Gothabaye and Tamil nadu assembly resolution

Tamil Nadu assembly passed a resolution to effect international inquiry on Rajapatche for his anti human rights actions and bloc economical relations with Srilanka .But Gothabaye ,external secretery of Srilanka set aside the resolution as political .This article deals what is the basis and real issues in Srilanka

Majority vote politics

Gothabaye shows his own colour in his speech. Their government is not Sinhalese favoured really. All Sinhalese are not living good life . They are suffering from price rise , unemployment etc. But they are pretending to favour Sinhalese by attacking Tamils. They focus Tamils are real enemy for Sinhalese's welfare so that to polarise Sinhalese's votes. Thus they try to capture power for ever. Here BJP is trying the same tactics to get majority hindus votes. All over the world to get majority sections support ,vested interests oppose minority to focus them as their enemies .

Revenge of Congress for Rajiv Gandhi murder

Congress has decided to be calm in Tamil's issue because it took revenge on Prapagaran for he killed Rajiv. It is really wrong on the part of Prapakaran to kill Rajiv Gandhi, a head of a nation , he should get support for Tamils . So his wife ,Sonia, who is now in the helm of power in India , as a wife decided to give all support to kill Prabakaran and his LTTE cadres in revenge of his husband's killing. She has lowered politics and policies of a great nation as a personal dealings. She gave blank cheque and Rajapatche filled in the blanks as his willing

How Jayalalitha is using time?

Jeyalalitha who really hated Prabakaran and LTTE in past naturally turned in the changed scenario to favour Tamils and tried to pressure Central government and through diplomatic ways to control Srilanka and set Tamils in their old positions. Thus she tries to snatch the name Tamil savior from Karunanidhi. Anyhow it is a correct step in favour of Tamils. She is now trying to woo congress from DMK but in vain .So she decided to attack congress in all aspects including Tamils issue. Hence the resolution in Tamil Nadu Assembly.Really it is a good move in view of Tamils which is neglected in past karunanidhi's period, at the needed time of killings.

Kalaignar in a arrested position

Kalaignar, world saviour of Tamils, did not favored LTTE and Prabakaran ever. But he supported Tamil Ezham when all the Tamilnadu Tamil people were in solidarity with Srilankan Tamils. Then he organised TESO, Tamil Ezham Supporters Organization and praised himself as first sepoy of Tamil warriors . Then after the episode of Rajiv Gandhi assassination he did not talked of Ezham. Now he is minor partner of central govt he should have supported Tamils and stopped the massacre. But alas he was set in silent by congress as they were caught in 2G scam case. They were set in a position of a spectator of a world level condemnable massacre of Tamils. Upto now he is in a position not to open his mouth against congress's wrong doings in this issue

Right path of Srilankan Tamils

Srilankan Tamils now realised that neither prabakaran 's Tamil ezham or Main land Tamils would not help for their life. Verbal support of Tamil Leaders like Nedumaran, vaiko and other 'revolutionaries' (?) who are hailing TamilEzham, had let them in distress. So they have silently decided to be calm and restart their struggle from panchayat level. They have taken part in panchayat polls recently held and won them. If this stand was taken when the elections for State were held it would have helped much. Prabakaran sectarianly decided not to take part in that election.

Now an MP from Tamil National federation came to Tamil Nadu to take Part in Communist Party of India (Marxist)'s conference on Srilankan Tamils and told that they demand equality not separate country or ezham . CPI-M is the only party from the starting that a separate country is not possible. Should struggle for equality with sinhalese in Srilanka as one nation.

Tamils and Sinhalese ! Struggle against the misrule of Rajapatche

The governments of Srilanka misrule that country. So the sufferers sinhalese and tamils jointly struggle for a decent life hood for their citizens. The slogan of Ezham put apart genuine Sinhalese. They could not support even they felt favour of Tamils. So the fight was defeated. The sacrifice of Tamils yield a great loss. Chandrika whose family had ruled for three generations felt very ashamed to say she is a Sinhalese.This is the token support of Sinhalese for Tamils genuine struggle. This should be the path of struggle in future to get equality in Srilanka as one nation.Tamils should use the breaking in Sinhalese and play politics of people, Tamils and Sinhalese


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