Surya’s 7am Arivu – Pre Release Story Line and its Unknown Facts

The latest buzz towards 7am Arivu Story is high even before its pre release into the minds of the film lovers. It is the movie which would have some special segments in its story. 7am Arivu clocks release have started its ticking and in this film Suriya and Sruthi Hassan plays a lead role with its pride of being directed by A.R.murugadoss and produced under the banner Red Giant by a leading producer Udhayanidhi . Read more to get to know the story line and hidden facts behind the film. Happy Reading.

Surya's 7am Arivu - A Diwali Feast for Tamil Film Lovers

The countdown over Diwali a festival for film lovers has started but this time the feast would be very minimal as only two movies of leading tamil actors are to hit the screen. The clock started to tick and among the films in Diwali race a huge expectation has been created for this film. The reason behind it may be due to several facts like great combination joining hands back and also being produced by a big banner.

Tamil actor Surya 7am Arivu would be a never seen story in Tamil film Industry this was the message conveyed by the director and he highly denies with few rumors about the story saying that it is loosely based on Inception Story to the local press. Interpreting from what we hear through the word of mouth it seems 7am Arivu would be a mixture of History, Science, Research and Medicine that will happen between past and present centuries.

7am Arivu 1The entire Team has put efforts to hide the hidden real facts behind the success of the movie in Box office in spite of various rumours being circulated through various Medias. Making a Historical film is not easy and something that everyone can do but A.R.Murugadoss in tie up with Surya has taken guts to deliver the movie with great success. Moreover the director says the success towards the movie would not be possible without the producer as doing a historical film would be risk taking in which the outcomes would be authentic and great with huge spending towards the movies success.

Suriya's 7am Arivu - The Hidden Story

Surya's fans and other film lovers are more curious and with huge expectation towards the story behind the movie. Surya would be the only personality who would like to give different roles in his movies and with selection of story and his characters would be his success formula which would fulfill and satisfy the thirst over his movies for his fans and other film lovers.

7am Arivu 2
Two stories through various rumours are being taken as guessing facts behind the story line of Suriya's 7am Arivu. The guess behind the story line still lies in dark as huge protection towards the story has been protected by the team and creator of the film. In spite of the above factors I like to share the story facts spread into the minds of the fans and film lovers even before its pre release as stated below.

One story of guess is that it would be a Historic film where History and its hidden facts in different centuries are given much importance and this movie will let us with a travel to different centuries where Marital Arts are given high weightage in full swing in the film. Character Dhamo known as Kalari Payat and Bodhidharma are given high priority as the above two mentioned names are forms of arts related to Maritial arts currently preached in china. It is also said that the story lines around the life age of a saint and this can be witnessed with various stills released for the movie.

Ever since the release of the Trailers and word of mouth several research of information about a saint named Bodhidharma has been carried out by the film lovers through Internet and various other sources even before its pre release and this has created a good marketing towards the film's success.

Who is Bodhidharma?
What would be the Real Facts behind Bodhidharma in 7am Arivu?
What would be the relationships and skills behind him? Quite interesting Read more to get to know the details.

Bodhidharma has its orgin from Kanchipuram in India few years back and a pallava price who was very much Intelligent and favorite son of king of India with two elder brothers. As Bodhidharma was Intelligent both their brother felt their father would give the position to rule his kingdom and so both brothers decided several tricks to make him out of focus but they failed and was not successful as Bodhidharma was blessed with Karma Skills. But Bodhidharma was not interested in satisfying the desire of his father and he took his study with the famous Buddhist Prainatara and become a Buddhist monk and he was under his master training for many years and as Instructed by his master after his death he left to china as said by his master.
7am Arivu 4

Later the dynasty of Bodhidharma father was ruled by his older brother and his son. The son of his brother came to know about the truth behind it and was very much interested towards his activities. The son Instructed to stay near the capital but with the deny from Bodhidharma he decided to sent a message to the people of China through pigeon indicating the status of him and asked them to take care of him. The people of china was surprised with the message received and wondered what would be the talents and skills behind him. This made him popular and Bodhidharma undergone several meditation on his travel to different places in china and preached a different martial arts to the people of china taught by his guru and later this got shaped and currently termed as Kung fu in china with its pride of origin from India.

Later according to the story of the film he gets murdered but even after his death several people practice Martial arts and each and every corner speaks about him and with the help of latest Technological advancement the director has tried to club it with the present century where the life of the saint is redeemed back in different personality to avenge the enemies and save the country and convey the true facts behind its relationship to India especially Tamil Nadu and its culture.

Another story of guess would be related to Scientific Applications. The role of the Heroine would be as a Scientist who invents a Time Machine and using Recombination of DNA Technology the story revolves around the machine which will take us through different centuries and convey the message of Tamil culture and Marital arts with its connection to India.

