Veerapandiya kattabomman-A brave king and a soldier of Tamilnadu

Veerapandiya kattabomman a strong hero of Tamilnadu history. He resisted the British from entering into his territory. He had won many battle. British felt helpless in front of veerapandiya kattabomman. He hanged on 16th october 1799 in a tamarind tree by the British army.

Veerapandiya kattabomman-A brave king and a soldier of Tamilnadu

Veerapandiaya kattabomman was a king of panchalangurichi. He sworned as a king on 2nd February 1790. In his ruling the people of panchalangurichi were so happy and prosperous. He was the 47th of ruler of his family called kattabomman. Since sworn in as a king of panchalangurichi he worked hard for his kingdom. His kingdom comes under the thirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. Vellaithevan and suntharalingam are the two most efficient and brave minister of his ministries.

1After normal ruling of around 8 years, the real problem started with the arrival of British in the soil of Tamilnadu. Since, from the beginning he had ill treatment from the British rulers. Initially they came to Tamilnadu for undertaking their business but at the lapse of time they began capturing the nearby territories by making in-debt of small king like rulers. The British intelligently applied the divide and rule policy to make one another fighting each other to weakened them both by economically and politically at the end the British give credit to the local rulers and making the in debt and finally taking off their territories form them. They conquered many provinces of Tamilnadu.

The battle between the kattabomman and the British rulers in Tamilnadu

The clash between the panchalangurichi ruler kattabomman and the British ruler over the issue of tax collection arised like an uncontrolled blaze. Kattabomman never allowed the British rulers to collect taxes from his own provinces. Instead he warned the British collectors and provoked to face the consequences in the battle. The collector Jacob called him for a formal talk which ended with a struggle. So, the talk was failed finally jacob was called back by the British administration. Kattabomman neglected the requests over the settlement of the issue of British and strictly sticked with his view of non payment of tax collection to the British people. In his words, this is our own land we rule according to our need and desire than why should we pay taxes to British people. This is certainly an atrocities from the part of British ruling.

Veerapandiya kattabomman -A brave soldier of Tamilnadu
An Independence Day Speech

Final and the last battle of Kattbomman

Finally, the war broke in between kattabomman and the British. He bravely attacked the British military and killed many officers but his force cannot bear the canon attack. At last the British force destroyed the panchalangurichi fort and conquered the province of kattabomman On 5th September 1799.

During this battle he lost his most intelligent and efficient minister vellaithevan. He cannot bear the loss of vellaithevan. Following these setback, nothing was in his support he just took the shelter in a deep forest at pudukkottai district. This secret place was leaked to the British by his friend Ettappa naikkar. The useful information made the British to search easily and arrested kattabomman on On 24 September 1799. After a formal trial by the so called British judiciary finally he was termed death sentence till death. Before the verdict the British asked kattabomman to file a request in front of the court for setting him free but on the contrast he shown his angry over their trial system and said I have no fear of dying in fact I am happy to give my life for my mother land. Eventually Kattabomman was hanged on 16th October 1799, in a tamarind tree at a place called kayathar. We must not forget his bravery and sacrifices given for protecting his motherland. From this history, it became a custom of Tamilnadu that no parent will name their child as 'Ettappan' because he was disloyal to his motherland.


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