Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant – Reason for Shutdown and Public Protests towards its operation

Koodankulam Nucler Power Plant is a new nuclear power plant constructed in the state of Tamil Nadu at Koodankulam in Tirunelveli district. We would be able to witness several continuous protests and fast carried out by the public by considering their safety measures towards the construction and functioning of Koodankulam power plant with various supports from organization, personalities and politicians. Read more to get to know the reason behind its shutdown and protests.

Facts and Reason for Shutdown of Koodankulam Nuclear power plant

1.No proper canvassing has been given with the public in and around Nuclear power plant about the issues and construction of power plant.
2.The opinion suggested regarding the plant by the Russian Scientist was made hidden and no Site Evaluation Study has been given to the public.
3.Safety Analysis Report has not been submitted to the public and press.
4.According to Tamil Nadu Government act 828 – There should be no building other than power plant building till 2 km and 2 – 5 Km area should be a sterilization zone and the fact towards the people and their house location was hidden.
5.According to AERB report within 5 Km there should not be population more than 20,000 and within 10 Km no area should be populated with 10,000 peoples but near to KNPP within 3 Km itself 20,000 people live in a village and 12,000 people from Idithankarai village and 450 families from Kasa village are being populated.
6.Moreover within 10 Km there should be only less populated peoples but it doesn't meet up with the criteria.
7.Within 30 Km 1,00,000 population city or town should not be located but Nagerkoil is located within 28 Km from the plant.
8.As said by AERB report within 20 Km radius no Tourism spots, Historic place would be located but world popular Kaniyakumari is located within 15 Km. Moreover it may not be possible by the government to relocate all these peoples to different areas.
9.In 2004 December Tsunami central government investigation towards Peridar would be aware to public.
10.Bad condition of the pipe, Local contractor, politicians, low priced goods are some reason of statement that comes in day today news from various Medias by taking this issue into consideration.
11.On 26/9/2006 Dr.Abdul Kalm visited the plant and during his visit an employee met with an accident as he fell down from the roof and think about the safety measures.
12.Radiation from radiators, salt formulated from salt Industry, Clay, Fertilizers by discharging into sea will kill out the oceanic life. Do we want it? To happen. Till now no such situation has occurred but do we want his to happen in our future?
13.The statement indicating Pericator will not occur would be a false statement and can be non acceptable. In 2003 Feb 9th at 9.45 pm in Tiruneliveli district at Palyankottai a small earth quake occurred. In 2006 March 19th by 6.50 pm near Kudankulam village like Kannankulam, Anjukaram, Mayiladi and at samythoppu an earth quake occurred. Moreover an earthquake also occurred in karur and from this statement we say that in 2011 from august first week itself in Tamil Nadu earth quake has been occurred in 7 districts.
14.The incident on March 2011 at Pukishma in Japan would never be forgotten and moreover KNPP was built before Tsunami and the safety measures suggested may not be acceptable.
15.Moreover then and there terrorist threats the people towards Power plant and can be witnessed from various Medias.
16.During Feb 2007 in the former government period Electricity Minister Arcot Veersamy said free safety schemes will be given to the people in and around the plant. But before one year a discussion was held between India and Atomstary Exports of Russia regarding loss occurred towards the projects. India asked Russia for money if any accident occurs but Russia failed to it and Russia said they have full details regarding the agreement signed between two countries in 2008. Moreover it also noted still no people have got fund relief for the disaster occurred in Bhopal.
17.Waste Management was a big issue. They said KNPP waste would be taken to Russia according the agreement but later they said they have to undergo a Re hydration process in India itself. On an average 30 Tons of Uranium is to be used and think what would the amount after few years since it may generate more radiation and we would be in a position to in heal it and create disaster to oceanic life and will even lead us to poverty.
18.In 1988 for installation of two radiators they said it would cost 6000 crores and in 1997 April the initial budget said by them was 17,000 crores and later in 2001 as said by our ministers a total of 13,171 crore was the cost incurred and according to the statement India has decided to give 6,755 crores and remaining to be got from the Russian government on Interest. Think about the situation of costs.
19.According to the survey Germany has decided to close all its power plant within 2022 and also countries like Swizz, Mexico has decided to close they power plant and even with the disaster occurred it Japan it even made them to close their plants.

