How to make Pongal Chundal recipe of Tamil Nadu

pongal-chundal recipe easily digestible breakfast. Easy to cook having good nutritious value. It is a great combination on both taste and nutrition. Children fond of eating pongal chundal breakfast due to sweetness of this dish.

How to make Pongal Chundal recipe of Tamil Nadu

It is a great combination for the break fast. The pongal chundal recipe is easy to make and easy for the digestion. The chundal which contain enough protein and the pongal contain carbohydrates. Both the combination will give a satisfaction of having a good breakfast in the morning. In many houses the ladies roam here and there for breakfast but very often we forget our traditional prasad given at the temple on every Friday or during the pooja days.

Ingredients required for pongal

1. Raw rice 200 gram.
2. Jaggery 100gram
3. Cashew nut - 50 grams
4. dried graphs - 50 grams.
5. dried ginger - 30 gram.
6. cardamom - 5 gram.
7. Salt to taste.
8. Chana dal - 50 gram.(kadalai paruppu)
9. Pure ghee - 3 tble spoon.

Procedure for making pongal

• Make the dried ginger into powder.
• Crush the jaggery into powder.
• Boil the water. On just boiling add rice and chana dal(kadalai paruppu in tamil). Let it be cook for few minutes.
• On cooked, add jaggery, powdered dried ginger, cardamom and salt.
• Stir well to avoid burning at the bottom. Finally add ghee, cashew nut and dried graphs. Now pongal ready for serving.

ingredients for Chundal

1. Black chana (black kondakadalai)-100 gram.
2. Red chili 5 nos.
3. Vegetable oil.
4. Mustard -1 tea spoon.
5. Curry leaves.
6. Onion 1 No. (small piece)

Procedure for making chundal

1. On the previous day soak the konda kadalai (black chana) in water.
2. Next day, take off the water from the konda kadalai.
3. Heat the oil.
4. Add mustard, onion red chilli and curry leaves.
5. Add the black chana(konda kadalai). mix well. Finally add salt. Now your chundal is ready for serve.
So, this is a great combination of having pongal along with chundal a good break fast.
Note: The quantity shown above can be changed as per your need.

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