Top three movies of Tamil movie Jeeva

There are many movies which had been a success in Tamil cinema but there are very few movies that remain in heart for a longer period of time. Jeeva one of the best actors in the Cine world has proved his talents in various movies but out of them the movies which I have stated are the best.

Tamil Movie Ko

This is the latest movie which was released in the year 2011 which was based on a political story which had the lead roles played by Siva, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika nair, Piyaa bajpai. The movie was directed by K V Anand who with his talents made the movie a great success. The movie ran for more than 175 days and this is the best movie for Jeeva according to me. The movie is a thriller movie with some romance in it which makes the movie one of the best of its kind.

Story of the Tamil movie Ko

In this movie Tamil actor Jeeva plays the role of a photographer who is working for one of the leading newspaper company known as Dhina Anjal. The movie starts with Jeeva taking photographs of the robbery that took place in a bank nearby. The thieves try to catch him but Jeeva escapes anyhow and publishes the news in the television and gets some scoldings from his company for giving the photos to the television company rather than his company. There are two girls working in his office and one of them i.e., Renu earlier mistook him to be a thief and that he has stolen something from the gang of thieves this makes Ashwin loose his camera. Soon she also joins the newspaper company and starts to work for the dailies. Soon both Ashwin and Renu fall in love while on the other hand Saroja who has been working long with Ashwin also loves him but sacrifices him after knowing that Ashwin fell in love with Renu. The Photographs taken by Ashwin trembles the present party which is governing the state as well as the opposition party. In between all these activities there is another set of medical students headed by Vasanthan (Ajmal Ameer). They do welfare activities for the people in the surrounding whenever they needed them the most, soon the photos taken by Jeeva is spread in the newspaper and the people elect them as the new leaders of the state. Then there is a twist where jeeva catches hold of one of the person who robbed the bank in the start of the movie with a mark in his face and finds that vasanthan is helped by the naxalites who robbed the bank for his education and all the deeds that affected the people in the interim were caused by him. Soon Vasanthan tries to kill all the naxalites with the defense forces and while doing that jeeva enters the place and helps the Naxalites to get the information from them and at the last when the story is about to end Vasanthan dies in a bomb attack along with his naxal friends and Jeeva escapes the situation.

Tamil Movie Siva Manasula Shakthi

The movie Siva Manasula Shakthi was released in the year 2009 with the lead roles played by Jeeva and Anuya Bhagvath and the supportive roles played by oorvasi as mother of Jeeva and Santhanam the friend of Jeeva. The movie is a complete entertainer where the movie revolves around the hero and heroine and the love between them. The story was directed by the new Director Rajesh and a cameo role is done by the actor Aarya.
Siva manasula Shakthi

The story of the Tamil movie Siva Manasula Shakthi
The movie starts with Siva and Shakthi meeting in a train where siva is impressed with Shakthi and wants to make some chat with her. While chatting both of them lie to each other and the other one believing each other. Siva states that he is a policeman while Shakthi says she is an Airhostess and can find the plane with the sound itself. After a while both of them arrive at the station and depart from there. With the information received from Shakthi Siva tries to meet her in the office and finds that Shakthi had cheated him and wants to meet her again and take revenge for what she had done. Soon one day there is a parcel to be offered to Shakthi and Siva finds that it is none other than the girl he has been cheated from. Soon Siva tries to take revenge by many ways and also succeeds with that and soon on the other hand Shakthi finds his address and starts to mock him in his house. Then they both start to love each other and at one stage of the movie get separated and Siva follows her to make her convince but nothing happens in the move. At the end Aarya enters the movie to see Shakthi and talk about their future as suggested by their parents and Jeeva suddenly comes there and Jeeva States about Shakthi and when Shakthi comes to know what Siva has said about her, She wanders here and there to find siva and at last finds him in the Bar and asks him to marry her and what happens next is the climax of the movie and the movie is very mush attracted by the comedian Santhanam who plays a friends role and every time he buys a phone Siva destroys them and this makes people to laugh aloud.

Tamil Movie Raam

This movie is a drama which was directed by Director Ameer which has the lead roles played by Jeeva, Gajala and Saranya Ponvannan. The movie is about a mother and son concept where the mother is killed by a person and the son takes the revenge of him. The mother's Role was done by the famous actress Saranya Ponvannan who has been doing the mother role in many other films and received awards for them too.

Story of the movie Raam

The movie starts with Raam the son of Saradha a teacher and mother of raam lying their house and the room flooded with blood and some policemen trying to get into the room and find the further information about the case. The policemen thinks that both have died in the room and suddenly Raam the hero gets up and walks into the kitchen and by seeing this a policemen gets scared and shouts in fear. Soon the other policemen take further steps to get into the home and arrest Raam thinking that he is the one who killed his mom. Soon the investigation starts and various persons like Kanja Karuppu, Gajala and Kunal Shah and are left trembled as they did not get any further clue to catch up with. One day it happens that Kunal shah goes to Raam and asks him to accept the crime and while doing that Raam notices the button to be as the same as that of the one in the room at the time of the murder of her mother. He shows that to Malaisamy the father of Kunal shah and a S.I of the police station where the investigation is going on. Soon Kanal Shah after knowing that the incident is known to the inspector and his father manages to kill them both and hides in the mountain. Raam traces him and finds him and kills him at the end of the story.



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Hi Sudhan
Nice article, I think you have done a small mistake in heading "Top three movies of Tamil ACTOR Jeeva". You have used as Tamil movie jeeva.

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