Question raised by the press during programs

1. What measures will be taken if somebody tries to hack computers and safety at the plant?
There is no connection between power plant and public more over nobody can't enter as easily into the plant. CDs, Pen drive and Internet cannot be used inside the system in the plant as they are all automated process.

2. Statement says wastage is being dis charged directly into sea causes more disaster?
All wastes are not being discharged into the sea only low wastage which doesn't create problem or disasters are only being discharged into the sea.

3. What measures will be taken if fault occurs in water purification system at the plant?
Two water storage taken are been constructed and in case of failure in one unit the other unit can be used and moreover we always store a quantum of water required for a month in the take every time.

4. What would happen if Tsunami occurs near the plant?
The Koodankulam nuclear plant tamilnadu has been built at a height of 8.7 meter form the sea level and with this facility no disaster can occur during Tsunami.

5. Why do people create continuous protest and fast towards the operation of the plant?
The public are not educated towards the safety measures and process related to the plant and once they take this situation into analysis it mayn't create un necessary problem and worries into their minds.

6. What measures have been taken so far towards the protest related to the plant?
Both central and state governments have taken several steps towards this issue and they have even formed a panel of 15 member's experts in different specialization to analyze and submit a report regarding the issue related to safety of the public and the plant.

7. Several issues related to wastage and its discharge from the plant are been released daily and moreover we could be able to find the required statement of information from its website?
Due to the discussion of current hot issue related to the safety and operation of the plant among public we have deiced to educate and conduct campaigns related to their safety measures. Moreover we have taken steps to make the information available to the public on regular basics through periodic public interaction which can witnessed from the websites.

8. How the safety related to KNPP can be compared with situation of disaster occurred in Japan?

As said by M.R.Srinivasan former chairman and current member of Atomic Energy Commission:

1.The Koodankulam nuclear power plant belongs to 3rd generation of design Evolution and Fukishma reactors belong to 1st generation design.
2.There are four Independent systems each with its own diesel generated sets (8 MW) pumps and heat exchanger and even if one unit fails the other can acts as a back up to provide power without interruptions.
3.The level of diesel generator its switch gear and controls are several times higher than Tsunami and flood level expected at the plant.
4.Koodankulam is the first reactor to have Passive Cooling System reactor where it helps to transfer and reduce heat with the help of the water in the generator.

9. What are the various alternatives and its limitation compared to Koodankulam power plant?

There are several other modes of technologies as alternative like Wind, Solar, Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear and Geo Thermal. Each and every alternative has its own limitations as stated below:

Thermal – The Thermal Technologies have some limitations like Transportation, Storage, Handling, Fuel consumptions, Waste Management in addition to Green House and Fly Ash Emission.

Hydro – The Hydro Technology is highly prone to the damages of earth quakes.

Wind and Solar – The wind and solar Technology is highly related to seasonal changes and nature. Moreover they are related to Site specific location with its own limitation.

Geo Thermal – The Geo Thermal Technology is highly restricted to it Locality.


Several protest by public and statement from central government and state political parties are being raised as an issue to find an opt solution. The government should be in a position to think about the situation of its people. There are several ways to generate power and the government should not build up these types of plants as it threatens the life of the people and creates disaster. Government should think about the people or else to depend on the electricity needed for the people.

To conclude my article by understanding the importance of public and it safety the current communication gap and relationship with the power plant team and public can be highly reduced. Moreover with several campaigns and programs conducted in the public, knowledge about power plant its importance and safety measures can be highly conveyed and educated to the people will let both public and government us to have an end towards the issue.


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