Various Dances that are practised in Tamil Nadu

There are various dances like Karakattam, Mayilattam, Oyilattam etc., that are practiced in Tamil Nadu and it is known as the state which gives importance to dance and the various varieties of the dance and I would say that these dances can be seen in temples and other places during eh festival season and it will be of a great fun to watch these programs that are celebrated at Tamil Nadu.

Ancient dances that are practiced in Tamil Nadu that is the sign of our culture

Tamil Nadu is one of the states of India which is known for the culture and there are lots of dances that are practiced in the modern days too. Some of the examples are karakattam, silambattam, barathanatyam etc.,


It is a traditional dance that is practiced in the states of Tamil Nadu and is a very difficult dance as the dancer has to dance with a flower pot on his head there are various other dances also involved in this dance as two sticks and the person will not land on the land and dance instead he will use the two sticks to dance with, There are even more talents who open the pepsi or coke bottle lying in the floor without touching the coke bottle and the hands will be ties behind he has no other go other than do drink it with his mouth. They are talented enough to succeed in every step and there is some other who doesn't practice but dance and spoil the goodwill earned by the older generations by ding them in wrong ways and haunting the minds of the public.


It is the most important dance that has attracted mostly the women's and some men towards them there are more number of natyasala and classes that offer this dance practice to the people in Tamil Nadu. It is the dance which mostly depends on the facial expressions, I would say that this dance requires more practice to dance and there are more girls who tend to learn this traditional dance and get a prize at various levels of competitions like Interstate dance competition, Inter college dance competitions, etc.,


This is the dance that seems to be the dance made by the peacocks. In olden days it is said that the peacock used to dance by spreading its wings over them and this dance is simply a replica of this dance of the peacock. I would state that the dance is very beautiful with the clothing of the peacock which is practiced right from the older generations and is one of the dances that could be seen in the festive of pongal in various temples.


It is the dance that uses Tappu and a stick to handle the tappu. It is the dance where a group of men would be in a line and the men will be banging the Tappu and will be dancing at the same time. It is the most famous dance that is known as Kuthattam, which would be the result of this beats. I would say that this is the most used dance in Tamil Nadu that has covered more number of people in the particular locality and is mostly practiced in the regions that are close to Madurai.


Silambattam is the dance in which the people would be using a stick to dance the dance as the name indicates "Silambu" which stand for stick in Tamil. I would say that the stick dance would definitely need lot of practice before playing them, there are lots of dance institutions that teach the silambattam and the dance seems to be gradually decreasing over the period of time. It is also practiced more in the southern part of the state and it requires great skill so as to spin the stick in all the direction and can be used to defend themselves from other person who is trying to hit the particular person. It is the greatest skill that acts as a source of defense and the person can manage the others using a single stick.


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