Samacheer Kalvi Issues and its outcomes in Current Education System in Tamil Nadu

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About Samacheer Kalvi

Samacheer Kalvi is a program of education being designed by the government of Tamil Nadu with an idea of integrating the various educational systems currently in progress within the state. With Samacheer Kalvi into adaptation there can be a uniformity of education for various classes of peoples from different caters of educational system. The idea of Samacheer Kalvi was laid on September 2006 by a group of Panel members and these panel undergone a research towards Samcheer Kalvi and current system of education and presented it report to the government on April 2007 for further process of action.According to Tamil Nadu Education council system there has been a total of 56 Thousands Schools consisting of 1 Crore Thirty Lakhs Students with 4 Lakhs of Teachers according to the survey conducted.

Types of Education Systems

The structure of School Education in the state is based on the national level pattern with 12 years of schooling. Most private schools medium of instruction is English while the government run schools are primarily Tamil medium.

Currently there is a large number of Education System going live with by adapting their own system of format of education. I have highlighted few of the education system that is currently in progress.
    • State Board
    • Matriculation
    • CBSE
    • Anglo Indian
    • Oriental Syllabus

Exceptions to the above rule include a few schools that follow the Montessori Method, International Baccalaureate or the American system

Advantages of Samacheer Kalvi System

1. Uniform Equitable Education System for Matric, State Board and Anglo Indian Schools
2. Overcomes the advantages of Metric students like Coaching
3. Option to download required books from Internet
4. Improves Communication and Presentation skills of rural students

Dis-advantages of Samacheer Kalvi System

    1. New system is inadequate to raise the standard of education
    2. Current Text Books printed is like Election Propaganda
    3. Current syllabus doesn't have good quality
    4. No competent professional body for prescribing the common books and syllabus
    5. No scope for creative learning and extra Textual learning's

Points of Views on Samacheer Kalvi System

There are a large number of views and opinions on current Samacheer Kalvi System from Parents, School and Students as they are all in a dilemma about the status of current Education system. I have highlighted few opinions and views by taking several factors into considerations. Let's take a look about it.

Parents Views on Samacheer Kalvi System
    • Parents are in a fear whether their Children may be Competitive?
    • Syllabus for few standards have not been up to the level and been watered down?
    • Parents are in a confusion and dilemma whether the current school may change it state of education system any time?
    • Waiting for a positive concurrent status of results from the government
    • Parent doesn't have an option to download books through Internet from government websites anymore till it get a good status of reply onto education system.
    • Uniform school of education involves several attentions like Qualifications of teachers, Infrastructure, Exams patters and syllabus
    • Parents worried about future delay and distribution of books?
    • When will Samcheer Kalvi System be applicable?
    • How would be the syllabus for Samacheer Kalvi System?

School Views on Samacheer Kalvi System
    • Following up Old Syllabus till final judgment
    • Syllabus of few standards have been watered down and not up to current level
    • Students might have option to study only one fourth of what their seniors studied
    • Few principle and teachers suggest that the current curriculum has taken a lack in its quality in few subjects and planning to add additional contents
    • Class Tenth Books need more improvements in its quality of contents
    • Lack of time to teach Syllabus completely
    • Waiting for the result of court order
    • Not yet planned them midterm Tests
    • There mightn't be even quarterly holidays due to lack of time
    • Wondering about what to do about Exams, Classes and Text books
    • Suggesting Publishers to integrate both schemes of books with good quality till final verdict of judgment
    • Doesn't like to spoil the education and life of the students
    • Current Education System to be implemented is disrupting the academic schedule of millions of students with enormous confusions
    • Not in a position to answer the question raised by few parents
    • Debate over this issue distracts us from more fundamental issues affecting Education

Students View on Samacheer Kalvi System• We are in a dilemma about the current education system
• We are confused about what to study for the year
• We are worried about the delay in results of current issue and distribution of books
• We are confused about the schedule of our exams
• We are totally disturbed about what pattern of syllabus and exam would be conducted

Sample Case study regarding Samacheer Kalvi System

There are a number of education system currently in Tamil Nadu and they are been given full freedom to design and follow their own syllabus and pattern of education into their curriculum. If the current system comes into progress will it get good response and results and if so what would be the quality of Education and how the Education system can be compared with monitoring the students progress who produce good results. I have stated an example and require an answer to the above system of Education.

