Kanjanoor Sukiran Temple the famous Navagraha pilgrimage centre in Thanjavur District

This article related to Navagraha sthalam in Tamilnadu, Sukiran temple in Kanjanoor, View the story and address of Kanjanoor Sukiran temple. Agneeswarar temple is the famous temple in Thanjavur district

Introduction of Kanjanoor Sukiran Temple

Kanjanoor Sukiran Temple is the famous Pilgrimage Navagraha Sthalas in Thanjavur District. The temple is 20 kms from Mayiladuthurai. The temple is dedicated to Lord Sukiran (Venus) . The main Idol of this temple are Lord Shiva as "Agneeswarar" and Lord Parvati as "Karpagambal" . Agni is said to have worshipped Shive here. So he called as "Agneeswarar". Agneeswarar means "Fire of God".

There is no idol for the Lord Sukiran in this temple. Lord Shiva himself who takes the position of Sukiran here. The temple is located on northern banka of Cauvery river. The temple was built in King Chola and Vijayanagara Periods.

The holy theertham of this temple are "Agni theertham" and "Parasara theertham". The temple placed also known as Palaasavanam, Brahmmapuri, Agnisthalam and Neelakudi. This temple is the famous tourist spot in Thanjavur District.

History of Kanjanoor Sukiran Temple

There are many stories happened in this temple. First, Once Lord Vishnu asked Bali, that he want 3 steps of land in his Vamana Avataram. By hearing this, Sukracharya tried to advised Bali that do not do his favour for Lord Vishnu. But Sukran didn't advised him. Suddenly, Sukran got idea and he disguised as Bee (fly) and blocked the mouth of Kamandalam (Jar) which was handled by Bali. Then Bali would pour water to do Vishnu's favour. But water didn't flow. He prayed Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu understood this, and keep Dharba (herb) to clear the blockage. So Sukracharya's one eye became blind. Then Bali poured water and Lord Vishnu took the "Viswaroopam" in 2 steps covered the universe. In the final 3rd step, sudden Sukracharya got anger and cursed Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu performed the severe pooja to Shiva in Kanjanoor and relieved his Curse.

Second story belongs to how Vishnu bring himself for Sukracharya's anger? Sukracharya was the son of Brigu Maharishi. Once there was a war between Devas and Asuras. In the war, unfortunately Vishnu's Chakram was cut off the head of Brigu Maharishi's wife. Sukra got anger and cursed Vishnu.

For his curse, Vishnu born for Vasudeva, a Vaishnava Brahmin. He named the Vishnu as "Sudarsanar". Sudarsanar became the great devotee of Lord Shiva and popularly called as "Haradatta Shivacharyar". By blessing of Shiva, the curse relieved and Haradatta used to spend much of his time in Shiva temple and meditating Dakshinamurthy.

A poor Brahmin was worked in the field and unfortunately cut off the calf, while threw a bundle of grass. He troubled by Pasu Dhsam. Haradatta advised him to offered a cluster of grass to the Nandi stone. Nandi blessed him and his curse relieved in Kanjanoor Agneeswaran temple.

Third, Once Sukracharya learned the strong Manthra as "Amrita Sanjeevini Mantra" by Lord Shiva. This mantra is so powerful and can bring the dead back of life. Once there was a strong war between Devas and Asuras. Asuras was died in this war. Sukracharya chanting Mantra and get back the asuras.

Devas asked help from Shiva. He got anger and swallowed Sukracharya. Sukra meditated on Shiva inside his stomach. Lord Karpagambal requested Shiva to send out Sukracharya. From that, Sukracharya became a great devotee of Ambal. Shiva conferred "Sukiran" as a celestial planet. He stayed in his temple at Kanjanoor.

Sukiran Temple, Kanjanoor

Sukracharya was the son of Brigu Maharishi. His wives are Subakeerthi, Sundari and Sringini. He is the lord of Taurus (Rishaba) and Libra (Thula). The Adhi Devathai is Indran. Sukra faces in East direction. Sukra ride the Crocodile as Vehicle. His favorites flower are white lotus, fabric – white cloth, gem – diamond, food – rice mixed with mochai powder. His favorite day is Friday. He is rules by Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Sukra is the God of giving long life, wealth, happiness, childrens, property and good education. The Devotees pray him for good wife, wealth, pleasure, prosperity and vehicle. He is the second beneficial planet next to Guru (Mercury).

In a birth chart, Sukran is well placed means, that person will enjoy pleasure, beautiful wife, love, affection, marriage, siblings, governmental help etc. If Sukra is unfavored in horoscope, they effect from "Sukira Dhosa" . Sukira is the teacher of demons and author of Sukraniti.

Lord Brahma blessed Parvati's marriage in this temple. Lord Mahavishnu, Brahma, Chandran, Natarajan, Vinayagar, Subramanyam, Mahalakshmi, Sundarar, Budhan, Rahu, Ketu, Nayanars, Haridatta Sivacharyar, Sivakami, were worshipped in this temple.

Oil abhisegam is performed for Shiva Linga in this temple. A five Rajagopurams is seen in the entrance. There is "Mukti Mandapam" in this temple , which was the danced place of Nataraja.

Every Tamil month Thai, a great festival celebrated to Haradatta Sivacharyar. Mahashivarathiri, Aadi Pooram, Navarathiri, Arudra dharisanam is the famous festival celebrated in this temple. The temple is located on 2 kms from Sooriyanar Koil, 5 kms from Aaduthurai and 18 kms from Kumbakonam.

Temple timings : 6 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm

Kanjanoor Sukiran Temple Address

Arulmigu Agneewarar Temple,
Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk,
Narasinganpet – 609804
Thanjavur District,
Phone No: 0435-247015 / 2473737


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