USA supporting Anna Hazare who is fighting against corruption & Jan Lokpal in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Anna Hazare, a crusader of corruption sitting in a fast demanding Lokpal bill with teeth to bite corruptions.An USA officer warns India in favour of Anna. USA using Anna tries to inflame India like Egipt. Any how a bill will not be a solution to corruption which is a part of our society set up

Big brother warns small brother

Yesterday an USA officer warned India to handle Anna Hazare 's indefinite fast carefully; Democracy should give space to the struggles in peaceful means. It may look like correct. But congress party condemned this press report of USA officer. It is not your business to intervene in our business. How he dares to warn our country; Because of our govt is joined to USA as an younger brother after atomic agreement. So our govt do not make any sound on this. That officer has thought India is one of the states of united states of America. All are politics

The rise of Anna Hazare

Suddenly Anna Hazare appeared in national scenario as a crusader of corruption. Of course he had his record opposing corruption in Maharastra state. He has a following from middle class and genuine public. He had some success in his struggles in past.With this experience he demanded lokpal bill to be passed in Parliament. Press and Media gave importance to his demand.

Background of lokpal bill

In recent time, the corruption charges rocked the political atmosphere continuously. 2G spectrum, 3G spectrum, Adharsh housing scam, common wealth games scam, land scams of Ediyurappa, mining scame of reddy brothers, krishna godavari oil scam...are some of them. People were very angry to know the rulers are looting the nation itself in a grand manner.

In this background Anna's demand for Lokpal bill got support of the people tremendously ,especially from youth. Non affiliated men to political parties were eagerly supported as they thought all political parties are corrupted. Naturally his fast yielded result. Govt accepted his demand to bring lokpal bill in August and formed a committee to give suggestion to govt to this effect. That committee included five of Anna's team and they gave valuable suggestions to govt. But govt did not accepted and prepared the bill with their own points diluting the methods, punishments and extension of powerful limits. Significantly Prime Minister is exempted from its purview of inquiry. This is not the first time the govt bring Lokpal bill in parliament. In previous times Prime Minister was brought in the purview of Lokpal at that times the govts hadn't passed the bills.

Anna on fast path

So now Anna , as he announced earlier, starting his fast from 16th August. Govt did not permit him in junter Munter area where his fast he wanted to take place. Then he accepted to the place of jeyaprakash maidan where police allotted. Then the police gives the conditions to finish his fast in two and half days and five thousand people only should assemble there. At this time the USA officer has given the support to Anna and this naturally has raised sparks in all circles.

Interference into India's politics

Some are raising doubts whether Anna is kindled by USA; some put angry why USA is interfering in our politics against the morality of international politics and sovereignty of our country. And some are happy that USA supporting us ; then we will win at last.

Basic causes of corruption

Anna is really fighting corruption.But can he control it? Never He do not touch the basic causes of corruption; the globalaisation, Privatisation and Liberalaisation. He is away from politics and wantonly avoiding political parties except RSS camp. So his intention is questioned whether he is fighting congress to bring BJP to power. some say this is for diverting from the main politics of price rising, unemployment problem, poverty etc and thus helping govt. so only govt gives more importance to these struggles while it is not bothering about other struggles of political parties, trade unions, farmers etc. This point we could not set aside.

Jan Lokpal bill -will it be a solution?

Corruption could be erased by a bill called lokpal bill ? No,never; but it could be used by the good political parties and individuals to fight with corruption. So we can welcome the fight for lokpal bill. But we could not hope after that bill passed there will be no scams at all. In our country there is untouchablity after PCR sections in IPC. There is marketing of education after right to education bill. We could not get information after RTI bill passed.A bill is coming to right to food after that the poverty wont go.

So,we should understand that the corruption is a inseparable part of our society set up which gives huge scope for corruption. If it is fought by only some leaders and by some bills ,there will be no results. The fight should be connected with the fight against the society set up .

Why Anna not against Raja,Dhayanidhi or Kanimozhi?

In Tamil Nadu all are supporting Anna thinking that he is against Raja of 2G or Kanimozhi. But Anna does not giving voice against Raja, Dhayanidhi or Kanimozhi. He only focusing the brokers of corruption not the beneficiers like Ambanis or American companies who induce corruption. All are lighting candles to support Anna not by knowing what is happening around them. Thus they supported Ramdev. When police nearing him he jumped off the stage and hide in ladies dress they were shocked. Now Anna's turn, Any how we can welcome the anti corruption mood created by this mass media propaganda. But there is adanger, when this struggle gets a failure people wont come forward to any other anti corruption movements in future. Beware of struggles.

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Life history and various struggle in the social issues of Anna Hazare

This article explains about the life history of Anna Hazare which comprises his birth and young life. Small content regarding his army life when he was posted in the Indian army. His real life began only after entering into social life. As a pre and foremost step he worked to develop his village Ralegan Sidhi. After that he fought for implementing the act of Right to Information in the state of Maharastra and then it was implemented by the Central government citing National Right to Information.

Comparison between Janlokpal bill and Government lokpal bill

There are many points in which the government shown the objection over the janlokpal bill issue but in many media poll, people made it very clear that 80% of them voted in favor of janlokpal bill and only 10% of them voted against the janlokpal bill. This survey itself evident that janlokpal bill is heavier than all other bills. So, the government must pass the bill, enact and implement soon to make corruption free India.

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Support of Chennai to Anna hazare and his amran anshan andholan

Chennai people supported the Amran Anshan Andholan in a peaceful manner. They conduct a candle march at chennai to send the message of full support in favor of Anna Hazare and his anshan. The protest in a peaceful manner and maintaining the non-violence is a lesson for the whole world. Many countries supported his anshan and appreciated for making the protest completely on non-violence.

Anna Hazare's address to the gathering on the sixth day of Amaran Anshan Andholan

The sixth day message of Anna Hazare from the anshan stage is completely heart touching. He clarified many complications over the issue of janlokpal bill. He made clear of his stand but the government didn't made any clear stand over the janlokpal bill issue. The ministers of the government are trying to hid themselves from the media persons.

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