Akshaya Tritiya meaning and the ancient story of Tamilnadu

Akshaya tritiyai is a popular day amongst us, this is about the importance and beliefs of our Tamilnadu people and how the belief is being commercialized by the Jewellery shop owners? It helps to increase and decrease the Gold rates and the people money invested with the jewellery owners to book in advance for getting the gold during akshaya tritya

Akshaya Tritiya meaning and the ancient story

Akshaya Tritiya – Akshayam is a vessel which was offered by Lord Krishna to Panja Pandavas, when they are forced to live in forest for years. the specialty of the akshya pathiram is what ever kept in that it will not reduce,but it should not be emptied. The concept is it will keep increasing and it will never reduce. Tritya is a Nakshathra which is usually found in the tamil month chithirai. According to the ancient belief during the akshaya tritya what ever we do it will grow and develop. Like starting a new business, starting a new charity, a new study. This auspicious day will come when the full moon day approaches. Its not been commercialized during the ancient days. Our ancient People are not pressurized by money and other temporary pleasures. So they are very much god fearing and they use to go to temple and worship god to retain what they have and to sustain their life with peace and prosperity.

How is Akshaya tritiya celebrated in Tamilnadu today

Corporate culture akshaya tritiya, we are all humanoids with skin, flesh and bones. Programmed with money, vehicle, land, savings, jewellery, week end outings, EMI commitments, societal status, mobile phones, laptops, iPods and ipads. With this gadget culture we are still under the superstitious pressure. Superstitious has been commercialized very well today.

Selling Techniques by non IIM entrepreneurs / non graduate entrepreneurs
There are a whole lot of green colour sari's manufactured and stagnated. One person started a rumor that in kaliyuga brothers must offer a new green colour sari to their sisters. In two months period there was a huge demand for Green color saris. All the green colour saris are exhausted and the rumor is also exhausted.

Tamizh Adi month is not been considered as a good month for marriage and other good things to start with, the shop keepers are not getting business during this period, one set of people took this as an advantage and reversed the scenario, they have started offering Adi Kazhivu, that is adi discount sale. All the shops are filled with customers and business is not affected. But people are happily buying the old and useless materials during this sale.

Same way Gold is Gold when every we buy, but to create a hype and to bag enough profit, this game is continuing. For every game there will be a upgrade and it should increase the revenue earning parameters. We will very much agree that our people believe astrologers more than themselves, if astrologer says it will be true and should follow strictly without any deviation. Our tamilnadu born Non – IIM entrepreneurs understood the consumer's pulse and hired an astrologer to convey the message that during akshaya tritiya we have to buy white color products and should worship god with white color materials. So the next costliest material after Gold is Platinum which is also white in color. Its been recommended by the astrologers to buy platinum also. Expectations are increasing and people are running behind fulfilling the stated and unstated needs.

What is Gold: Gold is a metal which is been used for making ornaments and jewels. When all the dusty particles from the core metal of Gold is removed then it gets shinning and it is glittering. We as people should eradicate all the evil thoughts like Ego, jealousy, pride, hatredness towards others, grudge, vengeance etc.. from our mind and should glitter like gold, if everyone starts thinking to lead a life with a clean mind and heart, it will give you an un measurable pleasure than the yellow and white metal gives.


Guest Author: Kiran Kumar07 May 2011

Good analysis Mr.Paddy and a lot of facts in fact which was not known by many, lets see if next year the trend is reversed, hope people go through your article before buying and so if you get any insider news like this before hand please let us also know in advance so that we will also avoid buying green sarees, gold and platinum!

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