Media inspired movement of anti corruption by Anna Hazare Team and its effects

Anna Hazare and his team by this struggle has brought the danger of corruption to the forefront of politics. And activists though they are called non political ,they played politics. political parties saved democracy and the supremacy of parliament and Anna too. A noble cause is used to destablise our system of democracy by inexperienced crusaders .And at the end all are safe . A discussion and a resolution is the gain of this struggle. Let we continue the vigilant approach.

Third Movement of people

For more than two months, Anna Hazare's name occupied all the medias of our country including Tamil Nadu. We have learned or heard about the independence struggle lead by Gandhiji and Anti emergency movement lead by Jayaprakash Narain. But now, We see now before us, a man's name who has no political background roused thousands of men and women, particularly the youth section of the population.

New entry of middle class

Our country had seen many many struggles of govt employees, peasants,labours of organised or unorganised,people linked with castes,religions,language,state or region. But this struggle occupied maximum of middle class section which took no interest in anything around them even when it affected them. Now, they automatically came to he forefront of the struggle till to the end.

Medias of our country never highlighted as united as this one. All of them roused very much as they telecast-ed every second of the struggle as well as printed medias published every aspect of the struggle. It is the big reason for the youth coming forefront of the struggle. The internet sponsored websites poured oil very much in this struggle.

Anna comes to centre from state

Anna Hazare started the struggle demanding lokpal bill should be passed immediately. Or otherwise he will go to fast. Though his fasts were already famous in Maharastra, in his state, it had brought his name all over India who were politically interested as his demands were genuine in nature and they had toppled the state govt or ministers of it.

Background of anti corruption movement

But now it is the background which induced him and as well as the participants of this struggle. CAG reports regarding 2G spectrum, Common Wealth Games, Adharsh Housing Scheme, 3G spectrum, Krishna-Godhavari Gas plant scams came out continuously and they exposed the joint robbery of our resources by Multinational companies, monopolies of this country, Ministers and officers. Though our people were familiar with corruptions, this time, the magnitude of the amount of corruptions stunned the country people. They were furious, the supreme court also plunged into the investigations by monitoring the cases itself. So ministers and top party men like Raja, kalmadi of ruling alliance were sent to jail. This proved the guiltiness and gave hope to the people to oppose them. This reflected in elections to the assemblies of five states.

Induced by this unbearable background Anna's announcement was welcomed by all. The central government, knowing the heat of the background, cautiously accepted the participation of five activists to draft the lokpal bill jointly with cabinet ministers. The govt thought that it can convince them to their tunes but in vain. They stressed the posts of Prime Minister and judges of all courts should be covered by lokpal which govt accepted negatively. This gave the picture that our Prime Minister has something to hide and opposition parties also strongly called for including PM in the purview of lokpal.

Jan lokpal or govt lokpal

Emotional activists wanted their draft should be passed by parliament instead of toothless govt bill. Meantime Ramdev,a sadhu, induced by BJP took fast to stress anti corruption demands. He had his own members and supporter. Police forcefully vacated them. Ramdev was not prepared to face this kind of treatment and ran away from police came to arrest him and disguised himself in ladies dress.This made him mockery more than a crusader of corruption. His affiliation with RSS camp also exposed the political aspiration of that Sadhu.

Fast of Anna Hazzare

Fifteenth Aug was the deadline that Anna gave to the govt to pass lokpal. The central govt took the stand to keep the supremacy of the parliament that it could not compelled by a man or group to pass a bill they drafted. But Anna and his team declared openly people are above parliament. This stands of both the govt and Team Anna lead to contradictory and egoist stand. Anna put non practical demand in a democracy. Govt wrongly arrested Anna which gathered all political parties even those who had difference of opinions in his demand and method of struggle.

Encouraged by this overwhelming support of the people and political parties Anna started his fast in Tihar jail itself where corrupted minister raja and CWG kalmadi were kept. This raised the question before the people weather it is correct that keeping the corrupt and oppose of corruption being put in jail,in same jail. Govt now tactically tried to share the burden of angry of the people with opposition parties and called for all party meeting. The opposition parties correctly warned the govt that it should have taken the political parties into confidence to draft the bill than activists, and it has lead to this anarchism of overtaking of parliament and its members.They told to keep the supremacy of parliament and at the same time the bill of the govt should be strengthened including PM in the ambit of the Lokpal.

Arrest and release of Anna

Then the govt released and gave permission to fast in Ramlila where initially rejected.This mishandling sent the message of success and people naturally joined as spectaters. All over the nation the middle class sections though in smaller numbers organised themselves -with NGO groups -supported Anna in different forms of struggles. This time govt did not give in to the pressure. Anna's group expected success in five or six days. But nervously they approached behind the scene to BJP leaders and they approached the govt. Passing a bill will naturally take time. so it could not possible. And jan lokpal bill draft could not be accepted as it is. So it is not possible to accept Anna's demand.

Letting down Jan lokpal and cut short to three demands

Anna's team without other way accepted to cut short their demands to the practical lines. Again a all parties were called and they again told to uphold democracy and parliament. At the same time make stronger the lokpal and save poor Anna. So a decision was taken to pass a resolution to the effect to strong the bill and pass it with discussion -to face save Anna -and send to select committee where the govt bill was already kept. On twelthday parliament discussed and the draft resolution was agreed by Anna -with no other go -declared the end of his fast on thirteenth day. And the drama came to an end.

Success or defeat? Future has its answers

His followers declared this as a success. Anna says it is half success and to continue struggle. Prashant bushan again put demand to convene special session to pass the bill. This has exposed that they did not got they expected.All over the country the people satisfied with humanitarian end to save the life of Anna though he does not achieve.

Political parties or Activists?

Medias and Anna's team tried to stamp they are the only representatives of the people not the political parties. But the political parties allowed the child to play the politics and save it when danger came. At the same time they stood up to the time to save democracy and parliament and thus proved they are the real representatives of people.

We can conclude that all are safe.The democracy,the parliament and Anna. but corruption? It will continue. But all concerned will take care not to corrupt with evidences. A noble cause is brought before the nation by this struggle. But at the same time over enthusiasm to overtake parliament and our constitution will not be allowed in our set up in the name of purifying with immature struggles.

Root cause of corruption

Corruption has deep roots in our society by the policies of ruling classes. without touching them how can we end corruption. Liberalisation and globalaisation is the main cause of bursting scams. These sections, said to be anti corruption, never concern on these causes. Cutting the branches of poison tree will do? We should cut the roots with full tree. Let the struggle to be continued by all the people not one Anna or Mahatma.


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