Traditional Arts and Crafts of Tamilnadu

This resource "Traditional Arts and Crafts of Tamilnadu" gives you information about the Traditional handicrafts which are still of use in the state of Tamilnadu. In this resource you get to know the differents crafts such as jewelery making, stone carving, woodcrafting, Tanjore painting and much more. Read the article to know more about this interesting topic.

Arts and Crafts of Tamil Nadu

Tamilnadu is a land famous for its arts and crafts which attracts the foreigners. The arts and crafts of Tamilnadu has developed from the ancient times and is still practiced in many places of Tamilnadu. The beautiful carvings in our temple stands as an example explaining the skill of our craftsmen. This article gives you details about the skills of our craftsmen in areas of paintings, jewelery making, woodcrafting, pottery and many more. These have increased the economy of our government.

Famous Paintings of Tanjore

Tamilnadu is famous for its Paintings in Tanjore Big temple which stands as an example portraying the artistic skill of the craftspersons of Tamilnadu. Different materials such as wood, glass, mica and ivory are used for painting. These are also painted on the walls. These Tanjore paintings was introduced in the 18th century and they are one of the important handicrafts of Tamilnadu.

The paintings are mostly religious ones which is also called as temple painting. Many hindu Gods and Goddesses are portrayed in Tanjore painting. The reason is due to the development of this painting in the time of the construction of the ancient temples. The paintings of the Gods are very divine and one of the famous painting is the Child Krishna's painting. Many deities in Tamilnadu's popular temples are depicted by Tanjore paintings.


The Craft of Making Musical Instruments in Tamilnadu

Music and dance are the very important arts of the ancient people of Tamil Nadu. The musical instruments which are important for the purpose of this are made in areas situated around Thanjavur. The Tamil classic, the Silappadikaaram explains about an ancient musical instrument called as the wooden Yaazh. This Yaazh is similar to the harp and the shape is like a boat, fish or crocodile. This was the first musical instrument used by tamil people which was replaced by Veena which is made of Jackwood. There ar still many traditional families involved in the manufacture of this Veena generation after generation. Other musical instruments which are made in Tamilnadu are the Thamburas; the flute or kuzhal, which is a type of wind instrument used by Lord Krishna and is made of bamboo, sandalwood and bronze.

The Art of Creating Jewelery in Tamilnadu

kasasuTamil Nadu is also famous for its traditional jewellery which are usually stones embedded in jewels. The traditional jewelries of Tamilnadu are as follows:
• oddiyaanam (gold waist belt)
• Vanki (armlet)
• jimiki (eardrop)
• maattal
• adigai
• maangaamaalai
• thaali or mangalasuthra,
• kaasumaalai
• puduchcheri golusu
• Gajja golusu.

The eardrop jimiki is mostly used among the above traditional jewels, it is a beautiful bell-shaped earings which adds beauty to our tamil women. Kaasumaalai is also used still in many traditional families.

Metalware in Tamil Nadu

deepamThe metalware in Tamilnadu are the most popular ones which are used worldwide. These are usually made of copper and brass and are used for doing poojas. Some of the traditional metalwares of Tamilnadu are as follows:
1. Deepams
2. standing lamps
3. aarathi (votive lamps)
4. deepalakshmis
5. hand lamps
6. chain lamps
7. Patterned trays
8. shallow dishes in circular, hexagonal, octagonal and oval shapes
9. The popular Thanjavur plates with designs of deities, birds, flowers, symbols, geometric patterns, etc.
10. kudam or the pot used for taking water
11. panchpaathra
12. Metal toys include horses, cows or elephants made of brass.
13. Many attractive utensils

All of the above metalwares are widely used in Tamilnadu.

Pottery in Tamil Nadu

Pottery is a beautiful art which is still practiced in Tamilnadu from ancient times. Ayyannar horses are the most remarkable ones of Tamilnadu. There is a belief that these Ayyanar horses protect from evil. These are usually made in the villages of Salem and Pudukottai. Many cooking utensils made of clay are still in use in Tamilnadu.

Woodcraft in Tamil Nadu

horse Tamil Nadu is also famous for its artistic basketry and fiber products which is exported from Tamilnadu to other parts of India and abroad. The materials used for this woodcrafts are palm, bamboo, cane, grasses, reeds and fibres and they are mainly used for making baskets, ropes, mats, bags, etc. There is a good demang for this handicrafts all over the world. Dharampuri, Salem, Coimbatore, South Arcot and Tiruchirapalli districts are the main manufacturing centers of these woodcrafts of Tamilnadu.

Stone Carving in Tamil Nadu

Tamilnadu's art of Stone carving has got an excellent place in the world. Many temples stands as a remarkable example depicting the skills of our sculptors. Granite carving has now become famous in areas around Mamallapuram, Pondicherry, Cuddalore and Chingleput. Vishwakarma or Kammaalar community people in Tamilnadu are well-known for their skills in stone carving.


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