World's End in 2012- Judgement Day

In this article i would like to say about the worlds end in 2012. Man from his activities polluting the earth and this may be also a cause for the end.some more causes are explained below. i assure that this article could make the readers to save earth.


No one can prove that the world's end in 2012, simply because it is a matter of chance. Due to some facts such as the end of Mayan calendar,the large hadron collider, global warming, nuclear war, asteroid impact etc could reveal that the world may end in 2012. I am not sure whether this happens or not but I am sure all these causative are destroying our planet earth day by day.

Large Hadron Collider(LHC)

LHCScientists at the LHC have created quark-gluon plasma by accelerating two photons at the speed of light, which they admit, could destroy the planet. They still did it and also planning to do thousand more test in the same laboratory. This may cause the end of the world through a massive implosion. They have created a substance known as quark-gluon plasma. This is a highly dangerous substance that is theorized to have existed in the aftermath of Big Bang.

A sugar cube size of this stuff would weigh 40 billion tons; many more times the heart of the sun-which is close to the mass of the black hole. This particle could pull the earth inside and explodes at next level.

Mayan Calender

MAYAN CALENDERMayans, a civilized people in America in ancient times. Mayans had an advanced knowledge in interstellar space. The calendar of Mayans end by December 2012.

Scientists believe that in 2012 the world would end from the devastating effects of entering the region of space known as the equilateral plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists agree that as the solar system and the earth plunge into this highly energized plane of the Galaxy.

Asteroid contact

ASTEROIDScientists predict that the chances of class 10 impact by the Giant Asteroids. Due to this Earth's axis will spin out of control.

This out of control spin may cause the crust of earth to violently shift over the magma causing tremendous volcanoes , earthquakes and global disaster. Earth will transform into a giant gas like Jupiter. There is a theory that the gas planets in our solar system were rich in life and civilization.

Bio War

Biological weapons have emerged in this world successfully. A virus could wipe out every human being on the planet. And some other reasons include the sucking of oil from the earth crust. Oil is the very blood of the planet. As symbolic of a human body, without blood we cant survive nor can planet earth.


There are numerous predictions which says about the world end in 2012. But the proof always goes complicated. The only thing we can do is just to believe in God to help us in the world's end-the judgement day.


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