Life history and various struggle in the social issues of Anna Hazare

This article explains about the life history of Anna Hazare which comprises his birth and young life. Small content regarding his army life when he was posted in the Indian army. His real life began only after entering into social life. As a pre and foremost step he worked to develop his village Ralegan Sidhi. After that he fought for implementing the act of Right to Information in the state of Maharastra and then it was implemented by the Central government citing National Right to Information.

Anna Hazare born on 15th January, 1940 in a village called Bhingar which comes under the district of Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra. Since from the childhood, his family suffered a lot from the poverty and corruption. Due to poverty, he could not continue his school studies beyond class 7. So, he became a dropout and went for earning for his family. He started selling flowers and other petty business during his early days then he joined Indian Army. He was very concern about the social issues and the way dealing with the issues. He worked in Indian Army for around 2 years. It was that period of India-Pakistan war which broke out during the year 1965. At that time Anna Hazare was a truck driver in the army. In the attack of Pakistan he lost his co-army men and all of them became martyr but he escaped from the attack and reached the camp safely. After getting a voluntary retirement from the army, he just went to his village called 'Ralegan Siddhi' in Maharashtra.

Ralegan Siddhi-a model village

Now this village is called as a model village of Maharashtra. Once the village was a desert. No crop production, no irrigation system and the main income of the village was selling liquor. There was almost all villagers indulged in selling illicit liquour. Anna Hazare was much regretted by seeing all those illegal activities in his village. Initially he was very angry but after that he thought this was the real situation. The villagers selling liquor for earning for their family. Without introducing any alternative to this, the people find much difficult to fore-sake the present profession. He came out with a well planned scheme and asked the villagers to make proper irrigation system by constructing few check dams in their village. This planning proved fruitful and increased the ground water level and thus resulted in massive crop production withing 3-5 years of duration. The vegetable production was increased to large amount which they are able to export to major cities and other states too.

Right to information act

Many of us don't know the history behind the Right to information act. He was completely fed up with the bureaucrats of government offices. No real information was given to the citizens. This made the situation worse. Before the implementation of Right to Information, it was very difficult to gather information against any corrupt activity or the tender procedure activity from the offices. Actually the tenderer, officers and the ministers of the government stealing the money of people of India in a large scale. so, he decided to force the government to bring a bill by which anyone can ask details of government activity in all offices. As usual the government of Maharashtra against the bill. Finally, he took the help of Anshan and urged all the youth to unite under the noble cause of bringing a Right to information bill act. Following his noble call huge number of youth joined protested against the government. Finally the government find no other alternative to bring the Right to Education act in 2002 by the Maharashtra government. During 2005, the act got the shape of National Right to Information act and subsequently implemented all throughout the country.

Amran Anshan Andholan by Anna Hazare for the Janlokpal bill

The Jan Lokpal Bill got its life with the inclusion of Anna Hazare. Since from the beginning, the government and the civil society have a bitter experience in drafting the Janlokpal bill. The bill proposed by the civil society is neglected by the government instead government draft one more lokpal bill according to their convenience and send it to the standing committee. On knowing the fact, the government has betrayed the people of India, Anna Hazare announced 'Amran Anshan' from 16th August, 2011. Following his announcement of Anshan, the government became rude and rough with Anna Hazare. The civil society members filed application seeking permission for the Anshan but the Delhi police and the MCD refused to give permission for Anshan. Anna hazare and his team referred this activity as unconstitutional. In India one must be allowed to protest in a peaceful manner. In the direction of the central government, Anna hazare was arrested in the morning of 16th August,2011. A great drama was staged by Kapil sibal, chidambaram and Ambika soni and politicizing the issue by charging Anna Hazare for having link with corruption activities and that cost a lot because people rejected the charges over Anna Hazare. Now each and everyone find himself in the image of Anna Hazare.

Arrest of Anna Hazare, police activity and the government stand

The news of Arresting Anna Hazare spread like a blaze in all parts of India. A huge gathering assembled in various places of India and condemned the arrest of Anna Hazare. The Delhi Police was under pressure to handle the situation. Since from the morning to Evening thousands of people came to the road to protest the action taken by the government. By seeing the large gathering and in anticipation of few lakh more people to be added to the Amran Anshan Andholan over the lokpal bill issue compelled the Delhi police to emancipate Anna Hazare by the same evening from Tihar Jail. Ironically, even after freeing Anna hazare, he refused to go out of the Jail till he get permission to continue his Anshan in the Jaiprakash Narayan Park, Delhi. Government wrongly interpreted the anshan and took the matter very easy to control Anna but the out-bursting people against the government and in favor of Anna and brought a change in the attitude of government. Finally, the Home minister and Prime Minister accepted the appeal of Anna and agreed to give place for Anshan in the Ramleela Maidan. It is expected that tomorrow that is 19th of August, 2011 Anna will come out the jail and continue his Anshan in the Ramleela Maidan till passing the Janlokpal bill in the parliament.


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