Pin Code – 609117,
Phone Number : 04364-279423


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