List of Old age homes in Chennai, Tamilnadu

This article have a balanced verdict of increasing oldage homes in Chennai, Tamilnadu. It is well explained analyzed all the possibilities of why do we need oldage homes? Are we going in the right direction? by admitting our parents in the oldage homes. We give injustice to our children by dividing their grandparents form them.

List of Old age homes in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Why do we need old age homes?It is a painful moment that the old age homes in cities are increasing day by day. Nowadays, people became more busy and self oriented. The cost of living also increased due to the increase of demand in life. So, everyone has to work for earning. No one care themselves and hence there is no question arise for caring others including parents too. In searching of job or other obligations one has to move to other state or sometime other countries too. Under these circumstances, caring of parents is quite impossible. I don't blame any one because the situation enforced them to admit their parents in the old age homes according to their situations. One has to be more practical than emotional. Even parents themselves never want any kind of conflict between their son and daughter-in-laws. Everyone is running behind money leaving all means of life like happiness, care taking, sharing, relations and many more. Nowadays, people don't know their relations except mother and father. So, family values shrinking day by day. These all happen only due to the modernization of life style. People live in the materialistic world so they never have the satisfaction. They want to purchase one after another putting no fullstops for it. All these made them self oriented and they find no time for sharing with their parents. So, we need old age homes.

Where the old age people be happy with their children or at the old age homes

I must say the parents will be more happy in the old age homes. Giving food, shelter and cloth will never bring happiness in their life beyond this children should share their views and ideas in the planning of family matters. I could say in majority of homes, children never include their parents asking their views and ideas of their family matters. They think that parents are only concern with food, shelter and cloth. This made them feel ashamed and ill-treating. Son or daughter-in-law find no time to share few kind words with their parents but they ready to give money. There are certain incidence where there were no conversation between their children and old age parents. So, definitely parents will be more happy in old age homes as compared with their children. There are some children who are an exception they take complete care of their parents and share their views and ideas in the family matters. They include their parents in their living which will give more happiness. For those children no more words but I must salute.

Activities taken at the old age homes in Chennai

Old aged people are brought to this home for spending their last days along with other old friends. Here the volunteers who are around the clock to help the old age people in all walks of life. They take care of old age people in health, entertainment and other activities. There are few activities in the old age homes to make them feel comfortable with their new residence in the old age homes. The activities may include
1. Playing indoor games like ludo, chess, table tennis, shuttle cork, carom board and many more.
2. Weekly health checkup programme in which all the old age people are brought for health checkup.
3. Food as per their disease or ailments.
4. Tour programme nearby places
5. Morning and evening yoga and exercises.
6.Meeting with their children.
all these activities may bring temporary happiness but the real happiness lies in their own residence with their own children but there is no alternatives except the old age homes. Sharing their sorrow and happiness with other members of the old age home is the main key factor for being happy. His son may not listen his words but the members of the old age home will definitely hear.

List of old age homes in Chennai

  • Dayakendra Oldage Home
    4, Thandavarayan Street, Vepery, Vepery,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Udavum Karangal
    460, N S K Nagar, Arumbakkam, N S K Nagar,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • People United To Serve Hunger
    237-B, Indira Nagar Grant Line, Red Hills,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Vuyiroli Welfare Society
    No. 151/221, Baraka Road, Kilpauk,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Melur Meadows
    No-36/53, 53rd Street, 9th Avenue, Ashok Nagar,
    Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Udavum Karangal
    Phone: +91-44-2621 6321, 2621 6421, 262 22161
    Fax: +91-44-2626 7624
    Chennai, N.S.K. Nagar
    Chennai - 600106
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone to call from US: 781 382 0966

Conclusion for old age home in Chennai

In my view, it is the demand of time. Parents and children must be more practical than emotional. Children can send their parents to old age homes if they are away from them or not in a position to take care of them. They should not forsake the responsibility of taking care of parents if they have all facilities and living in the same village or city. Parents should not feel shame of going to old age homes. In the same time children should not forget their parents once send them to the old age homes. Children must have some frequent visit to the old age homes to see their parents. At the time constrain, a phone call may be made to analyze the parents condition. Only with the mutual understanding of parents and children strengthen their relationship.


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