Hope this would be the next line of story in the movie as the lost hidden Ancestors talent from a family are being dominated and given Re birth using DNA Technology by the scientist in order to know the real fact behind the history of Martial arts and its origin and save the invention from the evils. Meanwhile there would some good Duets in the movie,with description of story related to few character of suriya as a circus men and a gang by knowing the facts of Time Machine and its importance try to steal with from the respective people using some Hypnotism technique by putting them into an unconscious state of mind. If the machine is in the hand of the thief's then it would create un necessary problems to the world and current relationship and real facts about the past history, culture and countries would be unknown. The scientist (Heroine) with the help of the Hero using the latest DNA Technology tries to save it from the evils of the world.
7am Arivu 7

The director A.R.Murugadoss has well understood the Importance of the movie and found out a way to deliver the message of History with the latest Technologies with at most care in order to cater and target all set of audience like youth and Historic film lovers.

Suriya's 7am Arivu – Popular and Unknown Hidden Facts and Tit Bits

Surya's fan and other film lovers would be more curious and expected over for the release of the movie 7am Arivu. Surya a different personality in cinema would like to differ himself from other actor by giving good movies suited to his characters to attract the audience and make a good position into Box office by satisfying the desire of the director towards the success of the movie. Let me share some latest news and hidden facts about suriya and this movie. Read more to get to know the details.
  1. The Booking of 7am Arivu started on 19/10/2011.
  2. 7am Arivu has got its slots for release in 350 Theatres in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Right from the open of the booking the tickets has been sold out within 1 hour and there is no more booking in Theatres for next 5 days from the date of Diwali.
  4. This is the first Tamil film for kamal's daughter Sruthi Hassan.
  5. Even though the film is based on the new story line several talks states that it is being derived from Christhoper Noblen movie Inception.
  6. Suriya acted as a Handicapped Trapeze circus boy and it was shot at Great Bombay Circus in Coimbatore.
    7am Arivu 5
  7. Suriya has undergone special training for the role of circus boy with various circus tropes in Thailand.
  8. As the story analysis about Kung Fu and Marital arts several relationships between India and China has been added in this movie.
  9. To sustain the relationship between countries and to make it live a Chinese song has been added in this movie and it was sung by a Chinese singer.
  10. Suriya to play the role of Buddhist Monk only for 20 Minutes in the movie and hope to at the beginning of the movie.
  11. Ennum Enna Thola a song in this movie is specially dedicated to Elam Tamilians and also noted that suriya cried out while shooting this scene.
  12. The movie Intersects with 1500 years old Language.
  13. With the character from this movie it is also noted that surya started studying Holy books and started to give solution and feedback regarding Aanimagam.
  14. The horse which is acted with suriya was purchased from famous Horse auction Anthiyur. It is also noted that the Horse was bought for a price of 5 Lakhs.
  15. Sruthi Hassan role as a scientist tries to explain several secrets behind Bodhidharma and DNA Technology.
  16. From the Inspiration of A.R.Murugadoss suriya has given a speech that he like to become a producer and like to give opportunity to Newbie's and moreover planned to produce 2 movies in a year. Hope to land up with the plan by next year.
  17. Suriya has undergone high risky Exercise and developed a Six Pack to suit his character.
  18. The Chinese song in this movie picturaise a little girl who admires the Chinese Monk.
  19. Tony Joa Chinese actor acted first time in Tamil Movie and playing the role of a Villain.
  20. The first 15 minutes of the movie would be a highlight as the team has spent 1 crore for one Minute.
  21. Another actor Abinaya acted in Nadodigal role is kept silent.
  22. Banu Bashyam who worked with a leading director Shankar in various movies is joining hands first time with A.R.murugadoss for this film creats huge expectation.
  23. The Graphics works of the film were being carried at Stone Winston studio in America.
  24. Some of shooting at Chennai was taken at Adyar Bridge,Amba Sky Walk Mall.

According to me whatever the concept towards the movie might be A.R.Murugadoss would definitely be appreciated in inventing a new idea in presentation of his messages related to present and past centuries. Movie lovers would also be eager to know and find about various details about the past History in different perspective using latest Technologies.

Finally 7am Arivu would be a Big Feast for film lovers and with various sources of information before it pre release would definitely bring it with a massive success in the Box Office collection.

7am Arivu Verdict – My verdict towards this would be something special and wonderful if watched in Big Screens.

Last but not least.let's wait!!!!! few more days to break our anxiety and suspense.


Guest Author: venkata Kumar25 Oct 2011

You have given complete details about this movie. Surely this movie takes a solo track in Tamil cinema.

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