Tamilnadu Chief minister Jayalalitha and Gujrath Chief minister Modi

Modi the chief minister of Gujarath was on fast for three days. His declared goal was harmony between religions. He also declared that he was freed from the charges by supreme court. Jayalalitha supporting the cause of Modi sent two ministers to take part in the fast. But really the fast was for political reason. They both are hiding their Hindtwa policy so that to get minority votes. They both dream as future Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India which won't happen

Riots in Gujarat

In 2002, there was a train accident and some were killed in it. It was charged that it was planned murder of RSS supported men by Muslims. Without any inquiry Modi govt and his party declared so and allowed hindutwa fundamentalists to kill Muslims. The govt supported the killings the police was protecting the killers hundreds of Muslims old and youth, men and women, children and grown ups were killed. Even child in mothers stomach were torn and cut by them and thrown into fire. Such activities stunned the whole country. Even a congress Muslim MP also was killed with his family members.

What is Supreme court saying?

For nine years none of the culprits were not sent to jail. When the sufferers pressed for booking cases on killers the police rejected. Then they went to courts to register the cases. When it went to supreme court it formed special team for investigations and prepare report. After the report is finalised the supreme court has now said that the case should be continued in magistrate courts of Gujarat. This judgment is interpreted that it has released Modi from all charges.

Drama of Greedy and culprit Modi

To hide the truth and focus himself as next Prime minister of India he is using this occasion. So he decided to go on fast for three days for communal harmony and peace. But when the relatives of people who were killed in 2002 riots tried to demonstrate highlighting their demands to get justice for their relatives lives they were not allowed and taken custody. They don't accept there is peace in gujarat for 10 years. They say "Mr. Modi keeps saying that there is peace in the State. There has never been any riot in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan. Does that mean that they are all peaceful societies?

Jaya is counterpart of Modi in TamilNadu

Ms jayalalitha has declared that Modi's cause is genuine and has sent two ministers to take part in fast. But she has not sent anyone to Paramakudi where 8 dalits are killed by her police. This reveal that she is part and parcel of RSS camp and sang parivar. But they are hiding their intentions for votes from minorities. She thinks that after separation from congress DMK will join hands with BJP; so she occupy the ally place instead of DMK to left DMK alone .

Modis would be thrown out of history

In Gujarat higher police officers are reporting to Nanavathi commission that they were ordered not to take actions to control riot and to allow Hindus to do what they want to do. Now another officer has told that he was told by CM, the manmoham modi, to bribe the lawyers of Muslim people. These news items exposes the real face of Modi. People will soon realise the drama of Modi and throw him and JJ out of history as Kotse Jeyalalitha dreams that when Modi becomes PM of India she will take oath as Deputy Prime Minister of India. With these aim they both play drama which won't happen.


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