Samacheer kalvi Xth class CBSE & Future aspects of Tamilnadu Education

Samacheer kalvi means not only same books. But all the aspects of education should be equal. Now other system of Central Govt named CBSE is continuing .so samachchir Kalvi is not attained till now. For that the struggle should continue.

Talk of the state -Samacheer kalvi

The talk in education field was about Samacheer Kalvi for almost three months. Now it is implemented in Tamil Nadu. The talk is no more. All were settled down as if the matter is over. Is it correct? No, it is almost just a start in Samacheer Kalvi.

There were four systems in Tamil Nadu. They were State Board, Matric, Anglo Indian and Oriental. These four systems established a vast difference in students capacity. So the Matriculation system occupied the great importance as it is in English medium and standard of its syllabus is higher, it was told. When the students from all these systems come to +2, Matric students gets higher marks than others and thereby occupy all the merit based courses and after that the valuable jobs of the society.

What is Samacheer kalvi?

For a long period educationists, parents and students were raising voices to bring all these systems into one. The medium of education should be the mother tongue. Syllabus should be soil oriented and specific to the state. All should study in one school nearest to them. Free education should be given to all. All schools should be in govt control. Education should be changed again to state list from concurrent list. Schools should be with needed infrastructures as buildings, drinking water, laboratories, libraries, separate toilets for both the boys and girls, midday meals, uniforms, books and note books and other stationary should be equal to all the children. Well trained teachers and proper payments to them also was in demands list. If all these points met, then it would be Samacheer kalvi.

Struggles for SAMAM

In this competitive period when students were lagging behind who studied in state board continuously, the struggles were started and developed. Students were naturally in forefront of this struggles and they were ill treated by the govts so as to the students were admitted to hospitals for months of time and false cases were implicated on them. This developed the struggle more severe and at the time of assembly elections all the political parties had to include this demand of the society naturally and it got a proper place in their manifesto es.

Dr. Muthukumaran committee

When kalaignar got the govt, he was dragging this demand. Again the struggle of students raised specifically by the Students federation of India which is affiliated to left parties and the State platform for common school system. Then Kalaignar formed Dr. Muthukumaran committee to formulate the methods of Samacheer Kalvi. The committee in a proper time analyzed the whole issue in a genuine manner and gave a wonderful report. It included all aspects of Samacheer kalvi. Kalaignar did not hurry to implement that report. Then again the struggle of students and educationists started.

Samacheer of Kalaignar?

So after three years and at the verge of the election he planned to bring the same books for all systems and implemented to std 1 and std 6 only. He set aside the demands to liquidate all boards and make it one and all other aspects of Muthukumaran committee. In books issue too, he was silent as if he has no objections `to the judgment o the Chennai high court that matric schools may have separate books on the same syllabus and should be recognised by the govt. When all demanded that govt should appeal to nullify the judgment, the govt was silent. But he prepared books for all other classes up to tenth to implement from next year.

Then in next election JJ came to power. She sent a wave of shock at the time of school reopening that school reopening will be delayed for fifteen days to print books used in prior year saying that Samacheer kalvi books are noting good standard. Then the legal and street battle continued till the Supreme Court gave its final judgment that the Samacheer kalvi books should be implemented at once. All felt happy and books supplied and the classes are started.

Samam not yet established

Now all think that Samacheer kalvi is given in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. All the four boards are still continuing. In private schools of course they use these books, but they also having other books they choose. So Samamatra kalvi (unequal education) is continuing. All private schools collecting more fees. Rich pupils are studying in a distance school giving Good (?) education, while govt schools having four teachers for six classes, under trees without black boards, laboratories and libraries.

Thus Kalaignar and JJ proved that they are same to give a different education to poor and to rich. The ruling classes of the society never allowed the poor people to get higher knowledge from the period of Eklaiva and Sambugan and it is still continuing. The powerless poor people have to satisfy with what they get.

Samacheer X CBSE

Now a system which is followed in central govt schools called CBSE system is continuing in Tamil Nadu also. It is with English medium and Hindi as a language. The students in CBSE system shift to state board in 11th standard so as to study the same syllabus they studied in their tenth class also in 12th. so they get higher marks than state board students. So the differences continue. We should find a way to block the CBSE students studying 12th std in state board. Then only the equality can be attained. So all concerned should continue the struggle to bring education State list and all should study only in nearest schools, in state board only and to implement all other aspects mentioned in Muthukumaran committee other than the same books. Will they ?


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