Let us consider an example as a CBSE student scores 95 percent of marks whereas a Matric student or State Board student also scores same 95 percents through his efforts. To make a note of point we may know that scoring good marks in CBSE is as much as difficult as scoring in other education system. If we take an aggregate of both these marks while getting into a professional course which scores more and can be ranked first, Since in our case as both aggregate are equal and which one would be taken into consideration in order to analyze it quality of education and output and the decision is all up to an Individual.

Question of Dilemma regarding Samacheer Kalvi Issues

    • Which Syllabus to follow?
    • What Text books to Use?
    • When to conduct Exams?
    • How to compensate the un-taught classes?
    • How to structure the class till final Verdict?
    • When will the books be distributed?
    • What to do with old book being distributed in few schools?
    • How to adapt the change of current school education system?
    • What would be the outcome of students and Teachers?
    • What about the fees structure of books?
    • What will be the pattern of Exams?
    • What is the problem with people who oppose this system?
    • What would the current government like to adapt the type of education system in our state?
    • What upsets the current government?
    • Why do they want to put their nose into unnecessary issues about education system and spoil the life of students and education?

Latest News regarding Samacheer Kalvi System

In current scenario due to technological advancement and development of various types of mass Media in Tamil Nadu it has been very easy in getting out the latest required information updated within a second. Today everybody in Tamil Nadu is aware about the case of Samacheer Kalvi proceeding in the court since there has been a number of sitting and judgments made time to time. Due to the opposition of current government with the support of various people related to this system into their hand the case has been prolonged in the court for several months and because of this it made a delay in distribution of printed books too till final judgment and moreover the students have been sitting idle in class with general subject of discussion. We could also find that many schools in rural also took their students to visit various places in and around as they wouldn't manage the current situation without books.
Previously the court has ordered the government to complete the distribution of books by August 2nd but due to several factors of consideration it has come up with a new decision and also extended the grace period for distribution of books for a week that is by August 10th.
The latest news received was the school and their teachers have been asked to tear few printed pages and also to make little correction into various sections and then only distribute the books to the students within specified time.


For past few months every school in Tamil Nadu have been in a confusion about what would be the final judgment and outcome of the court regarding the case on Samacheer Kalvi. Moreover everybody are aware that few schools in Tamil Nadu has gone ahead in conducting the class with old syllabus and also noted that they are gearing up to their exams.
In my point of view I personally suggest to look at the life of each students of Tamil Nadu with their problems and difficulties faced till date on receiving a final judgement into this issue. Is there any alternative solution to it? And will this be implemented in current year? Let's wait and watch the game…..


Guest Author: Premanandan14 Mar 2012

We are all talking about the Quality education but most of the rural schools having very minimum of Teachers against the quota of Teachers. Due to the current system of transfering the teachers in counseling nobody likes to go and teach in the village(remote) schools. It is very painful to accept the facts that teachers for promoting services to the vulnerable society and to import knowledge and to uplift the standards of the poor. But the students in the village schools not having that much stuff to make them fit themselves for the examinations. The Government should take immediate and necessary arrancgements to fill the vacancies as earliest to improve the quality of education. It is the time to realise and concentrate on these target people even for the coming academic year.

On the other hand due to the current system of 100% promotion for upto 8th standard is also facing a huge problem in the coming years. The dull students may not be able to cope with the standards of the socalled brillients and automatically noding their heads down. So kindly make effective steps to improve the standards of the education.

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