What is Samacheer kalvi? Brief history of samacheer kalvi, implementing problems in Tamilnadu

Read the new reform in the Tamil Nadu system of education called 'samacheer kalvi thittam'. The court intervention in the issue of samacheer kalvi, the great confusion over the samacheer kalvi, recommendations of muthukumaran committee, clash in the Tamil Nadu political parties over the issue of samacheer kalvi thittam. Many schools changed the board to CBSE. The policy is drafted by the educational experts.

What is Samacheer kalvi?

Samacheer Kalvi issue in Tamil Nadu shakes the whole system of Education in Tamil Nadu. The samacheer kalvi thittam was designed and brought to the final shape by the home returned DMK. The issue was so sensitive that it changed the election result of Tamil Nadu assembly election 2011. The main theme of this samacheer kalvi is an uniform syllabus to all schools under the state board. The new policy on education was formed in 2010 and with a plan to introduce the same policy from 2011-2012 session. For this new system of uniform education, around 9 crore books were newly printed from sivakasi and few other parts of Tamil Nadu. A sudden change in the system of education made a great confusion among the parents, teachers and general public.

The new policy on Education was based on the recommendations of Muthukumaran committee. It is a different issue that all the recommended points were not included in the samacheer kalvi. The eminent Educationist of Tamil Nadu supporting the features of samacheer kalvi insisting the fact that no formal classes has to be taught at the kindergarten schools instead they should be allowed to play and learn at their own wish and interest but on the contrary, the parents and kindergarten schools mount pressure over the children of below five years to learn a lot more right from the infancy stage. This kind of overburden will definitely affect the normal growth of mental as well as physical status of a child. This type of over pressurized learning gives nothing but lapsing of creativity, intelligence, sharpening of memory etc.

Disputes in between the political parties over samacheer kalvi in Tamil Nadu

The main drama staged only after the election result. As then ruling DMK defeated and the rival party in Tamil Nadu AIADMK won the assembly election. Just after the sworn in ceremony, the Chief Minister Ms Jayalalitha take up the issue of samacheer kalvi. The present ruling government oppose the samacheer kalvi by underlining some portion of the syllabus indicating it was developed to praise the DMK government. Initially everyone thought the issue was politically motivated and nothing to worry for the children. As the time goes on, large number of common people went over the road for fighting against the implementation of samacheer kalvi. The ruling party in Tamil Nadu, AIADMK pinpointed in many areas of the samacheer kalvi syllabus that all the recommendation of muthukumaran committee was not consolidated in the syllabus. From the whole, a small part is added to the samacheer kalvi and the rest is added in favour of DMK government. Finally the matter was brought into the High court for taking final decision whether the samacheer kalvi can be implemented or not.

Court intervention, orders over the samacheer kalvi issues in Tamil Nadu

After hearing both the side, the High court of Tamilnadu gave a verdict in favor of implementing the samacheer kalvi in Tamil Nadu. In addition to this order, it also ordered the state government to distribute books to all classes by July, 22, 2011. Following the High court decision over the samacheer kalvi thittam, government of Tamil Nadu moved the case to Supreme court seeking to postponing the present form of samacheer kalvi thittam insisting the need for making some amendment in the syllabus. Treating this issue as the most urgent, the Supreme court of India heared in a three judge bench consisting of Justice Mr. JM Panchal, Mr deepak varma and BS chauhan. The highest judiciary in India denied to give stay to the High court verdict but with a small correction that the books should be issued to all educational institution by August 2 instead of July 22 (in the verdict of High court).

Confusion among the teacher and school authority over the samacheer kalvi

Since from the beginning of the new session 2011-12 the whole educational system in Tamilnadu collapsed and confused. No matter is cleared whether the new uniform system of education called samacheer kalvi will exist or not. In one side parents got confused with this thittam and on the other side teacher have bewildered which patter should they follow either by the old system or by the new system of education. In many schools no normal classes have been conducted for a month long period. somewhere they followed the old pattern of syllabus. Intelligently in few school they taught the common syllabus after listing them from both of the old as well as new system of education in Tamil Nadu. Just seeing the uncertainty of resolving the policy on education, many matriculation school in Tamil Nadu shifted to CBSE board for getting their approval because the samacheer kalvi is only restricted to the schools of Tamil Nadu board of Education. In between the obstacles it is none other than children and parents are affecting a lot.

Parents confusion remain unsolved over the issue of samacheer kalvi in Tamil Nadu

It is a pathetic condition of parents and students who are running here and there for getting information about their actual system of education. Around 9 crores books were printed in Sivakasi and other few parts of Tamil Nadu if the samacheer kalvi is forsaken then it will be a great loss for the printing press owner too. So, it was the time of confusion for parents, children and the printers too. After trying all possible option to get the books of new system of education parents moved on to get the help of internet. Large number of parents visited lakhs of website having the link of Samacheer kalvi info. This is really a pitiable condition of helpless parents and children of Tamil Nadu.

Conclusion of samacheer kalvi thittam in Tamilnadu

This uniform education in Tamil Nadu is a reflection of 'Free and compulsory education act ,2009' implemented in few states and union territories by the central government. Without political intervention, the system must be implemented including all points of 'Recommendations of Muthukumaran committee'. As per the media reports, only 4 recommendations of expert's taken and added in the samacheer kalvi thittam syllabus from 109 recommendations in whole. This must be over viewed again for any political benefit in favour of any party in Tamil Nadu. The samacheer kalvi got its final shape after getting the view of eminent educationists. In addition to these, few matriculation private school want to teach some additional subjects like Hindi, french, German that should also be allowed. Uniform education doesn't mean to restrict one's pace in the field of education. Jai Tamil Nadu Jai Samacheer kalvi.


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