Details about Tamil New Year 2012 & history and celebrations

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Tamil New Year 2012 Festival in Tamilnadu

Tamil New Year festival is the greatest celebrating festival in Tamilnadu. The Birth of this Tamil New Year 2011 is called as "Kara Year". The first month of tamil new year is called as "Varusa Pirapu" in Tamil. The month of "Chittirai"(April-May), the Tamil peoples greet each other as "Puthandu Vazhthukal". Srilanka, Tamilnadu, Malaysia and Singapore Peoples celebrated Tamil New year on April 14th every year and followed as a Public Holiday.

The Governor of Tamilnadu had declared that the Tamil New Year should be celebrated on first day of "Thai" month (i.e) January 14th. But many of the Tamilans celebrated in tamil beginning month "Chittirai" as a "Tamil new year" and "Chittirai Thirunaal".

History of Tamil New Year

Once the Rishi Narathar developed a sexual desire and joined with one deity and got 60 Sons. The Childrens names are starting from Pirabawa and last child Atchaya. These sixty years were named in the history. The sixty years are over with the year called Atchaya and the birth of the year called Pirabawa. These changes of 60 years are true in the history of birth in Tamil new year. In this tamil new year Lord Brahma started the creation of the world. In this Chittirai month only, Goddess Meenakshi got married to Lord Sundareswar.

The Earth travels in an elliptical pathway round the Sun through 360 degrees and time taken to complete one full round by the Sun is called "Year(Aandu)". The Earth passes through 12 houses in an entire year and which enter each houses at a particular point of time. Sun travel through twelve houses are Mesham (Ram), Rishabam (Bull), Mithunam (Twins), Kadagam (Crab), Simmam (Lion), Kanni (Virgin), Thulam (Scales), Viruchikam (Scorpion), Thanusu (Archer), Maharam (Goat), Kumbham (Water Pot) and Meenam (Fishes).These zodiac signs are changing in every Tamil new year.

Celebration of Tamil New Year 2012

In Tamil New Year, the Tamil peoples cleaned and painted Home and decorated neatly. They replaced the damaged and old products in their home. Food items is the main focus on this Tamil New Year. The Special Poojas offered in all temples. The Tamilans prepared different sweets, sour, bitter kinds of dishes and also prepared "Maanga Pacchadi", a dish made of raw mangoes, jaggery and neem flowers.

The Colour Rangoli was decorated by Womens, because they hope this Tamil new year brings various colours in life. Tamilans wear new dresses and an Elders gift money to the unmarried youngsters as a token of good luck. Car Festival also celebrated in various places. Tamilans hope to face either bad or good moments everything from success to defeat. The Family visits the relations and enjoyed the Tamil New Year celebrations.

Tamil peoples start to buy the some special items like gold, silver jewellery in this good day. They sharing betel leaves, nuts, fruits, vegetables, flowers, raw rice, coconuts etc in temples and their homes. Farmers ploughing to dig the ground to prepare new agricultural cycle and they hope this year make their life with full of happy. In this April month, one can see the Neem trees booming and Mangoes started hanging on the branches and the mango season developed in Tamilnadu and export to other countries. Many Businessmans start preparing New Account books to mark the beginning of the Tamil New Year and to be well developed in all needs.


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