Top 10 Tamil Comedy Movies

This resource provides you the details about the comedy movies in Tamil Film Industry in Top 10 Order. These films listed are welcomed with pleasure by the people of all category of ages. The comedy is a piece of relaxation and a boost for a people in worry and sad situation and makes them to forget their worry for a small interval.

Tamil Comedy Movies

Tamil Film industry is ever known for its comedy and humourous scenes even from the past. The comedy movies captured more audience than that of the action films. Here I have listed some of the best Comedy movies in the Top 10 Order.


Tamil movie Pattanathil Bhootham

•Director :M.V. Raman
•Producer :Sharada Productions
•Written by :Javar Sitaraman
•Starring :Jaishankar;K.R. Vijaya;Nagesh;Javar Sitaraman;V.K. Ramaswamy
•Music :Govardhanam
•Year of release :1967

Description for Pattanathil Bhootham Movie
Pattanathil Bootham
This film has a great storyline and the main character in the story is the 'Genie' starred in the name 'Gee-Boom-Ba'. This film attracted many people of all ages and it was a blockbuster hit. It had many technological scenes in the name of magic in that time. The main concept of the film is that the Genie in the film was made to be in prison by its owner in a Urn and the heroes of this film release it from that and shows many wonders in their life and helps them. This is a full time comedy movie and stays in top always. Kids like this film very much.


Tamil movie Avvai Shanmugi

•Director :K. S. Ravikumar
•Producer :R. K. Hari
•Written by :Crazy Mohan
•Starring :Kamal Haasan;Meena Durairaj;Nagesh;Gemini Ganesan;Manivannan;Nassar;S.P.Balasubrahmanyam;Heera Rajgopal;Ramesh Khanna;Ramesh Aravind;Delhi Ganesh
•Music :Deva
•Year of Release :1996

Description for Avvai shanmugi movie
Aavai Shanmugi
This is a film with very big comedy scenes. In this film Kamal Hassan have starred in 2 roles. One as a Men and other as a Women Lady(Avvai Shanmugi). In this film Kamal and Meena are Husband and wife. Due to some issues Meena will get seperated from Kamal. There is a child for them and Meena takes it too with her. Kamal is very fond of both her wife and daughter but it is not understood by Meena. So to get in to the house of Meena he will dress like that of a old women and join as a servant in the house and finally he joins with the family and in between these scenes there are many laughter moments.


Tamil movie Nala Dhamayandhi

•Director : Mouli
•Producer : Chandra Hassan;Kamal Haasan
•Written by : Mouli;Kamal Haasan
•Starring : Madhavan;Geetu Mohandas;Shruthika;Sriman;Anu Hasan;Bruno Xavier
•Music : Ramesh Vinayakam
•Year of release : 2003

Description for Nala Dhamayandhi movie
Nala Dhamayandhi
In this film Madhavan will be casting in the name Ramji. He is a village cook living near Kerala-Tamil Nadu Border(Palakkad) and the slang of Madhavan will be very funny. He is made to work in Australia to earn more to pay dowry for the marriage of his sister. He will lose all his belongings in Australia and will finally join to work in a restaurant owned by Indian without the work permit and the police will be watching him with a chance to arrest him. Then Ramji will be told to marry an Australian citizen so that he will get the passport and visa to return to India and after a great struggle he becomes 'Robert' and manage to come to India at last. This film turned to be a Box office hit for its Comedy.


Tamil movie Harichandra

•Director : Seiyaru Ravi
•Producer : Thiyagarajan G
•Lyricst : Arivumathy;Piraisoodan;Ravishankai
•Starring : Karthik;Meena;Vivek;Chinni Jayanth;Vaiyapuri
•Music : Gopal Shaleen
•Year of release : 1997

Description Of Harichandra Movie
According to the literature, In the past there lived a king named Harichandra who have not told a single lie in his life even in his critical situation. But this story is a reverse story with a man named Harichandra(Karthik Muthuraman) will lie without a reason but wont get caught in any situation and pretend to be a good person. He suddenly fell in love with Nandhini(Meena) but Meena will identify all his mischievous things and they will again reunite after a little collision. The story goes likes this and a good film to watch and enjoy really. This film turned out to be a massive hit for both Karthik Muthuraman and Meena.


