Engeyum Eppothum movie review and the complete story

Engeyum Eppothum is the movie that was recently released in the Indian Cinema Industry and was a hit and it is going on well in the theaters all over Tamil nadu the movie was directed by Murugadoss who has had a good career till now.

Tamil movie Engaeyum Eppothum

The Movie revolves around four characters namely Jai Aakash, Sravanand, Angali and Ananya playing the lead roles and Directed by A R Murugadoss. I have to say that it is a full romance story where the director seems to send some message for the viewers at the end; the movie seems to be one of the silent hits that rocked the theaters recently.

Story of the Movie Engeyum Eppothum

The movie starts with two bus attacking each other and the public near the locality of the accident, Helping the people in the bus to escape from their deaths but meanwhile most of them are dead in the accident and the story is a flashback of the events and the stories that happened at the past in the life some very few passengers in the bus. The movie after the accident start with two love stories and the first one being that of Sravanand and Ananya, Where Ananya is entirely new to Chennai and as soon as she arrives at the Chennai bus stop she makes a call to her sister and as she does not know the address stated by her sister she is forced to call a person nearby and that person is none other than our hero Sravanand where the hero guides her to the home of her sister and as she had to attend the interview sravanand takes her to the office where she has to attend the interview and on the other hand Ananya never believes the activity of the Sravanand and he also finds that she has no faith in him. Ananya sticks to the person to have some help to reach the interview location and later her home but sravanan has to attend the office and he gives some excuses to the office to bunk the day's work as he has to help the girl Ananya. The story goes with a disbelieve on Sravanand and Sravanand helping the girl out of her problems and when Ananya completes the interview and returns she doesn't find the guy with her bag she started to cry after seeing this and thinks that he has cheated her and complains and enquires about the person toe peon of the office and later she finds that she has misunderstood the person and he is waiting outside the office. Then at last after the person is going to leave the place of her sister after Ananya reaches safely, Ananya gives her name and states that she is from Trichy.

On the other hand the other love story of Jai Aakash and Anjali develops in a completely different manner, Jai Aakash wants to develop a love with Angali and has been trying to impress her for the past six months whereas Anjali is also in love with the person after 6 days from his arrival into the new house and Jai didn't know that she is already impressed tries to handle the situation, He does various other activities like wearing the same color clothes that are worn by her to his office and one day suddenly Anjali comes to the apartment of Jai and states that she started looking at him as soon as he came this made Jai worry and he felt that he has wasted the time and should have expressed his love immediately as he came to the apartment. At one point of time both started loving each other after Anjali makes him do some act like signing in the contract to donate the eyes after he dies and soon the love story of them is known to their family and Anjali and Aakash head towards the village of Aakash to meet his mother and other relatives.

On the other end the Sravanand heads towards Trichy to visit Ananya and express his love and Ananya heads towards Chennai trying to find out Sravanand, and on the same bus in which Sravanand travels Aakash and Anjali also travel, suddenly the bus meets with an accident with the other bus and all the four are part of the accident and now Anjali starts to help the public in the accident along with Akash and Sravanand and Ananya has been heavily wounded in the accident. After protecting a large group of member's Anjali sends jai to the hospital along with other persons affected and then starts to cry meanwhile Sravanand comes across the fact that Ananya has also travelled in the other bus and she is heavily wounded.

In the climax of the story out of the four main characters other than Aakash all the three are alive and Jai dies due to the injury in his head and Anjali calls the hospital and says that Jai has already donated his parts to the others and it should be taken before the cells are dead, and the prompt decision is taken by the hospital for keeping the organs live.

By the movie the director has been efficient in spreading the strong message like
1. We have to donate our organs after our death that may be helpful to a person who may be in need of it.
2. We have to drive the vehicles carefully as there are many lives dependent on our skills of driving.
3. We have to drive the vehicle slowly as the act of driving faster may not only affect us but also others on the highways and may lead to great accidents.


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