Comparison between Janlokpal bill and Government lokpal bill

There are many points in which the government shown the objection over the janlokpal bill issue but in many media poll, people made it very clear that 80% of them voted in favor of janlokpal bill and only 10% of them voted against the janlokpal bill. This survey itself evident that janlokpal bill is heavier than all other bills. So, the government must pass the bill, enact and implement soon to make corruption free India.

Differences between Janlokpal bill and Government lokpal bill

The whole issue became a national issue and large number of people joining the Amran Anshan Andholan in the Raleela Maidan to Support Anna Hazare to pass the Janlokpal bill in the parliament. Anna Hazare and the government stand in the opposite direction over the Janlokpal bill issue but in this issue people of India stand behind anna and backing him to lead the Andholan till getting approval from the parliament. Let us discus the contrast in the janlokpal bill what are the points which created this mass Andholan.

1. Prime Minister should be included or not

Jan Lokpal Bill: Team Anna and the people of India favor the Prime Minister of India should be included in the lokpal bill and he can be investigated when and wherever needed.
Government lokpal bill As per the government lokpal bill Prime Minister should be kept away from the lokpal bill. The lokpal have no right to investigate the corruption cases over the Prime Minister. However the CBI can investigate the cases.
Clarifications Team Anna says, the CBI is under the control of the government than how the investigation can be carried out in a honest way. The officers of the CBI themselves have to obey the orders of government. So, there is no use of CBI investigation on the corruption cases of Prime Minister.
On the contrary, the government says Prime Minister is the responsible position in the constitution so, they cannot be investigated by the lokpal committee. This act will defame his position.

2. Judiciary should be included in the lokpal or not

Jan Lokpal Bill says all judges should also be brought under the janlokpal.
Government lokpal bill says all judges cannot be brought under the lokpal bill.
Clarification Team anna and the Janlokpal very clear about the inclusion of Judges. There are many corruption cases lying pending on the judges of high court and supreme court. So, irrespective of their position they should be investigated.
The government made its stand clear that the Judges of supreme court and high court cannot be brought under the lokpal but they can be investigated as per the existing law.

3. Should Government officer's corruption brought under the lokpal

Jan Lokpal Bill says all corruption from top to bottom should be brought under the janlokpal bill.
Government lokpal bill Only the Group -A officers corruption can be investigated under the lokpal.
Clarification Janlokpal says the corruption exists from top to bottom of Government officers. In many offices the peons are doing more corruption than the high level officers. So, irrespective of their position everyone should be investigated.
On the other hand, government says only the corruption charges of Group A officers can be investigated.

4. Lokayukta should be setup in all states to investigate the corruption cases

Jan Lokpal Bill says Lokayukta must be setup in all states to investigate the corruption charges of anyone in the boundary of a state.
Government lokpal bill says all anti corruption body already setup in the states will be dissolved and centralized to the lokpal for investigation.
Clarification Both Team anna and the government completely against one another in the lokpal issue. Team Anna says by setting up of lokayukta in the states, the corruption charges can be handled in the state itself. but Government says the state anti corruption agencies will be wind up and centralized to the lokpal at the centre.

Should the lokpal be empowered to grant punishment

<Jan Lokpal Bill says the lokpal should be empowered to investigate, sanction punishment and recovery power.
Government lokpal bill says the lokpal can not be empowered to take their own decision but they can refer the cases to court for imposing punishment under the existing law.
Clarification Here it is very clear that Team Anna wants a lokpal who can give punishment with the recovery right but the Government want to make the lokpal as a toothless body as CBI or CVC who cannot do their own until and unless receiving proper order from the government.

Whistle blower should be protected or not

Jan Lokpal Bill says the whistle blower should be protected who raised the voice against corruption over various areas.
Government lokpal bill says no protection needed for the whistle blower instead he or she should be imposed on imprisonment on the circumstances of non proving the charges.
Clarification Team Anna says, the whistle blower (one who raises voice against the corruption) should be protected for raising voice against the corruption issues. On the contrary, government says the whistle blower should be punished for two year jail if he or she cannot prove the charges in the court. This shows that government wants to suppress the whistle blower and wants to blackmail them who are enough bold to raise voice against the corruption.


While going through the differences in the lokpal issue among the Team Anna and the government. The civil society wants strict anti corruption law as mentioned in the Jan Lokpal Bill but government want the lokpal bill as a lifeless body and a toothless snake. At present we have many anti-corruption agencies still we cannot fight against the corruption why? the only reason is that all anti corruption agencies are under the control of government and they cannot move independently instead they require special orders from the government to initiate the corruption cases. What happens here, government will not initiate action against those who are in the ruling party or very near to them. In addition to these, the investigating report can be modified or deleted according to their benefit. So, these agencies lying with no life. Many corruption cases staging under their nose even-though they cannot do anything. In my view, Jan Lokpal Bill must be passed at a majority for the benefit of the people of India to curb Corruption.

My suggestion- The whistle blower punishment can be made applicable in the case of Prime Minister and Judges considering their most important position but their protection is must in all other cases.

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