Why do we need samacheer kalvi? Merits & demerits of samacheer kalvi in Tamilnadu

Read a complete article written over merits and demerits of samacheer kalvi, recommendations of muthukumaran committee over the samacheer kalvi, what is the need for the samacheer kalvi in tamilnadu also explained. The committee recommended for the single autonomous board for the tamilnadu education. The committee also advised to change the methodology from the traditional method into group activity based learning or practical learning.

Why do we need samacheer kalvi?

Samacheer Kalvi means a system of providing uniform education to all students of Tamilnadu. The education must comprises uniform syllabus, uniform examination pattern and uniform evaluation scheme. By following this type of uniform education we can provide impartial education to all children irrespective of region such as rural /urban, caste upper /lower, religion etc. The main goal of samacheer kalvi is offering impartial education to all children in the school level. To make the education system of Tamilnadu more effective and useful then DMK government initiated for designing the samacheer kalvi thittam with the educational experts of Tamil Nadu. A clash in between the political parties of DMK and AIADMK made the situation more worse leaving the children idle for around two months in their school. Finally, with the intervention of High court and Supreme court, the samacheer kalvi thittam implemented all throughout in Tamilnadu.

What is the need for samacheer kalvi in Tamilnadu

Excess pressure in the present system of Education
The present system of education made parents and teachers to pressurize the students for getting good marks in their so called examination system. The excess pressure now a days changed into extreme pressure when the child couldn't made their parents expectations than the children undergo various physical tortures by their parents and in sometimes teachers. So, to minimize the pressure on the children samacheer kalvi is a must in the present scenario.

Commercialized education in Tamilnadu
It is very painful factor to know that the education which is as essential like air and water is highly commercialized. The private institutions magnify their system of education and proving the best among all other school. Believing on the bogus advertisement many parents go to private institutions for getting education. There they never allow children to get overall development but only restricted to study around the clock. Only to get their popularity they use children by putting extra pressure over them to get good marks. Hence, we need samacheer kalvi for de-commercializing education in Tamilnadu.

New methodology of teaching techniques
We are still following the outdated teaching methodology. The ancient methodology of teaching is not at all suitable for today's technological world. We all accept the concept that children of present days have more knowledge in the field of technology than the teachers who even don't know how to use the facilities provided in their cellphone. So, the teaching methodology should be activity based. After completing a lesson teacher must design a group activity project for the children to make them understand the concept of the lesson taught. Actually, in this system a teacher have to work more than the children. Hence, we need a samacheer kalvi thittam for changing different teaching methodology.

Outdated evaluation system in Tamilnadu

It is completely a wrong method to determine one's ability by declaring pass or fail. At this junction, I can ask a question who failed? why failed? no can give direct answer for these questions. The child is simply failed in your examination system but not in life. We can see many children who failed in their school education but later became a chief Minister of a state or even Prime Minister of a country. This means that the system never support for his life instead it is a weapon for torturing children. You might have heard about Albert Einstein who was debarred from the school for showing poor performance in the school education system but later he became a top most scientists of the world. The actual evaluation of a student is to assess the field of his or her talent, that should be evaluated. Which is the suitable field for his career? that should be evaluated. What is going on now? in the present system of education. The teacher himself assess the student, what he wanted to be?. For instance, we can pinpoint many students who got success in the school examination but later on failed in his real life situation. So, the evaluation system is totally wrong in my point of view. Hence, we all need samacheer kalvi for bringing new evaluation system that is continuous comprehensive education in Tamilnadu.

Now everything is clear why do we need samacheer kalvi thittam for the future generations.

Recommendation of Muthukumaran committee

It is a time for the need of reform in the Tamilnadu education. After receiving the opinion from the educational experts of Tamilnadu then DMK government appointed a committee to to study all the features necessary for changing according to new system of education in Tamilnadu. The committee was formed under the leadership of Muthukumaran hence it called as 'muthukumaran committee' for samacheer kalvi thittam. After analyzing all possible way, the committee submitted its report to the DMK government during 2007. There are a mixed response received from the public over this samacheer kalvi thittam.

Benefit of single autonomous Education board

It is one of the recommendations of muthukumaran committee. Now in Tamilnadu four types of different education board functioning with the freedom of devising their own syllabus and examination system. How a different examination system and different syllabus can give a uniform education to all children of Tamilnadu. So, there should be only one education board to have a common examination system and syllabus. There is no reason to compare one child with other on which ground?. How they get admission in their higher education such as graduate courses in colleges? what is the criteria for selection? is it merit based? means over the board based?. So, nothing clear in this regard. Having different education board will definitely lead provision of impartial education in Tamilnadu. Hence, single education board is a must for bringing uniform education in Tamilnadu.

Merits of Samacheer kalvi in Tamilnadu

  • Uniform education system will provide equal opportunity to all children of Tamilnadu.
  • Disparity among the children of village and urban will completely vanished.
  • It will control the commercialization of education to major extent.
  • It will provide a new scope for searching real talent hidden within a child.
  • It will help to improve the method of teaching as a result children will definitely pay more interest on learning.
  • It is purely child centered education.
  • The education will be uniform by making the single autonomous board in Tamilnadu.
  • The dropout will be considerably decreased to a large extent.

Demerits of samacheer kalvi in Tamilnadu

  • The competitive attitude between the private schools may go down.
  • The discipline in the school may go down.
  • Teachers will become lazy since they are habituated to teach traditional way of teaching.
  • Many private schools may opt different board like CBSE etc.

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