The List of all movies of Tamil actor Karthi

Karthik was first introduced in Tamil cinema's only in the year 2007 in his debut film Paruthiveeran and was successful in all his movies except only one movie Paiyaa that was a mere failure, but except for this he had performed well in all the movies of him.

Tamil movie Paruthiveeran

It was the first movie for Tamil actor Karthi in the Cinema Industry and his brother Surya was used to promote this movie. The Movie was released in the year 2007. It was entirely a different character that depicted the criminal activities that took place in Madurai and its surroundings during the past period. The movie although was Karthi's first movie did not seem to be his first movie as there was no mistake made by the young lad Karthi. The movie was written by Aamir Sultan with the lead roles played by Karthi and Priyamani and the Movie was well supported by the side actors like saravanan who did his uncle's role and Kanja karuppu who played the comedian's role.

Story Tamil movie Paruthiveeran - The movie starts with Karthi's entrance with the introduction song which ends with Karthi attacking a person of his village as a revenge for previous activities. Immediately after attacking the person he has been put behind the bars with his uncle saravanan with him. They take these incidents lightly to come to the prison and go out. At the other end heroine Priyamani falls in love with Karthi right from the child age when she was protected from a well by karthi. Karthi faces too many problems but also enjoys his life by leading a don's life in his village; at one part of the movie both express their love and this is known to the father who attempts to fix the marriage with yet another person but priyamani attempts suicide to overcome this problem. What happens next whether they get married at the end or they are separated is the plot of the movie which is attracted with some comedies of Kanja Karuppu and the movie is a mass entertainer that finishes with a sorrow theme.

Tamil movie Aayirathil Oruvan

After the huge success of paruthiveeran, the actor went on to do a Completely Different role where he played the role of the contract laborer who has a separate troop and does work like transporting goods and helping the people. The film was released on January of 2010 where the lead roles were played by Karthi, Parthiban, Rema Sen and Andrea. The movie was directed by director Selvaragavan and the Music was composed by G.V prakash.

Story Tamil movie Aayirathil Oruvan - The story starts with the drama that depicts that the Chola king has left the successor with yet other chola dynasty people to make an invasion on the pandian emperor before some hundreds of years. Then the story of the current period is taken where Karthi has been introduced in a totally different manner. The Karthi has been assigned to do the helper role to the army crew that is headed by Reema sen and An archeologist who is in search of her father. The crew had to start to a place near Andamam Nicobar Island and they when are nearing the place face many problems that are created by the chola empire to restrict the Pandian to reach their place to destroy the Chola dynasty. After many problems the Crew reaches the place and find that the Chola Dynasty is still alive in that place Later the story has many turns that include Reema sen Being the successor of Pandian Dynasty and the Karthi being the protector who is said to come to protect the Chola dynasty from its destruction, The story Ends with Karthi protecting the Kings Daughter and taking her somewhere deep into the forest and the movie ends there.

Tamil movie Paiyaa

After the huge success of Paruthiveeran and Aayirathil Oruvan there was huge expectation on this film of Karthi which was a mere flop that had failed to attract more number of audiences towards it. The movie was directed by Lingusamy who had some hit films to his name like Sandakozhi. The film was made with the lead roles played by Karthi and Tamanahh Milind soman, Sonia Deepthi and Jegan did the supportive character to play as friends of Karthi in the movie. The movie was on the whole the incidents that happen during a travel.

Story of Tamil movie Paiyaa - The story starts with Karthi Falling in love with the female lead Tamanahh, where he falls in love at first sight on the female lead character. Then tamanahh escapes from her relatives to get into the Karthi's Friend car thinking that Karthi was a driver and she wants to move to her uncle's house which is at Mumbai, The movie comprises the travel they make and how they escape the sight of the relatives of the Heroine and how they face problems in an apt manner and the story ends with Tamanahh getting to her relatives house and then realizing the situation there which is totally different and wants to return back to Tamil nadu and Karthi helps her again saying that he is not the driver and what happens next is the climax of the movie.

Tamil movie Naan Mahaan Alla

Naan Mahaan Alla is yet another movie of Karthi which released with high expectation even though the previous film was a flop. It revolves around a crime incident and a person watching it who is later murdered by the criminals as the person helps the police to find the suspect, the movie then is followed by the son who is attempting to take the revenge of his father's death.

Story of Naan Mahaan Alla - The Karthi's character is that of the carefree person who is just leading a normal life under the father's earnings. Soon he falls in love with Kajal Agarwal who is doing the female lead in the movie. At one side of the movie the love of karthi goes well but on the other side the father of karthi witnesses the crime and the persons involved in it. Soon the story meets at a point where the father of Karthi is attacked and killed by the criminals against whom the case has been filed. Then Karthi seeks the help of some local goon to find the criminals and take revenge for the death of his father.

Tamil movie Siruthai

Siruthai was the latest movie of Karthi which had the lead roles Karthi and Tamanahh doing the lead role and is well supported by Santhanam's comedy. In this movie Karthi plays dual role one as the IPS officer who is very strict against the local goons and the other one as the criminal who deals with robbery and is well supported by Santhanam. The movie was directed by S. S. Rajamouli and the music was composed by Vidyasagar.

Story of tamil movie Siruthai - The movie starts with Rocket raja the first character of Karthi doing some robbery and setting punishments for that, He does the robbery with his friend Santhanam who plays the Kattupoochi another thief, they do the robbery jointly and share the profits among them. At one point of time a lady approaches them and gives the box and states them to keep it safely until they return. But Rocket raja thinks that the box is full of jewelery and money and plans to steel them. Soon they realize that there is a girl in the box and the girl too believes that Karthi is her father, when the story moves further Rocket raja comes to know that there is one more person who looks similar to him and he is a police officer. Soon the police officer is attacked by the local goons and dies, Then Rocket raja replaces the IPS officer at his place and does the things in order to control the crime rate of the local goons who were responsible for the IPS officer's death. What happens next whether he would control the crime or he will also be a victim is the climax of the story.


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