Nanmaitharum Navarathiri Pooja

In this article I have mentioned the history and the method of worshiping lord Durga.The Night to worship lord shiva is "Shivarathiri" and the one which is suitable to worship Lord Sakthi is Navarathiri.The word “Navam” means Nine in Sanskrit and the celebrations of the victory of Lord Sakthi over demon “Pandasuran”is celebrated as Navarathiri. This Navarathiri is celebrated as Dussera in Karnataka and Ramleela in Bangladesh.

History of Navarathiri

The demon who formed by the ash of "Manmadhan" is called as "Pandasuran",he tortured Deva's and Saints a lot,so they requested devi Durga to rescue them.Devi Durga started to conquer the Demon by taking different Avatar's in Nine days and at last she won the battle.The last day celebration of the Victory of Devi is celebrated as "Vijayadhasami".

Lord Durga was worshiped in the first three days of "Pradhamai", "Duvidhiyai" and "Thiruthiyai" by Red flowers. The next three days that is "Sathurthi", "Panchami" and "Sashti"Lord Durga will be worshiped as Lord Lakshmi by Red lotus,Rojas.The last three days of "Sapthami", "Ashtami"and "Navami"Devi is worshiped as Lord Saraswathi by White lotus, Jasmine and all white flowers.

Navarathiri Lord Durga nine different forms

On First day she will be the symbol of "Kumari"who conquered the demons "Madhu","Kaidabar".

Second day she will be "Rajarajeswari"who won the demon Mahishasuran.

Third day she will be"Kalyani"who will have thrisul and have Mahisam as her asanam.

Fourth day she will the symbol of victory as"Jeya Durgai" or "Rohini Durgai" she will sit in the "Simmasanam" who will give relief to all.

Fifth day Lord Durgai will sit in "Sugasanam" and she will listen to "Sugrevan" the mediator of Demon "Sumban".

Sixth day she will sit in the "Sarpant asanam" as "Sandiga devi" who have Lotus flower,Gold pot,and have crescent moon in her head.

Seventh day she will conquer the demons "Shandan" and "Mundan" and after the victory she will sit as "Sambavi" who plays "veenai".

Eighth day she will beat demon "Ragdhabeejan" and have love in her heart.She will be worshiped as "Subathirai".

On ninth day she will be decorated as "Kamesawri"who have these weapons "Thrisul","Angusam ","Vil"and "Pasam".

By this way we will worship Lord Parasakthi. She is protecting as Lord Durga,She gives us knowledge as "Lord saraswathi". Lord Paraskthi is providing as wealth as "Lord Mahalakshmi".

On Navarathri she she will be in the form of Sakthi and on tenth day she will be portrayed as "Sivasakthi".

The ways to worship devi on Navarathri

On navarathri we have to realize women as Sakthi. The girl babies from the age of 2 to 10 years will be decorated as "Kumari","Thirimoorthi","Kalyani","Rohini","Kaliga","Sandiga","Sambavi","Subathirai" and "Durgai". Every day after the Pooja we have to give "Thamboolam"to women(Thamboolam is Betel , Areca nut. And Kumkum and Turmeric)along with the prasatham.

On Saraswathi pooja day,we have to worship our equipments such as Students can worship their Books,and Engineers their equipments,etc..On the day of Saraswathi pooja we have to worship"Lord Hayagreeva" who is known as the lord of knowledge.

Those who cant able to worship for nine days means they can worship Lord Durga on the last two days.The quality of will be the same for the pooja.

Procedure for Doll decorations

When we think of Navarathri we just remind the doll decoration often called as"Golu"in Tamil. The concept of Golu is when Lord Durga started her battle against the demon the Deva's gave their weapons to Devi and they remain as Doll.In order to remind this we are making"Golu".

The perfect "Golu" will have at least nine steps.There is a procedure to make an arrangement over this.

In First step: We have to keep the single sense creatures such as dolls of Plants,Creepers,Trees, park or Small garden.

Second Step: Here we can keep Two sense creatures such as dolls of Worm,Snail,Conch.

Third step: Here we have to keep three sense animals such as dolls of Termite,Ant etc.,

Fourth Step: Here we keep Four sense animals such as dolls of Bird,Bug.

Fifth step: Here we keep five sense animals such as dolls of Cow.

Sixth step:In this step we will keep Six sense animals like Dolls of Human.

Seventh step: In this step we will place dolls of Saints,Mahans.

Eighth step: In this step we will place the dolls of Lords.

Ninth step: This is the final step and here we have to place "Purana kumbam" along with the statue of Devi.

The truth behind the making of "Golu"is Lord devi is the soul for everyone.

This significant festival is celebrated from September,27 this year. This navarathiri festival is celebrated as "Navarathri"in South India and Dussera in North India. In south India we will celebrate this festival as the victory of Lord Durga over the demon.In North India the people will celebrate it as a symbol of victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana. But the celebration shows the spirituality over god.


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