What is the effect of consuming large quantity of aerated Soft Drinks & its effect on Tamilnadu

This article about the soft drinks and how it’s been manufactured and what are the expected side effects after consuming these soft drinks. How soft drinks are manufactured? What are all the alternatives we can think to avoid soft drinks to quench our thirst during this summer?

Kathiri Veyil – Hot summer is in his peak and it is performing his best job this year. People don't want to go out during the mid afternoons for shopping or other outings. People are feeling thirstier because of the dry humidity and attracted towards Cool drinks, soft drinks, ice creams etc…

What is a Soft drink?

The soft drink is a mixture of water, flavored chemical concentrate and co2 that is carbon dioxide. We all are very much aware that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which is contaminated and unwanted breath for the heart function. The function of the trees is to inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. So it is a known fact that carbon dioxide is not good for health. But we are self destructing our health with the help of soft drinks. When we come from hot sun, we tend to rush to the fridge to grab the big poisonous soft drink bottle to have a gulp to quench our thirst. It's a blunder mistake and we are opening our gate to invite the new guest name called Cold.

During 1980's there is no such demand for this aerated Soft drinks, even during that period summer was there and people survived without these products. But today why there is a demand with huge quantity for these drinks? Everyone knows the history how the foreign companies started entering in to India with the help of two great brands of Soft drinks. As soon as they entered they wiped out all the other local players they have bought the bottles from and crushed it and introduced with a new 250ml bottle. When companies want to capture a market, they have to give a quality product but that is not happening now.

Plastic itself is bad for health and government is planning to ban plastic. But the so called soft drinks is manufactured and kept ready to serve to the whole Indian populations and it's been stocked in all the petty shops to five star hotels. Many of the shops are kept the grade in exposure to the sunlight, which will give a negative chemical reaction and it will turn the products originality and taste. When it is refrigerated and sold we just feel the coolness in it not the reactions.

Effect of foreign companies on Tamilnadu

During this foreign companies entered Tamilnadu particularly Chennai. There is a huge water scarcity for the people of Chennai. How come these companies managed to start their operations in Chennai? a foreign brand is selling a water bottle of one litre for Rs.14/- why not the government give us the water at an economical way? How come a foreigner can cater the needs of the dense population of Tamilnadu with his list of Thirst quenchers? Why not the Government?

To increase the sale of the foreign brand soft drink they gave a refill offer, they have tied up with a leading pizza restaurant and started supplying the drink for free of cost, the contract is for few years, the idea behind this scheme is the pizza restaurant will charge a nominal amount for the drink and they will keep refilling the empty jug to replace water. This will result in addiction towards the drink and in a course of time people will not have a pizza without the drink. So, to make the consumers addicted for the product and increase the price. The concept worked well and we are seeing in front of us.

The Alternatives for Soft drinks

We can actually have Luke warm water, Buttermilk with salt, lemon with salt and tender coconut which is the best alternative to quench the thirst, when we drink a soft drink which is a sugar mixed concentrated it will tend again dry the throat and make us to drink more and more. The effects of Carbondioxide is the major contributor for gastritis and other stomach related diseases like IBS irritable bowel syndrome. Our next generations will start drinking these products in their feeding bottle stage.

Dear members think, before you drink. And also to introduce to your kids.


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