Top 3 movies Directed by Tamil ace director Selvaraghavan

The director selvaraghavan has always been doing different films do get to the top he has been a very successful director who introduced stars like Ravikrishna, Dhanush. He is also the brother of the famous hero Dhanush who has been doing a great work in Tamil cinema industry. I hope his upcoming movie Mayakkam Enna will also be a huge hit.

Top 3 movies created by Selvaragavan

Selvaragavan has been one of the successful directors in the history of Tamil cinema's who has always given a different story and made them successful by a dramatically good screenplay. He was the one who introduced Dhanush to the Tamil cinema and made him a successful hero by his act in the movies of this brother Thulluvadho Illamai and Kadhal Kondaen and later directed the pudhupettai which also went on to have its name in the hit list of Tamil cinemas.

Tamil movie 7G Rainbow colony

This was the top rated movie produced by selvaragavan where he introduced the hero Ravikrishna into the Tamil cinema industry and had the female lead role Sonia Agarval and the acts of both had made the movie a mass entertainer that ends on a disgrace.

Story of the movie 7G Rainbow Colony
The movie starts with the hero Ravikrishna who heads to his office that too in a day when there is heavy rain and he reaches the office at time with all his dresses wet and the movie starts with the flashback where Ravikrishna is very playful in nature and creates problems to the public at the start, He always spends time with his friends playing with them and using some shortcut ways to finish his work. He has no respect in the film because of activities, He often sits in the streets and rooftops and involves in activities like smoking, Drinking ets., one fine day a beautiful girl is seen on the roof top where they sleep at night, soon he realized that the girl came in rent for the nearby house which is 7G. Soon the kathir(Ravikrishna) falls in love with the girl and when he goes to tell about his love there is a misunderstanding and the girl beats him very much and the girl also gives a case and when his friends make the request to Anitha(Sonia agarwal) so as to get him out of the station and Anitha does the same to release him from the station and from that Kathir is not seen for some time. After some time a festival comes where Kathir and his friends are mocked by the friends of the apartment and this makes Kathir to explain his views towards his true love in the song and then they get more like friends. Then after some time they become lovers as soon as Ravikrishna gets a job from the influence of Anitha in Hero Honda. This love matter goes to the knowledge of the mother of Anitha and she makes steps to break their love as they are dependent on yet another family for their living and at the end of the movie Sonia agarwal due to some problem with Ravikrishna without noticing the signal crosses the road and gets into an accident that totally kills Anitha in the spot itself. Even after this Ravikrishna believed that Anitha is with him and talks lonely in the night at parks thinking that Anitha is speaking with him and the story ends there.

Tamil movie Kadhal Kondaen

Kadhal Kondaen is the best movie that Dhanush could have acted and even the Kamal Haasan reported that he would have did the climax in the famous movie of him Gunaa if he knew such a climax can be given to a movie. The movie was yet another land mark for the director Selvaragavan as this movie brought great reputation to him as well as the actor of the movie Dhanush

Story of the movie Kadhal Kondean
The movie revolves around three people in which one is a psycho who has undergone lot of sufferings in the earlier part of the life. The story begins with the psycho coming into the college where a lot of civilized people lead educational life. All the students see him as a enemy as he is not properly dressed and civilized. The father (Nagesh) Comes often to his place so as to view his educational standard and as he was of a great relief to Dhanush he comes and guides Dhanush. At one point of time sonai agarwal wants Dhanush to be his friend and soon they become friends, But Dhanush on the other hand loves the heroine who is very friendly even after knowing his background. Sonia agarwal falls in love with sudeep. Soon Dhanush makes a plan to separate sonia agarwal from Aadhi (Sudeep) and takes Sonia agarwal to a lonely house in the forest and plans to lead a separate life without the notice of Aadhi and Sonia agarwal still thinks that Dhanush will not cheat her at one point of time Sudeep with the police comes to the place where Dhanush lives and wants Danush to be arrested as he had already killed father (Nagesh) who stated Dhanush to leave Sonia. Soon they start fighting with each other and the end of the fight they hang at the edge of the mountain and Sonia Agarwal has to decide now whether to leave Dhanush(Friend) or Sudeep(lover) and knowing the situation Dhanush Leaves the hand of agarwal to fall deep in the mountain and Sonia agarwal protects his lover and cries for the loss of his friend.

Tamil Movie Pudhupettai

Pudhupettai is a gangster movie that is well narrated by the Selvaraghavan and it deals a school boy turning into a Gangster so as to lead his life and gaining popularity among the politicians. The lead roles of the movie were played by tamil actor Dhanush, Sneha and Sonia Agarwal.

Story of the movie Pudhupettai
The story starts with the prisoner screaming in the prison with lot of pain and blabbering about how a man's life get changed when he is forced to do so due to situation and the flashback makes the clear idea of why he is stating those words and what made him lead the life in the prison. Dhanush is a School boy who loves to lead a joyful life and is well supported by his mother. Whenever Dhanush tends to cut the school his mother simply tells him to go to school crying and he simply goes to school, he has that much affection towards his mother. One day the incident happens where Dhanush's mather is killed by his own father and Dhanush witnesses this, after one or two day Dhanush's father tries to kill him too but Dhanush escapes from his father and enters into the city. He has got nothing to eat and tries to do a beggars role to get some money for food. Soon the police misunderstood him to be one among the gangsters and arrests him and Anbu the leader of the gang joins him into the group after listening to his sad story. At one stage he handles the opposition single handedly and after getting many wounds manages to kill the brother of the opposition gang's leader and escapes from there. Soon He falls in love with a call girl Sneha and as Anbu comes to know about the thing he calls Dhanush and punishes him soon Dhanush kills the leader and becomes the leader of the gang and then he faces the people who ever don't respect him in the market and kills his father too. Than the story goes further where Dhanush has been invited to a marriage party where he ties the knot on the girl neck who has got to be married.

Soon Dhanush attacks all his opposition to become the a great gangster and soon targets for the big head while sneha has been killed by the opposite gangs and Sonia agarwal tends to leave Dhanush and marry yet another person and dhanush leaves his child in the hands of a poor women and goes to kill the leader Moorthy while he is severely attacked by moorthy's men but manages to kill Moorthy at the end and then he decides to get into the politics and he does enter the politics at last and the movie ends here.

These are the top movies that have made a huge impact on the director as far as I am concerned.


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