Kavadi festival of Tamilnadu

This article "Kavadi festival of Tamilnadu" gives you a brief description about the festival devoted to Lord Muruga. In this article you get to know about the Kavadi, the process of the festival, and the significance of the kavadi festival of Tamilnadu. Read the article to know more about this.

Kavadi Festival in Tamilnadu

The Kavadi festival is one of the important festivals celebrated in Tamilnadu. This festival is dedicated to Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva. 'Kavadi' is a flower decorated wooden stick which is carried in the shoulders which contains two baskets containing rice and milk. Kavadi is taken by the devotee who is satisfied with his vow by Lord Muruga. There is a rule that the person taking Kavadi should observe silence and must not talk much. The devotee's mind, body and soul should be filled only with the Lord and must not think about anything.

This festival is of ancient origin and the people takilng Kavadi sing and dance inorder to lessen the boredom of their long journey of visiting the god. The song which is sung at the time of carrying kavadi is called as Kavadi Sindhu.

The Kavadi is made of wooden stick made from teak wood and on the top bamboo strips are bent on either sides giving a half-moon appearance and it is covered with saffron cloth and peacock feathers. Pambai and Naiyandi Melam accompanies the Kavadi Attam.


Some of the kavadi bearers do not wear slippers and walk all the way from their homes to the shrine of Lord Muruga barefooted. They wear the sacred `Rudraksha Malas' to cover their chest. They are supposed to maintain strict Viratham with vegetarian foods containing no oil or spices. The most terrific scene of the kavadi festival is the passin of a sharp little spear on the tongue of the devotee that protrudes out of their mouth or passing a spear through the cheeks of devotee.

The Most Important Custom of Kavadi festival

The Kavadi is one of most potent propitiatory rite which is undertaken by the devotee who has been blessed by Lord Muruga. The offering that the devotee has gained would be so precious for him and so with his heart filled with happiness he has been here to take the Kavadi. Due to immense pleasure he takes the kavadi and the weight of the kavadi is beared with joy.

Agni Kavadi
Agni Kavadi is the most difficult Kavadi, the devotee carries the kavadi on his shoulders and walk through a pit of coals burning with fire. The devotees walks over the fire very easily just singing devotional song to Lord Muruga.

Importance of Kavadi festival
The Kavadi festival is celebrated in all Murugan temples. Ettukudi Kavadi Festival is famous among all othe kavadi festivals which is celebrated in the months of April and May. Devotees from all over the place come here with Kavadis and other necessary items such as the milk pots, coconuts, cocks and goats. This is considered as the important festival in which one can see our true Tamil culture. This is one among the major crowded festival of Tamilnadu.

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