Tamil movie Pammal K Samandham

•Director : Mouli
•Producer : Media Dreams
•Starring : Kamal Hassan;Abbas;Simran;Sneha
•Music : Deva
•Year of release : 2001

Description of Pammal K Sambandham Movie
Pammal K Sambandham
The name of Kamal Hassan in this film is Pammal 'Kalyana' Sambhandam. 'Kalyanam' meaning marriage in Tamil. But Kamal wont spell the name like that instead he says Pammal 'Kay' Samabandham. He dislikes marriage that much and he has a innocent
character in this film. He is a actor in a short film and once he was acting he will get knocked by a Bull and while operating, the Doctor Simran will unknowingly stitch a watch inside his stomach. For removing the watch from his stomach, Simran will follow him and Kamal thinks that she is following him for a reason called love. The story goes likes this. This a film with lots of comedies and there will be sentimental scenes too.


Tamil movie Tata Birla

•Director : C.Ranganathan
•Producer : M S V Murali
•Starring : Parthiban;Rakshana;Koundamani;Manivannan;Sachu;Venniradai Moorthy
•Music : Vidhya Sagar
•Year of release : 1996

Description of Tata Birla Tamil Movie
Tata Birla
This film is about the two poor people(Parthiban,Koundamani) who wants to become the richest people as like Tata Birla. They will be ready to any mischievous thing to attain that position. As a result of this they will get caught in the hands of police but they will be taken out by Manivannan and he will urge to make them do a task for him. This film has many notable scenes that always catches audience applause.


Tamil movie Periya Idathu Maapillai

•Director : Gurudanapal
•Producer : K. Murugan
•Starring : Jayaraman;Devayaani;Mantra;Manivannan;Koundamani
•Year of release : 1997

Description of Periya Idathu Maapillai movie
Periya Idathu Maapillai
This film is very great in the essence of comedy. This film shows the life of a poor literate servant in the hands of twin illiterate people. The daughters of the twins will love the servant(Jeyaraman) truly. So the servant will be in a great dilemma about the thing. In the middle Koundamani will be cracking too much comedies.
Vivek will cancel all the marriage alliances coming to Devayaani and his every attempt to propose her will fall in failure. The story moves in a suspense and every piece of the film is a meaningful one and of Great humour.


Tamil movie Vetri Kodi Kattu

•Director : Cheran
•Starring : Murali;Parthiban;Meena;Vadivelu;Manorama;Malavika;Charle;Anand Raj
•Music : Deva
•Year of release : 2000

Description of Vetri Kodi Kattu Movie
Vetri Kodi Kattu
This is a film about the life of two persons(Murali and Parthiban) who were from a very poor background and were longing to move to abroad to earn more and run their family in a good manner but they will be cheated by an agent(Anand Raj). They were from different villages and they will become friends and both planned to move to alternate of their homes and conveying that the other one is in Dubai. The film goes like this and Vadivelu(Dubai return) plays a high level comedy with Parthiban.
Finally the agent will be get caught and the truth reveals at last and there will be a happy ending.


Tamil movie Cheena Thaana 001

•Director : Gajendra
•Written by : Uday Krishna;Siby k.Thomas
•Starring : Prasanna;Sheela;Vadivelu;Livingston;Manivannan;Riyaz Khan;Delhi Ganesh
•Music : Bharadwaj
•Year of Release : 2007

Description of Cheena Thaana 001 movie
Cheena Thaana 001
The film shows the attitude of a person(Prasanna) who is longing to become a police officer but there will be two people(Manivannan ,Sada) who made him not to attain that position. He wants to achieve something and he hears a fact that the there is a danger for the Governor(Visu). So he will establish a C.I.D. agency in the name Cheena Thaana 001 under the guidance of Livingston and after a huge risk he will save the governor from the terrorist (Riyaz Khan). As a additional fact, Vadivelu will too in the detective agency and plays a massive role in the film.


Tamil movie Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi

•Director : Chimbudeven
•Producer : S. Shankar
•Written by : Chimbudeven
•Starring : Vadivelu;Monica;Tejashree;Naasar
•Music : Sabesh-Murali
•Year of release : 2006

Description of Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi Movie
Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi
This is a great comedy film which has a story line based on the past background of the kings and the present social issues. In this film at the starting itself the twins Pulikesi and Ugrabuddhan(Both are Vadivelu) will be seperated and the dimwit according to astrologer's advice is made to survive in the kingdom while the other is asked to be killed by Sangilimaayan(Naasar) but the child will be adopted by a family in the village next to it. The child Pulikesi will be brought up as a coward and is taken off from the practicing sessions for war by Naasar. Then he will be made as the king and there will be lots of issues made by this dimwit and he will be under every mistake in the kingdom. While the Ugrabuddhan will be very strong in the war practise and wanted to kill the Pulikesi unknowingly that is his brother and wanted to make the country to stand good. Finally the fact of the twins come to light and both strive for the betterness of people. This film showcased the social issues in a very ease way using humour as the weapon. This film mass filled the Cinema Theatres. Really this is a great film to make us fall in good laughter.


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