Impact of Hindi in Tamilnadu - View of common people & Role of Government

Why people were against Hindi in Tamilnadu? it is a question of mystery and till date no one answered. How learning Hindi would be a sin?. It is all about the political drama staged for bagging votes for the assembly election. Now the people of Tamilnadu realized the importance of Hindi and they are ready to learn at their own cost. So, government of Tamilnadu must support Hindi for the future development of Tamilnadu.

Impact of Hindi in Tamilnadu

During 60's and 70's there were a great opposition for the usage of Hindi in Tamilnadu. People of Tamilnadu had more sentiment with their mother tongue. They thought that introduction of Hindi in Tamilnadu will vanish or hamper the popularity of Tamil language. So, no one want to decline the use of Tamil in Tamilnadu. Taking this as an opportunity, the political parties like DMK and AIADMK proclaimed campaign against the use of Hindi in Tamilnadu. There were lot of strike and riot against the use of Hindi. It is an example that the political parties playing vote bank politics not bothering about the development of Tamilnadu. All these imaginations were simply an illusion nothing reality behind strong opposition of Hindi in Tamilnadu.

Why do we need the usage of Hindi in Tamilnadu

India is a vast country having different religion, languages, caste and creed etc. So, we need a common language to unite all states under a roof. This task can be attained by none other than Hindi. Let see why do we need the usage of Hindi in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is one of the fast developing states of India. Here there are many universities, colleges, medical colleges, polytechnic, world class hospitals, harbor etc. So, large number of people within India and abroad visit Tamilnadu everyday. Thousands of students are getting admission in various colleges and universities of Tamilnadu from other states or countries too. There are only three major shipping ports (chennai, kolkata, vishakapatnam) in India through which all passengers disseminate to other parts of India. Particularly in metropolitan cities where all language people unite there must be a common language for comfortable communication. For instance, an auto driver must know Hindi to make a meaningful conversation with the passenger. A grocer need Hindi for meaningful conversation with his customers of other states. Nowadays, large number of visitors of other state come to Tamilnadu for getting treatment or higher education. So, we are in great need of Hindi usage in Tamilnadu.

View of common people of Tamilnadu over Hindi usage in the state of Tamilnadu

Unlike past, the attitude of people over Hindi changed a lot in simple we can say the thought get U turn in the past decade. In IT sector and other areas, Tamilnadu had shown a amazing improvement in the past few years in the same way other states like Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala shown a wonderful record of growth rate in the past days. So, children from either states have to move to one another for want of job or initiating many more projects. Hence, increase in the movement causes a great demand of Hindi for comfort conversation with their boss or customers. Private companies made Hindi fluency as one of the criteria in the recruitment rule for getting selection in their companies.

Nowadays, we can see many Hindi spoken tutorials increasing in a cumulative manner. This shows the interest of people in learning Hindi in Tamilnadu. Even in a village people show much more interest in learning Hindi in a complete manner. I wish to narrate an incident, Few days back, I just asked a question to a villager of Tamilnadu that why you people show more interest in learning Hindi? He replied, " I want to send my son to abroad like Dubai, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia for the search of job but they prefer Hindi speaking people in selecting for their companies'. His reply revealed how much they are vigilant over the benefit of learning Hindi in Tamilnadu.

Role of Tamilnadu Government in Imparting Hindi education in Tamilnadu

Languages are the windows of our mind, more languages means more windows thus increasing the brightness of your mind. Then why Tamilnadu government is neglecting Hindi in introducing as a third language in all school of Tamilnadu?. In my view, the government should not make delay in introducing Hindi as a third language in all Tamilnadu schools. There is no doubt that Tamilnadu government is promoting Tamil with great enthusiasm in the state but at the same time Hindi can also be introduced as a third language in the schools of Tamilandu. One who learn more languages have more command in all aspects thus increasing the confident level in their career building.

Conclusion of impact of Hindi in Tamilnadu

Now the people of Tamilnadu realized the need of learning Hindi. There was proverb that 'Necessity has no law'. They know that learning Hindi will bring lot of job opportunity to their children. So, parents are more interest in admitting their children to CBSE or matriculation schools where they have Hindi as one of the optional subjects. There is no meaning of opposing Hindi in Tamilnadu better accept it and learn Hindi for the betterment and bright future.


Guest Author: sudhan22 Oct 2011

Hello sir,
It is definitely true that it is only the perception of the people towards their mother language and Hindi the national language which made them think in such a way that seeking one language may affect the knowledge about one's one mother language.

Guest Author: Naina Khan23 Oct 2011

Hai Krishnamoorthy,

Even though Hindi is being taught as second language in various schools there would be no harm in learning a language.By understanding the importance of Hindi in northern part of India people from Tamil Nadu will definitely try understand its necessity and have a look and like onto it.

S.Naina Khan.

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